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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TENSION

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Rays, 486:mental plane at the point of greatest possible tension. It signifies the bringing about of aRays, 487:and holding them there in a state of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behindRays, 487:point where he can achieve the desired point of tension and of energy-focusing. This will enableRays, 488:what is being done. The steady preservation of tension without undue physical strain upon the brainRays, 488:neither up nor down." But now the right point of tension has been reached; the reservoir or pool ofRays, 489:of accumulated energies, held in a state of tension by the "intention" of the disciple. Ponder uponRays, 489:drawn up into relationship with the point of tension; it there and then produces effects in mentalRays, 489:then produces effects in mental substance. The tension is thereby increased, and the more potentRays, 489:responsive to and attracted by the point of tension upon the mental plane. At this stage theRays, 489:a ring-pass-not, but at a point of extreme tension, and the other active, picture-forming, outgoingRays, 490:point: The buddhic activity of impression. The tension of the mental vehicle, as it holds theRays, 491:imagination and brought to a point of excessive tension by the focusing of the mental impulse (anRays, 493:as well as occult intention (purpose and tension combined), and the bridge reaches stages ofRays, 493:and he is recognized as "a point of invocative tension." This tension and this [494] reservoir ofRays, 493:as "a point of invocative tension." This tension and this [494] reservoir of living energy, whichRays, 494:projection. Thus the antahkarana is built. The tension of the lower evokes the attention of theRays, 496:definitely from what might be called a point of tension. Study what is said about tension andRays, 496:a point of tension. Study what is said about tension and intensity. It is intensity of purposeRays, 496:out two things. First: if you can so change your tension that you are driven by the life of theRays, 501:and they all have to attain the same measure of tension and of preparation for the construction ofRays, 501:and the soul. By this focusing and its resultant tension, by thus evoking the Spiritual Triad andRays, 502:identity. He is aware of the point of focused tension which he has succeeded in producing and thatRays, 502:in the lotus" - all streaming into the center of tension on the mental levels of the lower mind. HeRays, 503:projection: Intention, producing focusing and tension. Visualization, produced by: The buddhicRays, 503:by: The buddhic activity of "impression." The tension of the mental body. The imaginative processesRays, 504:identity. He is conscious of a fixed point of tension. He is aware actively of his soul ray or hisRays, 504:in the light, i.e., preserving the point of tension at its highest possible point at any given timeRays, 509:with intensity the existence of the "point of tension" and the finished product of theRays, 512:energies must be created and held in a state of tension. A period of clear thinking anent thisRays, 512:Then follows the preservation of a point of tension. Visualization. The use of the creativeRays, 512:with two energies: The energy held at a point of tension within the previously createdRays, 512:and soul. Awareness of the point of focused tension. Awareness of the Ray energy in its willRays, 512:propelled by an act of will from a point of tension has evoked. Stabilization. This is broughtRays, 514:about, resulting in a new and still more dynamic tension. In the completed silence which results,Rays, 517:have been concluded. At the point of highest tension, the disciple utters the Word of Power for theRays, 520:an understanding of the doctrine or Science of Tension; he makes the divine Intention his, as farRays, 537:of successive fusions, with consequent points of tension; [538] these points of tension (whenRays, 538:points of tension; [538] these points of tension (when consciously attained) become the actuatingRays, 538:revelation producing points of fusion, points of tension and points of energy projection - such isRays, 539:lighted area from which he comes to the point of tension or of initiation; through the initiatoryRays, 540:that the point of fusion and the point of tension must be found. The point of fusion is created byRays, 540:dynamically upon the mental plane; the point of tension is created when the invocative power ofRays, 540:of the two focused energies produces a point of tension. Disciples should not focus their attentionRays, 540:attention upon the task of producing a point of tension. They should remember the life of dualRays, 540:lines will automatically produce the point of tension, through the medium of the fusion of theRays, 540:about, with successive, intensifying points of tension; it is through the activity establishedRays, 540:Spiritual Triad becomes possible, with points of tension arising at many points along the bridge,Rays, 541:it [541] is that which produces those points of tension which we call Initiations. There areRays, 541:There are necessarily still higher points of tension, but it is with those called initiations thatRays, 541:and by this means another and positive point of tension can be achieved. Initiation - a dramaticRays, 541:Initiation - a dramatic and a major point of tension - connotes essentially the fusion of theRays, 541:(as a consequence) the appearance of a point of tension. Let me illustrate. In the work of creatingRays, 541:activity produces a point of tension but not - as yet - a point of fusion with the positive pole.Rays, 541:with the positive pole. From that point of tension the disciple works at the creation of theRays, 541:the desired fusions and produces those points of tension which are the secret of all growth. TheseRays, 542:all growth. These [542] points of fusion and of tension the disciple consciously endeavors to bringRays, 542:of energies in a state of fusion; points of tension successively occur as a consequence of aRays, 542:and of the will-to-good. These points of tension vary according to the divine purpose and theRays, 542:to a cosmic initiatory process. Such a point of tension, of stupendous magnitude, is present in theRays, 542:the intention behind this realized fusion and tension is to enable humanity (as an integral part ofRays, 542:a conscious fusion with Humanity. The point of tension thereby achieved - and this has not yetRays, 542:consequently in his life a point or points of tension. Rays, 545:hours of meditation, at a moment of great tension or in a crisis (related to his serviceRays, 550:great vortices of force or major points of tension throughout His body of manifestation. TheRays, 557:you approach this theme, and upon the point of tension you are able to achieve. Initiation is (inRays, 557:and the attainment thereby of a point of tension. Holding that point of tension, the initiate seesRays, 557:of a point of tension. Holding that point of tension, the initiate sees that which lies ahead.Rays, 565:characterized by points of crisis and of tension and governed - in a sense not hitherto realized -Rays, 580:a point of crisis and the required point of tension which will enable those aspirants who are readyRays, 581:responsible for the present crisis and point of tension. This critical point of tension will enableRays, 581:and point of tension. This critical point of tension will enable groups of aspirants who - havingRays, 583:to the soul makes him "an aspiring point of tension, oblivious of crisis and firmly anchored in theRays, 583:is producing points of crisis and a point of tension. In relation to the individual initiate, theRays, 585:of service; there, he constitutes a point of tension and precipitates great points of crisis. HisRays, 585:of crisis. His own points of crisis and of tension are existent but, mysteriously, only in relationRays, 589:point of crisis and a producer of the needed tension." These three groups are essentially points ofRays, 589:three groups are essentially points of planetary tension and are producers of crisis in the livesRays, 589:points of crisis and the subsequent points of tension. This enables the living forms, under thisRays, 589:in nature can itself be regarded as a point of tension within the sphere of Being of the planetaryRays, 589:of planetary crisis, generating such a point of tension that it will shortly be enabled to moveRays, 607:strains and stresses, the points of crisis or of tension which the conflict between soul andRays, 623:today well known to all men, that a "point of tension" has now been reached (of which the UnitedRays, 624:of crisis, and has achieved a point of united tension, then she will find the door or point ofRays, 624:Russia are arriving - the first at the point of tension where the concept is concerned, and theRays, 624:of crisis. Germany's point of crisis and of tension led to the explosion of the world war;Rays, 632:isolated points, each holding its own point of tension; they should be related points, each pointRays, 634:climaxing point; it has produced a serious world tension, but out of this good may come and aRays, 637:the past few decades - been many; a point of tension has now been reached of an extreme nature; howRays, 637:of an extreme nature; how rapidly can this tension bring about the needed point of emergence? It isRays, 638:and are today bringing about a point of world tension which seems well-nigh unbearable. But aheadRays, 638:What must the disciple do whilst the point of tension is dominating him and his fellowmen? TheRays, 639:produces points of crisis, then a point of tension, and eventually a point of emergence. ThisRays, 724:These impacts are characterized by points of tension, and these lead inevitably to points ofRays, 725:of decision. Immediately He achieves a point of tension which He will continue to hold until theRays, 725:of crisis which ever follows the attainment of tension is the expressed moment of the finalRays, 726:this initiation so as to stimulate the point of tension of the new initiate in order to make theReappearance, 5:countries (and today in all) great points of tension have occurred which have been characterized byReappearance, 68:them, the disciple then stands at a point of tension, with the decision behind him and the nextReappearance, 68:future. When the work is done in the period of tension, then there comes what we might call theReappearance, 68:is no strain or stress attached to His point of tension; the parallel is, however, good enough to
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