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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERM

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Astrology, 85:This set-up (if I may use such an unorthodox term) will be the condition of the major solar sphereAstrology, 117:mounts the Mutable Cross and his long term of imprisonment in form begins and the lessons ofAstrology, 193:"personality expression" (if such an unsuitable term can be used in default of better) of the solarAstrology, 223:and there is consequently no use in avoiding the term, especially when there is no other whichAstrology, 268:those energies which we have tabulated under the term hierarchical and which have reference to theAstrology, 275:is as you know, the God of the waters, and the term "water" covers many angles of the esotericAstrology, 303:- the planet. I would here point out that the term "permanent atom" is essentially symbolic andAstrology, 357:it governs and "engineers" (if I may use such a term) the interplay between our Earth with itsAstrology, 364:of experience and "anchors" (if I may use such a term) the ray forces into form, producing concreteAstrology, 426:or of Life, whatever you may mean by that term. For our purposes, we could define Life as theAstrology, 469:needed planetary changes have been produced, the term "sacred" will be deemed correct andAstrology, 494:upon the Path of Initiation. Illumination, the term applied to that final stage, is a synthesis ofAstrology, 521:Aryan or fifth root-race (and I do not use this term in the German, materialistic and untrue sense)Astrology, 595:incentive [595] (impulse is not the correct term) coming from the cosmic astral plane. The willAstrology, 644:(C.F. 96) 21. "The planetary Spirit is another term for the Logos of a planet, Who is one of theAtomand human unfoldment generally included in the term of "occultism." It will be observed that thereAtom, 18:will be emphasized, should you choose to use the term "deity," or one of the manifestations ofAtom, 20:and though we may in time have to discard the term "matter," and employ some such suggestion asAtom, 56:body or form which is the sequential result. The term Logos, translated as the Word, is frequentlyAtom, 85:and in truth, you have what the Christian would term the "image of God." For, as must be apparentAtom, 90:but that we are becoming (to use a now familiar term) radioactive. When this is the case we shallAtom, 92:states of intelligent activity, which we might term consciousness, self-consciousness, groupAtom, 135:than that which is usually meant by the term of "medium." The average medium is a man of a negativeAtom, 143:we included the entire solar system under the term "atom." We studied first, along general lines,Atom, 145:which may perhaps be best expressed in the term 'group consciousness.' As evolution proceeds manAtom, 145:lead on to that which we, for lack of a better term, might call God consciousness, though IAtom, 146:and another we called, for lack of a better term, the radioactive stage. The atomic stage is thatAutobiography, 188:they stewed away at school and got through each term and graduated normally and that was that. TheyAutobiography, 275:many of the truths, hitherto imparted under the term "esoteric," have either not been so, or areBethlehem, 38:an impossibility. He says: "The Soul - I use the term in the most general sense to mean the centerBethlehem, 45:"The 'second birth' is another well-recognized term for Initiation; even now in India the higherBethlehem, 90:of Attraction, with all that is involved in that term - coherency, integration, position, directionBethlehem, 118:upon the physical plane (with all that that term connotes), and upon the human being. "Glamor"Bethlehem, 191:a miracle in the strict and crude sense of the term, any more than the Resurrection, which is theBethlehem, 202:he is "saved" in the orthodox sense of the term. To St. James, sin is acting against knowledge, andBethlehem, 249:and the return to the soul's destiny; to another term of probation, or to the realm of pureBethlehem, 277:God is not divine in the sense in which this term is usually accepted. We demand of God far moreDestiny, 53:a family affair in the deepest sense of the term and hence its bitterness. As you know, there is aDestiny, 64:to human wholeness in the truest sense of the term; it will produce the inevitable recognition ofDestiny, 96:of crisis. [96] As this is the Aryan race (the term is not used in the German or materialisticDestiny, 109:When I here speak of disciples, I am using the term in connection with all who aspire to trueDestiny, 130:be mental ambition or desire for power and the term "aspiration" should not be confined only toDestiny, 131:slogans and of "catch phrases" (is that not the term used?) which are employed to bring aboutDiscipleship1, 6:and grade, if I may employ so inadequate a term. The experiment of changing methods and ofDiscipleship1, 71:in history and a precipitation (if you like that term) of an inner and ready condition. The New AgeDiscipleship1, 84:the accepted disciple (or, as I would prefer to term it, the accepting disciple) is to transformDiscipleship1, 127:easily as a unit or a unity, if you prefer that term. In these cases, there exists [128] a need inDiscipleship1, 143:aura requires sealing (if I may use so unusual a term) and the leakage now present can then beDiscipleship1, 314:Patanjali refers in The Yoga Sutras under the term "right abstraction." It differs somewhat fromDiscipleship1, 316:this "positive stiffening" - if I may use such a term. It is dangerous work, my brother, and I amDiscipleship1, 353:knowledge percolate slowly (if I may use such a term) into your consciousness and there - withoutDiscipleship1, 455:walking in the light of the soul; still others term it the conscious treading of the Path. ItDiscipleship1, 593:of violent experimentation and of what I might term a spiritual riot. This must eventually come toDiscipleship1, 633:aspects of the egoic groups. The expression or term, Hierarchy, is only a word applied to theDiscipleship1, 650:and that for which you can be known before your term of service ends. There is so little that I canDiscipleship1, 689:accepted disciples in the academic sense of the term and are able to render themselves receptive toDiscipleship1, 728:angle upon which I would ask you to think. The term, therefore, of Accepted Disciple covers theDiscipleship1, 767:The "Master's Heart" is a technical term, indicating the sources of life and many analogousDiscipleship2, 62:and the goats" is mainly hierarchical. The term "goats" is esoterically applied to initiatedDiscipleship2, 62:who have climbed the mountain of initiation. The term "sheep" is applied to those who are followingDiscipleship2, 108:They are people in the fullest sense of the term although they may yet be lacking any contact withDiscipleship2, 152:This is entirely accurate, yet alignment is a term which in reality covers four processes: TheDiscipleship2, 158:This refers to the soul of all things. The term "soul," with its major attribute of enlightenment,Discipleship2, 160:not intelligence, however, as we understand the term. In our Aryan cycle, another great invocativeDiscipleship2, 162:to those which the individual soul (paradoxical term) makes available to the personality when thatDiscipleship2, 198:in its effects and (if I may use such a term) ejects out of the individual and out of the groupDiscipleship2, 213:we cover by the unsuccessful and inadequate term of "heaven." Discipleship2, 221:etc., who are usually covered by that term. The organizing, defining power of the mental plane isDiscipleship2, 274:as it by-passes (if I may use such a term) the soul and so carries the human, yet spiritualizedDiscipleship2, 338:is no longer any vision as we comprehend the term. There is a factual perception of such a natureDiscipleship2, 377:or world or state of consciousness (whichever term you may care to employ) and therefore asDiscipleship2, 402:up of the blueprints (if I may use such a term) "within the confines of Shamballa," where highDiscipleship2, 459:the link is strong and elastic (ponder on that term) and adherence to the rules will ensureDiscipleship2, 550:field could at present be characterized by the term "cycles of speech," could it not? Yet withinDiscipleship2, 688:the soul, the bodily frame, and shorten not the term of service. There is much for you to do.Education, 6:of the Antahkarana. This science and this term is the esoteric way of expressing the truth of thisEducation, 28:and can be used. It stretches, if such a term can be used (my intent being entirely pictorial),Education, 40:had no educational system as we understand the term. The kings and priests intuited; the massesEducation, 51:the "higher education" in the true sense of the term. Much more will be accomplished when theEducation, 113:the name of "mystical perception." I use this term in a far wider sense than is usually the case,Education, 114:these definitions you will see how inclusive the term "mystical perception" is. It is no more andEducation, 148:to become creative in the mental sense of the term and must repeat the process, for in all pointsExternalisation, 27:age. They are not the result of desire, as the term is usually understood, for they are foundedExternalisation, 47:the new age "set-up," if I might employ such a term. We considered with some care the three majorExternalisation, 125:There is a tendency to free will (note that term) today and we call it liberty and independence,Externalisation, 288:of divinity by man. All else found under the term "doctrine" and allied phrases are but expansionsExternalisation, 348:the time in the not too distant future when His term of service will be over and He will return noExternalisation, 360:and deglamored (if I may use such a term), humanity awaits the coming revelation. This revelationExternalisation, 438:I may use such a colloquial and inappropriate term) and will place it at the disposal of theExternalisation, 465:Forces (if I may symbolically use a military term) is being mobilized and can be brought intoExternalisation, 545:them Christian (in the ordinary sense of the term), but that they should all move towards someExternalisation, 610:Masters of the Wisdom - or, if you prefer the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ - areExternalisation, 621:that of activity or (giving it its technical term) its rajasic quality, and this leads later on toExternalisation, 632:anchored (if I may be permitted to use such a term), and these constitute by far the most importantExternalisation, 632:therefore, can easily be accomplished before my term of thirty years comes to an end. Other workExternalisation, 634:love - no matter what they mean by that vague term. Thus a nucleus of a great synthesis was broughtExternalisation, 640:reorganization and of regional groups (a better term than "blocs"), Russia would have been forcedFire, xviii:Existence, Whom we call, for lack of a better term, a Solar Logos. [4] This Solar Logos incarnates,Fire, 39:94-95. 5 Mahadeva is literally "great Deva." The term is frequently applied to the first Person ofFire, 41:- The Theosophist, Vol. VII, p. 11 15. 7 The term "ring-pass-not" is used in occult literature to
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