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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TERMS

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Psychology2, 229:of Deity. We have spoken here of God in terms of Person, and we have used therefore the pronouns,Psychology2, 230:of the conditioning divine life is to speak in terms of Person, of Individuality. Hence we speak ofPsychology2, 230:we use (for how else can we speak with clarity?) terms of human origin and therefore [231]Psychology2, 231:interplay ceases and manifestation ends, such terms are no longer suitable; they have no meaning.Psychology2, 237:religion, mysticism, occultism and many other terms applied to the adventurous excursions of thePsychology2, 243:In this way the life of the soul is affirmed in terms of its conditioning factors. The value ofPsychology2, 244:and to view his life and sphere of influence in terms of its corporate relationships and not inPsychology2, 244:terms of its corporate relationships and not in terms of the separated self. He must not only seePsychology2, 246:or too intense an outward looking, to use terms which the usual limited point of view can grasp.Psychology2, 252:desire. We would do well to ponder upon these terms. It should be remembered that analysis governsPsychology2, 274:belief or hope. It is experience and fact. The terms "soul contact" and "sensing the vibratoryPsychology2, 277:upon the Claiming Way." I cannot translate these terms more clearly, nor can I find an adequatePsychology2, 283:towards the ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of an approach from two directions). ThisPsychology2, 284:esotericism is built. I have stated it purely in terms of energy, and not of principles or bodies,Psychology2, 287:of humanity. I am seeking to give it in such terms that comprehension may ensue. The first panelPsychology2, 290:spoken of in the Old Commentary in the following terms: "The Lord of Will took being. His dimPsychology2, 307:This same truth can also be expressed in terms of the rays: At the stage of Individualization, thePsychology2, 311:individual aspirant is prone to think only in terms of himself, and of his individual tests andPsychology2, 311:tests and trials, He must learn to think in terms of the mass activity, and the preparatory effectPsychology2, 313:however, bear in mind two things: That such terms as "mental unit", "permanent atom", etc., [314]Psychology2, 315:constantly that we shall be talking always in terms of consciousness and of soul energy, and arePsychology2, 315:from the point of view of its usefulness in terms of time and space, or of manifestation. InPsychology2, 325:in order to limit the concept intuited within terms which can be comprehended, and abstract ideasPsychology2, 331:his desire life (which is only translated into terms of ambition later on in his life experience)Psychology2, 331:rebirth is admitted and man is accounted for in terms of a long preceding history. In this age ofPsychology2, 346:and of truth. We are so apt always to think in terms of form and form activity, that it seemsPsychology2, 346:again to reiterate the necessity for thinking in terms of consciousness and awareness, leading toPsychology2, 353:techniques are to be found) in the following terms: "The one who travels on a line returns upon hisPsychology2, 379:Path of Initiation. I am here using these three terms only in relation to what we call the AryanPsychology2, 397:and time (if I may speak of these things in terms of modern usage), and these are the theme of thisPsychology2, 401:with great simplicity, avoiding the technical terms of academic psychology, and putting the humanPsychology2, 407:Hence the realization of the human problem in terms of modern psychology; hence the widespreadPsychology2, 412:personality, interpreting its environment in new terms, and producing a synthesis, hithertoPsychology2, 423:of the life and the environment, given in terms of appreciation. Ponder on this. DecentralizationPsychology2, 425:no true language-form, for we have no adequate terms, and in which word-symbols mean but little.Psychology2, 425:the formulation of an entirely new set of terms, phrases, nouns and verbs, so in the years that arePsychology2, 425:the new language is not yet evolved and the old terms are inadequate. I am, therefore, unable to doPsychology2, 425:am, therefore, unable to do more than employ the terms which seem to me to be the most suitable,Psychology2, 431:in its true implications and not interpreted in terms of its present-childish presentation, thenPsychology2, 469:I have illustrated this type of difficulty in terms of the aspirant who, in meditation, comes intoPsychology2, 471:be of value if I here defined for you the three terms which are applied to these three phenomenalPsychology2, 473:is revealed to him is interpreted by him in terms of spiritual phenomena instead of in terms ofPsychology2, 473:in terms of spiritual phenomena instead of in terms of psychical phenomena. He regards it all asPsychology2, 481:or as spiritual direction. Many analogous terms are used, according to the school of thought toPsychology2, 483:life) and the interpretation of the problem in terms or a lesson to be mastered would spell releasePsychology2, 488:and practices. These, however, he interprets in terms of definite extraneous guidance, andPsychology2, 531:But this whole subject is still interpreted in terms of duality. Sex is still imaginatively in hisPsychology2, 533:that the whole problem must be interpreted in terms of the growth of consciousness and also inPsychology2, 533:terms of the growth of consciousness and also in terms of the bringing together, in progressivePsychology2, 541:group recognitions must be expressed in terms of religion, of love and of divinity. They,Psychology2, 544:the mystical experience and translates it into terms of synthesis. Note the structure of words IPsychology2, 599:drawn so constantly "upwards" (as he regards and terms it) to the land of his dreams, to the personPsychology2, 604:but his vision, who registers that vision in terms only of symbolic forms, of sexual longing, ofPsychology2, 643:even if he has never heard of it in these terms. The members of the New Group of World ServersPsychology2, 645:life, in every country throughout the world. In terms of Christian teaching, the citizens of thePsychology2, 657:emphasis upon the necessity of thinking in terms of good will to the whole. The very effort so toPsychology2, 658:and of the planetary Hierarchy in varying terms, is inevitable. That they may regard it from thePsychology2, 673:principles must be formulated in the simplest terms and made practical in action. Thirdly, thePsychology2, 701:of illusion and maya that we [701] think in terms of souls and bodies. This is an occult platitudePsychology2, 727:of the ideals - sensed dimly or clearly - in terms of sacrifice and the resultant activity. ThesePsychology2, 731:of business so that they can think in larger terms than those of their own selfish businessRays, 6:through what is understood by the following terms: The refining of the bodies which form the casketRays, 12:is interpreted (and necessarily so) in terms of human awareness and responsiveness. This world warRays, 13:the subhuman kingdoms. A study of the above in terms of forces and energy will give some idea ofRays, 14:are, in the last analysis, as meaningless as the terms good and evil, which have significance onlyRays, 28:sciences - love and reason are synonymous terms, and I would have you reflect upon why this shouldRays, 32:disciple are usually interpreted in personality terms, and are very little understood. They areRays, 37:personality conditions, events and happenings in terms of their real meaning. But that stillRays, 37:in seeing the situations which he contacts in terms of a world whole, and in searching for theirRays, 37:whole, and in searching for their meaning in terms of their group significance. This serves toRays, 38:application has to be grasped and considered in terms of the "great light." It must be rememberedRays, 43:possibilities. I cannot do other than speak in terms of consciousness, even though the life of theRays, 43:to do with consciousness or sensitivity as those terms are [44] commonly understood. Yet rememberRays, 44:taken initiation. They cannot be interpreted in terms of the Path of Discipleship or of Probation.Rays, 53:always that name and form are synonymous terms in the occult teaching, and these two words hold theRays, 57:and from the standpoint of Those Who see life in terms of ever enlarging Wholes, is from group toRays, 59:At first this is interpreted by him in terms of material welfare; then this divine discontentRays, 61:expanding area - of the divine revelation. In terms of practical occultism, he is recognizing anRays, 73:atma, and these are (to interpret these Sanskrit terms esoterically) the light of the pure reason,Rays, 78:lesser speed (if I might use such inappropriate terms) and invocative to the one above it - againRays, 90:is it possible to present that work in other terms than those which emphasize the part the ChristRays, 94:of the outpouring from Shamballa in clearer terms. We are told in the Bible that Christ will comeRays, 104:immutable, living and only to be comprehended in terms which embody the concept of "It is not this;Rays, 105:that there should be some comprehension of these terms if that which the will controls (whenRays, 105:the thinker. Space and substance are synonymous terms; substance is the aggregate of atomic livesRays, 108:feels it, or identification, as the occultist terms it, but something that appears when all ofRays, 113:to see the picture whole, to think in the larger terms, to emerge out of the normal separateRays, 141:to their resolution into something to which the terms "isolated unity" and "universal synthesis"Rays, 143:occultly and in a most mysterious way the terms, Light and Life, are interchangeable within theRays, 146:and the life of God are esoterically synonymous terms, and when the life aspect of an individualRays, 158:I have therefore had to express this law in terms of form, whereas the initiate understands it fromRays, 171:to formulate because it is understood by them in terms of their own self-will, the will toRays, 171:beneficent task. Then the will is interpreted in terms of the hierarchical plan, and the effort ofRays, 171:as men attempt to interpret the divine will in terms of their present point in evolution. The clueRays, 173:a growing absorption in the Plan are some of the terms which can be used to express soul awarenessRays, 174:science) that light and substance are synonymous terms; the true nature of substance as a field andRays, 196:far as it is possible to translate these archaic terms: "From above He worked and from the furtherRays, 200:within the Sound. Putting the idea into esoteric terms, the above sentence could be paraphrased asRays, 212:seeks no recognition, until he fails to think in terms of results and is unaware of the reaction ofRays, 217:is to this that the rule applies when studied in terms of the individual initiate, whilst the life
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