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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERMS

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Intellect, 267:on others their pet theories, their peculiar terms, or their particular approach to truth. TheyMagic, 5:can follow and comprehend certain technical terms that I may be led to use. I am not dealing withMagic, 8:when the form aspect vanishes is covered by many terms, of which for the sake of clarity, the mostMagic, 8:when they talk (as they needs must) in finite terms of that duality which is everywhere,Magic, 9:is saying that light and matter are synonymous terms, thus echoing the teaching of the East, itMagic, 10:are talking about, and the significance of the terms we use. 1. Occult. This term concerns theMagic, 22:that inexpressible sum total of which the terms spirit, soul, and body are regarded as the mainMagic, 22:be so, but for the average thinker of today the terms spirit, soul, and body stand for theMagic, 24:engrossed in the form side of existence think in terms of physical vitality, of feeling, impulse,Magic, 24:than in the form aspect express their concept in terms of soul manifestation and - passing beyondMagic, 24:selfish reactions of the body nature - think in terms of life, in terms of quality, of group willMagic, 24:of the body nature - think in terms of life, in terms of quality, of group will or power, groupMagic, 24:synthetically and to express truth to himself in terms of Spirit, Life, the One. These terms meanMagic, 24:himself in terms of Spirit, Life, the One. These terms mean to him something significant, butMagic, 24:of consciousness; each will fail to interpret in terms of the more advanced reaction of those on aMagic, 28:at this time is to endeavor to think in terms of the one reality which is energy itself and nothingMagic, 28:the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous terms and are interchangeable. Only in theMagic, 28:we are surrounded and in which we move. The terms, organic and inorganic, are largely responsibleMagic, 29:the life principle that they think and speak in terms of energy and its effects, and all theirMagic, 75:The Old Commentary expresses it in the following terms: "When communion is established, words areMagic, 90:some kind, for light and matter are synonymous terms. The thought of the man and the idea of theMagic, 105:the Old Commentary under the following symbolic terms: "When the radiant light of the Solar AngelMagic, 174:but there is no adequate paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name. The six stages aboveMagic, 174:way be considered as translations of the ancient terms. Such are some of the teachings concerningMagic, 175:or not sufficiently appreciated; the terms used by the transmitter being dependent upon hisMagic, 177:minds at the task of stating this knowledge in terms that will reveal the truth to those that haveMagic, 178:writer. Therefore, the appropriateness of the terms used and the correctness of the phraseologyMagic, 219:present the ideal is viewed almost entirely in terms of the physical plane, yet the sum totalMagic, 220:emerge and might be summed up in the following terms: Rule 1 - Recollection, resulting inMagic, 220:and problem, is ably synthesized. Note the terms used in the description given in a few shortMagic, 221:First, let us gather together some of the terms which are used to describe this sphere of divineMagic, 243:Without appreciating the significance of the terms, the psychologists have sensed these cycles andMagic, 247:This can also be discussed and understood in terms of the centers. As every student knows, thereMagic, 265:and keep learning. Think whenever possible in terms abstract or numerical, and by loving all, workMagic, 273:strong injunctions are given in the following terms: The facts are: The form absorbs and uses theMagic, 275:into play factors [275] for which we have no terms and tendencies which are as yet not evenMagic, 293:to the recognition of it is when they speak in terms of vitality or lack of vitality. The physicalMagic, 297:will probably help the most if I deal with it in terms of its moods and ordinary expressions, forMagic, 301:it for the entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for hisMagic, 304:of future disaster that he interprets them in terms of his own coming experience. He is unable toMagic, 308:body, just as long as he interprets life in terms of his moods and feelings, just as long as heMagic, 320:translate these ancient formulas into adequate terms, but the above rough paraphrase will conveyMagic, 326:to define their relationship to that Power in terms of fear, of sacrifice or of propitiation. FromMagic, 334:eye. Increasingly will people think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the comingMagic, 334:and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and ofMagic, 336:the nature of matter, seeing always in terms of light and comprehending the purpose of sound willMagic, 362:lotus. We are of course talking entirely in terms of the form aspect here. The reason for this liesMagic, 369:with all beings, and may not be interpreted in terms of happiness after all. Happiness comes whenMagic, 375:as well as of the form, and we talk then in terms of the higher and the lower self; we speak of theMagic, 376:the not-self, and hence can be interpreted in terms of duality. Both are right and both need eachMagic, 390:from above downwards, if one must employ these terms for the sake of symbolism. For this worldMagic, 391:which I express this; dogmatic assertions in terms of men's concrete minds are inadvisable) manyMagic, 402:remembered here that the Masters think in large terms and work in the wider cycles of evolutionaryMagic, 408:goal. They too are forced to use such unmeaning terms in Their teaching as Absolute Reality, andMagic, 419:free to teach his own group as he sees fit. The terms used, the methods employed, the typesMagic, 421:use the words anti this or pro that. Such terms automatically breed hatred and attack, and effortMagic, 425:Scripture teaches this truth in the following terms: [426] "When the sun progresses into theMagic, 427:They will endeavor to employ each other's terms, and to familiarize themselves with each other'sMagic, 428:for me to forecast the future in more explicit terms and hold out a picture of an intriguingMagic, 440:spoken by the soul. Translated into modern terms much is lost, but the underlying thought whichMagic, 448:quite unrealizing it, man is talking in occult terms and evidencing an inner appreciation of theMagic, 450:at this time is to endeavor to think in [450] terms of the one Reality which is Energy itself andMagic, 450:the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous terms and are interchangeable. Only in theMagic, 450:we are surrounded and in which we move. The terms organic and inorganic are largely responsible forMagic, 451:the life principle that they think and speak in terms of energy and its effects, and all theirMagic, 456:are the bridge itself, reduced to its essential terms. They are the bridge in latency, and in theseMagic, 470:a point where we think of effects primarily in terms of quality rather than in terms of matter. AMagic, 470:primarily in terms of quality rather than in terms of matter. A thought-form exists for us in orderMagic, 473:the tests for adeptship. Some are couched in terms symbolic, others are necessarily blinds, stillMagic, 512:has to learn (putting the truth in the simplest terms) is to achieve that wisdom which is based onMagic, 532:describes these two groups in the following terms: "The Sons of God, who know and see and hear (andMagic, 552:but some idea may be conveyed in the following terms: "A precipitation is an aggregation ofMagic, 555:depend. It is hard to illustrate this in simple terms, but it might be said that the problem of GodMagic, 565:during which, expressing this truth in occult terms, it is literally called upon to "clothe itselfMagic, 602:- then the danger of personality reaction to the terms "accepted disciple, initiate, adept, master"Magic, 606:intellects, and endeavor always to think in terms of universals. Let them look at the historicalMagic, 608:Christ and His Church, as Supermen or under any terms which the inherited tendencies of humanity orMagic, 611:nomenclature as does H.P.B. who borrowed the terms from the ancient Scripture. Electric Fire, SolarMagic, 612:that his spiritual progress can be gauged in terms of his freedom from this illusion and of hisMagic, 628:It demonstrates in the ability to think in terms of internationalism, of universal concepts, whichMeditation, 22:of time. Karma and time are more synonymous terms than is oft realized. Occult meditation and theMeditation, 26:life shifts to the mental unit. Speaking in terms of the solar system and viewing humanity as aMeditation, 90:Trusted in what sense? Trusted to think in group terms and not in terms of self, trusted to use theMeditation, 90:Trusted to think in group terms and not in terms of self, trusted to use the knowledge gained anentMeditation, 95:of his ray as indicated to you in general terms earlier in these letters. In each case, the mentalMeditation, 99:said when last on earth, and He spoke in occult terms, that have not as yet received due attentionMeditation, 110:incidental to a defective body, save in general terms to lay down the ruling that where there isMeditation, 110:those differences are summed up in our minds in terms of the emotional body. We think of theMeditation, 112:trained through centuries to think in abstract terms, fond of obstruse dialectics, temperamentallyMeditation, 157:subject, and may only be indicated in general terms. Certain forms, built up on the numericalMeditation, 169:Life of that department (it is all a matter of terms) differ. The life within the form manifests -Meditation, 169:The results of meditation as demonstrated in terms of character, if I may so express it, are reallyMeditation, 169:same aspects of manifestation under different terms or conditions. Let me tabulate them for you:Meditation, 180:fluid, those electrical rays (no matter what the terms used) right to the heart of the unknown.Meditation, 207:colors may be spoken of in occult books in terms of each other. Red may be called green and orangeMeditation, 207:sphere may be described synthetically or in terms of the monadic ray. The colors of higher or lowerMeditation, 207:higher or lower mind are at times spoken of in terms of the plane and not in terms of the rayMeditation, 207:times spoken of in terms of the plane and not in terms of the ray involved. Blue-indigo, beingMeditation, 207:connection with this planet, may be spoken of in terms of four colors: Indigo, as They are in theMeditation, 210:again the fact that I use the esoteric terms, and that the discussion [211] is but for suggestive
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