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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERMS

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Discipleship2, 248:changes might be inadequately expressed in the terms of the Old Commentary: "There is that whichDiscipleship2, 254:St. Paul meant when - talking in hierarchical terms - he said "All things are become new." It isDiscipleship2, 259:initiation. I have given you this teaching in terms of the Christian presentation as it may beDiscipleship2, 266:what you think, conditioned as you are by the terms and the interpretations of the lower concreteDiscipleship2, 285:the divine. You cannot yet think in those terms, but you can at least attempt to do so and growDiscipleship2, 287:Sanat Kumara (to express the idea in occult terms) "must turn his back upon the Central SpiritualDiscipleship2, 302:immediate possibilities were given out in plain terms (even if the needed language were available)Discipleship2, 312:to translate what has been revealed to him in terms and symbols which will convey significance toDiscipleship2, 312:because students almost inevitably think in terms of sequence. The effects of penetration (in thisDiscipleship2, 334:not matter in the least. The Masters think in terms of cycles and not in terms of an individualDiscipleship2, 334:The Masters think in terms of cycles and not in terms of an individual life; as you cannot yet doDiscipleship2, 334:in my Ashram are seen by me, for instance, in terms of one thousand year cycles. What you may haveDiscipleship2, 338:mystical writings refer to visions and always in terms of that which lies ahead, of that which isDiscipleship2, 355:of a hint as it can be understood in terms of the three worlds, i.e., its physical application, itsDiscipleship2, 355:the disciple must interpret and apply it in terms of the Plan, of directed energy and [356] of theDiscipleship2, 356:on all the rays can work with these hints in terms of the seven rays, if they so choose; but theseDiscipleship2, 356:seven rays, if they so choose; but these seven terms of ray interpretation have to be used on eachDiscipleship2, 358:and from their efforts to present the truth in terms of the "newest mind" - as it is occultlyDiscipleship2, 359:"indications of direction"; he sees them in terms of humanity's immediate purpose and becomes awareDiscipleship2, 361:ability to think and work with the group in terms of the Plan. He grasps eventually that inDiscipleship2, 361:This is the formulation of the Purpose in terms of possibility, immediacy, appropriateness and theDiscipleship2, 364:conscious awareness of time and space in terms of the Eternal Now. Right interpretation of thisDiscipleship2, 367:nothing but a growing revelation. The two terms, Evolution and Revelation, go together. AnyDiscipleship2, 367:Spiritual Perception. Decisive Perception. These terms will suffice to convey to the disciple theDiscipleship2, 389:a series of initiations, but the Masters talk in terms of a series of revelations, and their workDiscipleship2, 392:This is true even if the man who talks in terms of security omits the word "spiritual." It is thatDiscipleship2, 402:the whole process was then interpreted in terms of the first and highest Aspect of the essentialDiscipleship2, 402:of which man knew nothing, instead of in terms of the second Aspect, the building, magnetic [403]Discipleship2, 407:now so extensive that we need no longer talk in terms of bringing in the kingdom or of itsDiscipleship2, 408:worlds" will be discontinued; men will talk in terms of "life in the five worlds of the manifestedDiscipleship2, 408:the manifested Kingdom of God." Think in these terms today if you can, and begin to grasp somewhatDiscipleship2, 422:simple illustration of this can be given here in terms of the teaching to be found in A Treatise onDiscipleship2, 437:hitherto unknown. To put this in its simplest terms: the initiate discovers he can perceive moreDiscipleship2, 470:separate attitudes and who ever act and think in terms of the one humanity and with inclusive love.Discipleship2, 493:of the truth, as it is given to him, in terms that they can comprehend that he cannot beDiscipleship2, 508:particularly if presented in non-religious terms. Count, therefore, on this and try to reach them.Discipleship2, 531:idealism. He excludes the Whole and thinks in terms of the past and as he wants to think. There isDiscipleship2, 535:viewed as too late for changing if approached in terms of one incarnation, but the soul thinks inDiscipleship2, 535:terms of one incarnation, but the soul thinks in terms of life cycles. A full and rich life cycleDiscipleship2, 543:vision than heretofore. Learn to think in wide terms and world planning, aiding F.B., when due timeDiscipleship2, 661:center, must be interpreted esoterically and in terms of relation. Bear this in mind and as youDiscipleship2, 670:my Ashram who are ahead of you, if such inexact terms can be used. The Christ, through your ownDiscipleship2, 690:all humanity, and not what you think is best in terms of some group, some school of thought, orDiscipleship2, 690:sequence. You must learn to think in larger terms than those of some national group or group ofDiscipleship2, 692:the life of the average citizen. You thought in terms of one group. This you are learning to negateDiscipleship2, 712:down this last sentence (as she thinks not in terms of reward or recompense), but has done so whenDiscipleship2, 712:of them (as far as in you lies) in their own terms and from their own point of view and not fromDiscipleship2, 762:and outward, if one may use such inadequate terms!) that will result. Occultly speaking, you standEducation, vi:methods that Dewey advocated. In the broadest terms such a world view will make possible aEducation, vi:for Education in the New Age, as the Tibetan terms it. The world today suffers from a culturalEducation, viii:applications. The testing must be done in terms of operational techniques relevant to the HinduEducation, ix:formulated the theme for discussion in these terms: "The Concept of Man and the Philosophy ofEducation, 5:always realized this and has talked therefore in terms of "achieving unity" or "making theEducation, 31:in the solar plexus. Speaking in symbolical terms, many today are carrying that bridge forward andEducation, 33:I have endeavored to express this in terms, symbolic if you will, which will convey some generalEducation, 37:remains to be done. The interpretation of men in terms of energy and the grasping of the sevenEducation, 39:idealism or mysticism, expressing itself in terms of approach to a felt but unseen deity, anEducation, 40:and the interpretation of God and nature in terms of feeling-perception - these laid the basis ofEducation, 48:schools, universities or colleges, using terms in general use) there can be seen an imperfect andEducation, 48:them. Citizenship will be taught in larger terms and the world of true values be pointed out andEducation, 59:if I here attempted to define esotericism in terms of the general average intelligence of esotericEducation, 63:is indicated today by the constant use of the terms "Forces of Light" and "Forces of Evil." WhenEducation, 68:to define esotericism and its activity in terms of light, but I refrain from doing so because ofEducation, 68:science that substance and light are synonymous terms, and would recognize also that the lightEducation, 74:suggested that the textbooks be rewritten in terms of right human relations and not from theEducation, 79:in the West. Naturally, I am speaking only in terms of the last two or three thousand years. InEducation, 82:put them. They will also be taught to think in terms of world relationship and of their nation inEducation, 82:and who will begin to view human happenings in terms of the deeper spiritual and universal values.Education, 83:any limiting condition and train him to think in terms of constructive world citizenship. GrowthEducation, 90:when humanity will be able to think in universal terms still lies far ahead but the fact that weEducation, 104:of these ideas might be expressed under the terms of the following questions: What shall be myEducation, 123:power of the man in the street to think in terms of ideals which are founded upon certain ideas andEducation, 124:widespread ability of the human mind to think in terms of the larger Whole and not only in terms ofEducation, 124:in terms of the larger Whole and not only in terms of personal interest, and to apply forms ofEducation, 136:it is only the religious person who thinks in terms of the two necessitated and inevitable births,Education, 139:that light and substance are synonymous terms) forming an integral part of the education of parentsExternalisation, 16:I taints them. The leaders and members talk in terms of "our" and "your," of this "discipline" andExternalisation, 36:what is the purpose of the new seed groups, in terms of the new age civilization and culture soExternalisation, 90:in the library of the Hierarchy in the following terms which are (some of them) paraphrased andExternalisation, 94:their own lot." Putting it more simply and in terms symbolic, and therefore more easy ofExternalisation, 123:writings it is expressed in the following terms: "Like as a dragon snake uncoils slowly its body,Externalisation, 124:and spirituality (as we now understand the terms) have become increasingly clear. Two things haveExternalisation, 126:steadily until now they can be expressed in terms of a humanity which is oriented towards theExternalisation, 139:they must interpret nation to nation in terms of brotherhood and of the new order. This is no easyExternalisation, 149:and feel as souls, which means ever in group terms. Today, however, there are those in every landExternalisation, 165:in our solar system. Theologians ever think in terms of the human mind and not in terms of theExternalisation, 165:ever think in terms of the human mind and not in terms of the divine mind. Forgiveness isExternalisation, 205:and racial differences, and attempt to live in terms of the one family, the one life, and the oneExternalisation, 208:on the part of the majority to accept almost any terms which will allow them to live quietly again,Externalisation, 208:processes and adjustment before the final peace terms are settled by the nations, sitting inExternalisation, 212:freedom from what you call bias. I speak in terms of humanity - without distinction of race, colorExternalisation, 214:and the Forces of Materialism, meaning by these terms the controlling trends towards brotherhood,Externalisation, 219:and its civilization - begin to think in terms of mankind, then public opinion will become soExternalisation, 228:to see humanity and its welfare - not only in terms of your own nation or your own political groupExternalisation, 228:own nation or your own political group - but in terms of the whole, and as we, the teachers on theExternalisation, 229:appreciated by those people who today think in terms of humanity as a whole, [230] and not in termsExternalisation, 230:terms of humanity as a whole, [230] and not in terms of a particular nation, such as the good ofExternalisation, 236:only be seen in its true light when men think in terms of human liberty; when they together takeExternalisation, 252:combine to prevent an intervention in just these terms. This does not mean that some form ofExternalisation, 259:through war - to peace. Those who think only in terms of peace as they understand it and desire it
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