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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TENSION

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Discipleship2, 503:concentration of effort, thus increasing the tension in which a disciple ever lives. For anyDiscipleship2, 520:the World. [520] Shamballa is the major point of tension upon the planet. It is a tension thatDiscipleship2, 520:major point of tension upon the planet. It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent Will,Discipleship2, 520:including - the fifth kingdom. From the point of tension the life pattern of the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 524:reaction to human happenings. Aim at a point of tension from which new endeavor and new enterpriseDiscipleship2, 553:You have lived for years at the high point of tension. Fire has been the quality of your life. ThisDiscipleship2, 689:crises. These inner crises lead to points of tension, as well you know, and from a point of tensionDiscipleship2, 689:tension, as well you know, and from a point of tension the merging soul-personality can then moveDiscipleship2, 714:the physical body under this intense mental tension and constant movement is necessarily veryDiscipleship2, 723:and with me, and say very quietly and with no tension: "I stand a point of peace, and through theExternalisation, 19:bodies are as yet incapable of the requisite tension, and they only damage themselves. Let themExternalisation, 73:are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension in this endeavor - a tension produced byExternalisation, 73:work at high tension in this endeavor - a tension produced by the interrelation of the head and theExternalisation, 74:which tend to increase the already prevalent tension in the world are: 4. The forces ofExternalisation, 94:men, each on his own lot," reach a moment of tension and of creative power wherein the seeds ofExternalisation, 96:it was the points of crisis and the cycles of tension which constituted for you the majorExternalisation, 96:men and in groups and masses; today the point of tension for humanity in such a situation, similarExternalisation, 96:stands also at a point of extreme and scientific tension - scientific because induced and directed;Externalisation, 96:is aware of the need, of the purpose of the dual tension, and desirous of bringing this tension toExternalisation, 96:the dual tension, and desirous of bringing this tension to such a "crisis of precipitation" thatExternalisation, 97:Servers is working and for which the point of tension in humanity and in the Hierarchy predisposesExternalisation, 97:the side of humanity is now going on, with the tension induced thereby growing momentarily; thisExternalisation, 97:this will increase with growing speed and tension until 1942 when either the first stage of fusionExternalisation, 97:the human family and an inevitable break in the tension which will take a form that will cause muchExternalisation, 147:ways, this has been a normal reaction to world tension and was to be expected. The standard that IExternalisation, 172:development) to the agony of mind, the tension of emotion and the ravages of physical pain whichExternalisation, 175:1941 and 1942 will be years of crisis and of tension. Those who perceive the risks, theExternalisation, 228:world affairs. It concerns also your soul tension, your willingness to undergo soul tension, andExternalisation, 228:soul tension, your willingness to undergo soul tension, and your capacity to stand as part of theExternalisation, 295:life become possible. At the moment of greatest tension and of difficulty the demand goes forth.Externalisation, 295:light is possible. Today the moment of adequate tension in the life of humanity has been reached.Externalisation, 390:effort (rendered from an adequate "point of tension") so that humanity may be focused in its appealExternalisation, 394:Approaches. Always in moments of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evoked response fromExternalisation, 394:the New Group of World Servers and the spiritual tension which they can achieve. A majorExternalisation, 395:relaxed their efforts; they did not hold the tension gained but slipped back into negligence; theExternalisation, 399:as you can muster it and focus it at a point of tension. At the time of the Full Moon gather peopleExternalisation, 423:the urgency of the incoming life, producing tension, spiritual recognitions of a far-reachingExternalisation, 456:attention of the Hierarchy. This spiritual tension which exists among Them is far more potent thanExternalisation, 493:and under direction - produced an enormous tension in hierarchical circles because (to express theExternalisation, 494:obstacles to this fusion, owing to the active tension of the dark forces, seemed at that timeExternalisation, 495:confronted. There was also a weakening of the tension which had hitherto successfully held theExternalisation, 496:is dependent upon the sustaining of the point of tension. This point of tension involves theExternalisation, 496:of the point of tension. This point of tension involves the dynamic focusing of all mental,Externalisation, 496:all true meditation work. It is in this act of tension that the German people failed. This costExternalisation, 496:people failed. This cost them the war; their tension broke because the group of evil forces whoExternalisation, 496:German people were unable to attain the point of tension which the Hierarchy could reach when itExternalisation, 529:work through experience, difficulties and the tension of world service. All these changesExternalisation, 540:of the problem involved and the quality of the tension are abnormal. It is not easy for disciplesExternalisation, 614:in order to create another point of world tension. Until these two sources of world tension areExternalisation, 614:world tension. Until these two sources of world tension are recognized and correctly handled, theExternalisation, 649:will sweep into expression as soon as world tension has subsided; then men will be free to thinkGlamour, 97:field of daily living and of government. World tension today consists in the fact that physicalGlamour, 142:The disciple must relinquish all sense of tension or of strain and must learn to work with pureGlamour, 151:is exceedingly prevalent these days of nervous tension and it most [152] definitely imperilsGlamour, 152:upon the Way. It can produce dangerous group tension if present in any of you, and this inducedGlamour, 152:if present in any of you, and this induced group tension can interfere with the free play of theGlamour, 178:stages as follows: The evocation of the stage of tension. This is basic and essential. It is aGlamour, 178:of tension. This is basic and essential. It is a tension brought about by complete control of theGlamour, 179:remaining period of work, held at the point of tension by the soul and not by an effort of theGlamour, 179:self has done its utmost to achieve the desired tension. These are the three preliminary steps forGlamour, 189:of science are largely the result of group tension, eventually focused in one intuitive recipient,Glamour, 218:dissipation. He aids the process by saying with tension and inaudibly: "The power of the lightGlamour, 218:of purpose and must be enunciated at a point of tension, with the mind held in steadiness and withGlamour, 221:and from humanity as a whole, meet at a point of tension then you have the appearance of what isGlamour, 231:thus serve to keep the workers at a point of tension. This is an important recognition and shouldGlamour, 233:This is done by attaining a united point of tension, and the dedication of the individual and groupGlamour, 236:The glamor is named and the aspirant says with tension inaudibly: "The power of the light preventsGlamour, 257:aspirant attaining and adhering to a point of tension. Steadily, whilst the process of inhalationGlamour, 258:and become extremely active and the point of tension from which the aspirant then works is found inGlamour, 259:song, actuated by a difference in the point of tension and involving a breathing process whichGlamour, 259:personality - via the centers - to that point of tension where soul control becomes present andGlamour, 261:inspiration, emanating from points of spiritual tension. The astral vehicle and the forces ofGlamour, 261:of the quality, purpose and point of tension of the incarnating man, and manifesting the nature ofGlamour, 262:with the mind held at a point of "thought-full tension," then the disciple is well on the way toGlamour, 263:consideration. It is concerned with the point of tension from which the observing disciple orGlamour, 263:disciple or aspirant is working. The point of tension becomes the emanating source of some type ofGlamour, 263:stands steady and firm at this point of tension and his first step is, therefore, to ascertainGlamour, 263:it is found, and what is the strength of the tension upon which he has to depend. The next step isGlamour, 263:obstructions but by intensifying his point of tension, by the constant recollection of the truthGlamour, 263:qualified and recognized, from the point of tension direct and undeviatingly to the vital body fromGlamour, 264:In the last analysis, my brother, the point of tension for the average disciple will be found onGlamour, 264:process is carried on at first from a point of tension within the soul and later from a point ofGlamour, 264:within the soul and later from a point of tension in the Spiritual Triad. In all cases, however,Glamour, 267:and this must be implemented from a point of tension, focused in whatever is meant by the wordGlamour, 268:be transmuted with relative ease into points of tension; on the whole, it is a dependableGlamour, 269:of the will, and this act produces a point of tension in the "center of the burning-ground whereinGlamour, 269:point of crisis, producing the needed point of tension, is the result of the "invocative decision"Healing, 99:they can test the capacity of the patient, the tension of the disease, and know also whether or noHealing, 101:radiated upon him may not only produce nervous tension, but may lead to an increase in the power ofHealing, 130:and the other because it is primarily the ray of tension - a tension which can work out in the formHealing, 130:because it is primarily the ray of tension - a tension which can work out in the form of the mostHealing, 289:in the three worlds or from the disciple's tension as he endeavors to tread the Path, we were inHealing, 524:healer is confronted. Integrity involves focus, tension and expression (simultaneously realized,Healing, 677:determined effort to heal the patient, create a tension in the healer which can seriously deflectIntellect, 220:drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tension in the back of the neck. Many people sit, whenMagic, 305:which they put upon their astral body, and the tension caused by the use of the imaginative facultyMagic, 305:use of the imaginative faculty and the reasoning tension in the physical nervous system. ThisMagic, 342:of you who are oriented towards the light a tension which results in discomfort in all the bodies,Magic, 350:Not one hour of service, given in pain and tension, not one day's labor followed with rackedMeditation, 62:support. The head should not be thrown back as tension is to be avoided, but it should be held
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