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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERMINOLOGY

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Autobiography, 262:metaphysical speculation or under Christian terminology. Much knowledge has been imparted. TheBethlehem, 13:There is an initiation, called in the Buddhist terminology the "entering of the stream," and thereBethlehem, 41:and in the other religions it is called by a terminology suited to the time and temperament of theBethlehem, 104:[104] upon the Path of discipleship, or - in the terminology of the Bible - we begin the longDiscipleship1, 42:of fact and is not the least symbolic in its terminology - except in so far as all words areDiscipleship1, 69:intuition or of buddhi, if you like the oriental terminology. It is the energy of wisdom. ThisDiscipleship1, 197:full" for this is largely a question of terse terminology but of concise definition. Continue alsoDiscipleship1, 765:and with knowledge for which we have no terminology. Is it not apparent to you that the initiate ofDiscipleship2, 202:service of others, yet the mystical or occult terminology may mean nothing whatsoever to them;Discipleship2, 237:with a fresh and new presentation and a new terminology, more suited to the growing mental grasp ofDiscipleship2, 294:realms which are indefinable and for which no terminology has been created, and which onlyDiscipleship2, 407:living service, no matter by what words or terminology they expressed the tremendous spiritualDiscipleship2, 610:stands in this "Middle Chamber" (to use Masonic terminology) and can work from this point in theEducation, ix:Intertranslation may reduce the strangeness of terminology. For example, the Tibetan's view thatEducation, 64:of the soul of all things - and has its own terminology, experiments, deductions and laws. When IExternalisation, 16:is no basic difference in teaching, even if the terminology used may vary, and the technique ofExternalisation, 448:is interpreted in terms of religion and in the terminology of churchianity (I did not say, ofExternalisation, 448:in religious terms and in so-called spiritual terminology. It will express itself through groupExternalisation, 505:guardian Angel of that plane, called (in Hindu terminology) the Lord Varuna. The activity of theFire, 63:of the three primary entities." In Christian terminology these are the three Persons of theFire, 502:certain attributes for which we have, as yet, no terminology. The synthesizing work of the BrahmaFire, 560:two aspects of the one Unity, and the present terminology of Spirit, and material substance, willFire, 821:circles of petals are called in the esoteric terminology: The "outer knowledge" triad, or the lordsFire, 856:Egos certain of the records under symbological terminology keep a minute account of the followingFire, 996:and the student will need to remember that the terminology is in the nature of a blind, which everFire, 1081:out of a vast number, and only name those the terminology of which conveys information andFire, 1182:judged by their effects, are called in human terminology laws, because their results are everGlamour, 175:Putting this concept specifically into occult terminology: Individuality has led to the steadyHealing, 4:of restitution" (as it is called in the occult terminology) as practiced by the initiates of theHealing, 33:you the truth, because there exist neither the terminology nor an adequate groundwork of knowledgeHealing, 43:the nature of some of these forces, and their terminology in this connection is frequently moreHealing, 165:or atma buddhi, according to the occult terminology. In the upper body we have an analogy to theHealing, 183:of withdrawal." These are called in the Hindu terminology: the ida, the pingala and the sushumnaHealing, 369:be quite inexplicable to you, for there is no terminology adequate to the latent truth. In thisHealing, 375:own peculiar way and with their own peculiar terminology. It is the subjective life unity that isHealing, 714:would be meaningless. The [714] new and coming terminology will throw light on the ancientHercules, 44:ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called "the Word made flesh". ItHercules, 74:to the Christ plane, called in the Theosophical terminology and in the east, the buddhic plane. TheHercules, 201:and not exclusive, they do not care what terminology a man uses; they insist that a man shall keepIntellect, 7:a mere shadowy sentiment culled from religious terminology, and therefore we gladly dispose ofIntellect, 52:realization of union - called, in Christian terminology, the at-one-ment. These three hypothesesIntellect, 149:there is a good deal of meaning in this special terminology and these symbolic phrases. TheMagic, 22:scientists we will adhere to the well-used terminology and seek to understand what has lain back ofMagic, 33:definition and submit themselves to a universal terminology. Magic, 44:or atma-buddhi, according to the occult terminology. In the upper body we have an analogy to theMagic, 392:are masked, hidden [392] or revealed (note this terminology) by an outer shell or form of denseMagic, 414:human being. It is a group therefore without a terminology or Bible of any kind; it has no creedMagic, 526:the physical form of humanity itself. In the terminology of the Ageless Wisdom, these three areMeditation, 56:It is the dominant note (in technical musical terminology) of the solar system, just as the thirdMeditation, 251:will find its basic expression and its familiar terminology in those of color and sound. EmotionalPatanjali, 8:at the third initiation (in Christian terminology, the Transfiguration). A later synthesis is thenPatanjali, 110:us into a state for which we have no adequate terminology. The yogi of the East applies the wordPatanjali, 228:occult students to master the technique and terminology of this science of the soul which the EastPatanjali, 297:of terms, one conveying the orthodox oriental terminology as found in the best commentaries, andPatanjali, 334:phraseology, the buddhic plane in the eastern terminology. The Divine Planes Plane I. Logoic orPsychology1, xxv:a transition period which lacks even the needed terminology, to aid that demonstration. Let me alsoPsychology1, 5:so vast, its schools so many and varied, and its terminology so cumbersome, that I can make noPsychology1, 28:and because they are more in line with the terminology of emerging modern thought) I choose to callPsychology1, 338:personalities; they are "egocentric," in the terminology of the psychologist, which recognizes thePsychology2, 193:of fact and is not in the least symbolic in its terminology, except in so far as all words arePsychology2, 271:flesh and the devil (to use the symbolic formal terminology of Christianity) are to be transmutedPsychology2, 601:the mystical trail, who have used the same terminology and employed the same symbols to expressPsychology2, 729:recognize the need for change in technique and terminology, then some definite progress can be madeRays, 61:this (as I have earlier pointed out) we have no terminology. Now a master of that which has beenRays, 142:the goal of much of our world organization; the terminology of light controls even our computationRays, 203:ideas and concepts for which we have no adequate terminology and which are of such a nature thatRays, 313:word to use, for we have not yet developed the terminology of the monad, the will aspect) begins toRays, 365:and by the man used to the wording and the terminology of the churchmen of all faiths. TheRays, 386:sixth initiations, according to the Christian terminology. [387] This was possible because theRays, 452:these ideas, we have practically to create a new terminology, for there are no words suitable toRays, 452:as modern sciences have evolved a complete new terminology of their own during the past fortyRays, 668:Kingdom of God." I am here using the Christian terminology but prefer to speak of the "new man"Rays, 750:also between religions and between nations. The terminology which will express good relations,Reappearance, 69:and in no way exclusive. Using, therefore, human terminology in order to interpret the divineSoul, 32:and the trained investigators as a whole, use a terminology that staggers the general reader. TheTelepathy, 71:and for which we have as yet no correct terminology. Also, the average aspirant has no idea what isTelepathy, 131:entirely inadequate. A new and deeper esoteric terminology is badly needed. If you will work withTelepathy, 134:nothing is known and for which we have no terminology that could convey the exact facts and nature.
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