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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERMS

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Fire, 430:phenomena, and by the religious man in terms of life, - the life force of certain Entities.Fire, 436:be asked wherein this can all be interpreted in terms of fire, and thus the integrity of theFire, 456:units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use the abstract mind. Their functionFire, 459:cycle temporarily ended and - to express it in terms of fire or of electrical phenomena - theFire, 476:in number. These postulates must be expressed in terms of the Old Commentary, which is so wordedFire, 485:of the Hierarchy can be interpreted always in terms of alchemy, and Their activities deal with aFire, 499:round. To express the whole matter in larger terms: The Heavenly Man will be achieving theFire, 506:or perfected manasaputra. To state the whole in terms of fire: The causal body is produced by meansFire, 522:Physical - gross. The seven differentiations in terms of fiery energy are: Plane of divine lifeFire, 523:Spirit as they are seen can only be expressed in terms of the other two in this solar system, andFire, 525:as yet only the control of the lunar Lords. In terms of Fire: those who warm themselves by means ofFire, 526:at greater length. We might sum up the matter in terms of the Old Commentary from which sourceFire, 536:the more ordinary angle, and in materialistic terms, considering it as a vehicle of rarefiedFire, 537:of mind from the subjective point of view, or in terms of fire. 1. Centers or Wheels of Energy a.Fire, 542:perfected. The causal body is then (expressed in terms of fire) a blazing center of heat, radiatingFire, 543:This is the great liberation. The man, in terms of human endeavor, has achieved his goal. He hasFire, 546:plan of egoic unfoldment as interpreted in terms of consciousness or of fire. In studying theFire, 548:Men are being spoken of and considered in terms of potential force factors, and this is a step inFire, 559:but the physical form will be spoken of in terms of concretion and of energy, and the emphasis willFire, 560:All phenomena will then be expressed in force terms, and the sex question - or the union of theFire, 568:nigh impossible to resolve abstractions into the terms of speech, and not lose the inner sense inFire, 577:in adhesion, and leads to absorption. All these terms are needed to give a general idea of theFire, 603:he passes out of incarnation he is spoken of in terms of quality, good or bad, selfish orFire, 604:Prana, Electricity, Magnetic Fluid, are all terms used f or this one vitalizing life. The MicrocosmFire, 613:brings his study of deva work down to the terms of his own individual life he is apt to becomeFire, 616:and which gives form to the abstract. The terms "rupa" and "arupa" devas are relative, 97 for theFire, 627:Remarks. We have considered in broad and general terms the various types of force which animateFire, 653:- S. D., I, 694. Atoms and souls are synonymous terms in the language of the initiates. - S. D., I,Fire, 658:manner, and by the employment of synonymous terms, some general idea of their function may beFire, 664:not yet. All that is here said is expressed in terms of deva groups and deva forces, which form (inFire, 684:as a vehicle, and occult writers often speak in terms of the vehicle. The Ego, or theFire, 687:in vibratory response. We are here speaking in terms of the Heavenly Men. In the Earth scheme, theFire, 691:can be expressed in a twofold manner: In terms of the three worlds, or from the standpoint of theFire, 691:standpoint of the logoic dense physical body. In terms of force or energy, or from the standpointFire, 700:their occult work, which is hinted at under the terms of: Those who refused to incarnate. Those whoFire, 705:with our scheme. This must be interpreted in terms of consciousness, and not of locality. In theFire, 714:and to interpret man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena, much good will haveFire, 720:nigh senseless phraseology when considered in terms of consciousness and of spirituality, but letFire, 720:but let the student study the phenomenon in terms of the cosmic physical plane, and from theFire, 723:qualities and vibrations for which we have no terms, and which cannot be visioned by even ourFire, 729:concerning existence and manifestation, in terms of human thought, and through the limiting mediumFire, 738:be proportionate to the cause. And, as man's terms of incarnate existence bear but a smallFire, 740:am [740] here generalizing and speaking in broad terms; the karma of the units differ and a man -Fire, 740:destination. If we interpret all the above in terms of energy and of radioactivity and thus avoidFire, 749:by the student if he interprets them always in terms of force and energy, and if he notes that dimFire, 761:body of manifestation, the Mayavirupa. 52 The terms "appropriation of a physical body" andFire, 765:our thoughts to interpret all these processes in terms of energy and of force. The old CommentaryFire, 766:Here in the arcane symbology is hid (in terms of energy and of radiant activity) the whole secretFire, 770:and is, therefore, unable to think in group terms. This egoic impulse in any group or any groupFire, 776:the egoic consciousness, if metaphysical terms are preferred. All [777] this is accomplished byFire, 792:and with their duration, and the following terms have to be appreciated, their duration recognized,Fire, 794:of this must eventually be interpreted in terms of energy and on etheric levels. Fire, 797:family unit Soul mates Divorce and many other terms will be shifted to higher planes, and will beFire, 798:When all aggregates of ideas are interpreted in terms of force and energy, in terms of attractionFire, 798:are interpreted in terms of force and energy, in terms of attraction and repulsion, or theFire, 802:might, in closing, express the same thought in terms of fire, remembering that words only limit andFire, 807:will enable him to interpret all that is said in terms of energy, or of that vibratory activityFire, 818:manifestation from other angles and employ other terms to express the same idea. For instance, theFire, 818:of the Ego, functioning in the causal body. In terms of fire, the same truths may be expressed asFire, 820:existence, and plus developed love-wisdom. In terms of the old Commentary, the truth is thusFire, 828:which might be described in the following terms: The two outer rings of petals are stimulated in aFire, 831:an equal expenditure in an opposite. This in terms of the Ego and its life experience brings aboutFire, 832:should learn to interpret and to think in terms of energy and of force, in contradistinction to theFire, 850:an abstraction and a state of consciousness in terms of time and space, and through the limitationFire, 851:is effected. The student must here think in terms of force and energy, of magnetic interaction andFire, 853:if the same fundamental idea is expressed in terms of force and of the appearance of force centersFire, 876:but an enigmatical phrase unless interpreted in terms of the combination of energy. Only when theFire, 877:occultly than the apparent significance of the terms. Each circle of petals stands for one of theseFire, 879:of the Pitris, he must ever think in group terms. The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a humanFire, 896:grouped by mythological writers, under the terms undines, mermaids, and other [897] expressions,Fire, 946:fire, solar fire and fire by friction. In terms of the cosmic [947] physical plane, theFire, 980:of our conversation. We think of people in terms of what they say, because their words disclose theFire, 984:D., II, 538. Magic and magnetism are synonymous terms. - Isis Unveiled, I, 279. Magic is theFire, 989:that, as far as our humanity is concerned, the terms planetary evil and cosmic evil might beFire, 1019:consists in the true interpretation of the three terms: Mother - Matter - Moisture (or the waters).Fire, 1042:II, 742, note. Atoms and souls are synonymous terms. - S. D., I, 620-622. In this solar systemFire, 1042:this solar system atoms and souls are synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray plus the Divine Ray ofFire, 1042:system atoms and mind were probably synonymous terms. It resulted in the Primordial Ray of activeFire, 1042:the third factor, pure spirit may be synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray and The Divine Ray plusFire, 1045:impulses. Yet all can be expressed in terms of negative and [1046] positive force, manifesting asFire, 1050:in the three periodical vehicles, as H. P. B. terms the three main centers of energy through whichFire, 1060:of the Heavens can be read and expressed in terms of force currents, energy centers, and dynamicFire, 1070:to express the hylozoistic conception in terms of exact science as it would be for the sixteenthFire, 1073:is again repeated. This can all be expressed in terms of consciousness but in this section we willFire, 1080:if we here enumerated some of the occult terms applied to some of these [1081] differentiatedFire, 1092:monadic cosmic wheel can be [1092] visioned in terms of "true color," and is seen by the illuminedFire, 1108:consciousness, but of consciousness thinking in terms of time and space in the three worlds. It hasFire, 1120:ray, his divine Prototype. By the use of certain terms, information is conveyed to the Workers ofFire, 1132:but we dealt then with them in general terms. We might now deal more specifically with the finalFire, 1140:name of the "Law of Cycles," and is expressed in terms of time; [1141] but the secret to the cyclesFire, 1141:and groups, Gods and ants are specified in terms of energy formulas and by a scrutiny of theseFire, 1141:out at any time. This might be expressed in terms also of the Gunas; it will be found by disciplesFire, 1153:(except in the broadest and most general terms) of the nature of the solar Logos, and of the effectFire, 1180:of the One Law; that they are but differentiated terms, employed to express one great method ofFire, 1188:The myriad sounds of nature. Each of these terms can be explained in terms of attractive energy,Fire, 1188:nature. Each of these terms can be explained in terms of attractive energy, and this attractiveFire, 1208:of the next higher. This can also be viewed in terms of energy. The negative lives of a hierarchyFire, 1210:on the subject of creation; [1210] the terms and expressions now used will be corrected, and allFire, 1210:will be corrected, and all will be expressed in terms of form-building energy, and the three modesFire, 1216:expressed largely through the medium of mystical terms, and it is left to the intuition of the
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