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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEST

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Statement:corroboration, or are deemed true under the test of the Law of Correspondences, then that is wellAstrologyan effort to weigh a theory or suggestion and to test out conclusions over the course of a fewAstrology, 162:This produces in them the capacity to respond to test, to a sense of the vision (through theAstrology, 203:to our study of the Science of Triangles. Each test (and therefore each decanate) concerns theAstrology, 204:decanate") in each of which They passed from test to victory. In Scorpio - Hercules became theAstrology, 204:those conditions and that energy which will test and perfect the three aspects of the personalityAstrology, 204:to the above the following: Scorpio carries the test right down into the physical plane life, andAstrology, 204:up into heaven, and the problem which the test involved is solved by the use of the reasoning mind.Astrology, 204:mind. Taurus governs desire and carries the test into the emotional [205] or astral plane, andAstrology, 205:call the intuitional plane. Pisces carries the test into the region of the mental processes, whichAstrology, 205:the physical plane. They are, first of all, the test of appetite. This appetite is the naturalAstrology, 206:The keynotes of this sign are, therefore, test, trial and triumph. They can also be calledAstrology, 214:"...Ancient One dies by drowning. Such is the test. The waters envelop him and there is no escape.Astrology, 221:needed reactions, produce the conditions wherein test is possible and so bring about the necessaryAstrology, 278:Cancer - Movement - Cardinal Cross. Scorpio - Test - Trial - Fixed Cross. Sagittarius - Direction -Astrology, 319:being, and his essential duality is put to the test. This is preparatory to a new and higher unity.Astrology, 375:do well to consider this statement and thus test all their major determining activities by theAstrology, 393:that moment what it is He has to do. Such is the test of Vulcan, ruling Taurus, of the soul, rulingAstrology, 571:was given out later and was intended to be a test and a "decision point in a time of crisis." LetAstrology, 571:of evil NOW must end. It was offered, under this test, to the masses, but was intended primarilyAutobiography, 9:what we developed as character either stands the test [10] and indicates a way out, or fails and weAutobiography, 48:possessed of a knowledge which has stood the test of time and trouble, as my earlier beliefs didAutobiography, 86:Whom I have believed. That fact has stood the test and is no longer on the basis of belief but ofAutobiography, 245:and never would be and that (above all) the test of truth was the truth itself. I told her that ifBethlehem, 54:followed initiation, comes a renewed cycle of test and of difficulty. The truths revealed and theBethlehem, 77:with His parents. This home life constituted the test to which He was subjected, and its importanceBethlehem, 78:will be offered us until we do. Here lies our test, and here lies our field of service. Many trueBethlehem, 78:is no saying what they might not accomplish. A test is something which tries our strength to see ofBethlehem, 79:by all. It is a life of joy and happiness, of test and of problems, but its essence is love and itsBethlehem, 107:or through the recovery of an ancient past of test and trial) our equal in all points - of sin, ofBethlehem, 110:before men. Now they have to undergo a different test. From the crowd and from the experience HeBethlehem, 116:process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The test we have all to face eventually, and whichBethlehem, 116:until He vanquished it upon the Cross, is the test of our divinity. Are we divine? How must ourBethlehem, 116:of God? That the details of each difficulty, test and trial may differ is relatively immaterial.Bethlehem, 119:and the devil, which constitute the threefold test that confronts every son of God on the verge ofBethlehem, 123:though it appears to embody the same type of test. The clue to this is found in Christ's answer,Bethlehem, 123:do in the earlier temptation. The devil in this test quotes scripture to his own ends. He alsoBethlehem, 124:do. Shall he go ahead with the battle and the test, and so triumph as the soul? Shall he assert hisBethlehem, 125:Let us put this sense of divinity to the test and see if, with the change of physical destruction,Bethlehem, 128:definite purpose and to choose, was under test. Such temptations do not come to theBethlehem, 164:life, and there subject our knowledge to the test, discover its reality and truth, and find outBethlehem, 165:As we consider these happenings, the particular test which Christ now encountered becomes clear inBethlehem, 165:clear in our minds. It was again a threefold test, as was that after the Baptism initiation; butBethlehem, 165:of a far subtler nature. He was faced with the test as to whether He could endure and handleBethlehem, 166:- The Transfiguration The second phase of the test lay in His prevision as to His end. He knew HeBethlehem, 166:He had before encountered in the desert, the test of utter loneliness. The power to endure success!Bethlehem, 275:has true value and which deserves to stand the test of immortality. This last thought is one whichDiscipleship1, 16:suggestion. It is a trial of the intuition and a test in discrimination. This work to which I haveDiscipleship1, 78:Still another deciding factor with me is to test out your ability to keep silent until it is noDiscipleship1, 78:There is, therefore, the necessity for the test. Many of [79] you are already interiorly convincedDiscipleship1, 185:and, therefore, constitute a more adequate test.... There is need for some physical care, brotherDiscipleship1, 191:is your field of service and herein lies your test. Particularly for you the word magnetism shouldDiscipleship1, 360:with gratitude anything that may be said. The test for you comes in the use you make of theDiscipleship1, 384:may demonstrate endurance. The particular group test has touched you not. It did not and would notDiscipleship1, 384:It did not and would not constitute for you a test, but your test has been the holding of theDiscipleship1, 384:would not constitute for you a test, but your test has been the holding of the attitude ofDiscipleship1, 416:who prepare chelas for conscious discipleship, test and try them out in this connection. I had notDiscipleship1, 446:for - if you accept my suggestions and then test and prove them - you will arrive at a betterDiscipleship1, 455:of Dr. ... For you there has been the long test of endurance, and that is for you - as for many - aDiscipleship1, 455:endurance, and that is for you - as for many - a test of real importance and significance. TheDiscipleship1, 507:are facing up to your crisis and to your final test of fitness for accepted discipleship. There isDiscipleship1, 668:be tested out in you this year. To stand this test, your soul is challenging you. When, therefore,Discipleship1, 777:and never would be and that (above all) the test of truth was the truth itself. I told her that ifDiscipleship2, 17:of [17] visualization. This triple activity will test and tax your powers but will be good trainingDiscipleship2, 45:I have only one task, and that is to find and test out those who can serve the race underDiscipleship2, 71:personal ambition and are willing to meet the test and be used. For, be not surprised my brother, aDiscipleship2, 71:surprised my brother, a disciple can meet the test if he will. Accepted discipleship is in itself aDiscipleship2, 78:under constant dual investigation; to this test, he must perforce himself add a third: his ownDiscipleship2, 82:by the way, but a large majority have passed the test. Weaknesses of motivation, of purpose, ofDiscipleship2, 93:activities but will, I believe, come through the test; it will take her two more years to fightDiscipleship2, 95:out what is the content of your thought? A major test is here involved, and it is one which youDiscipleship2, 102:in group work with all of you in order to test out the human capacity in its higher brackets toDiscipleship2, 255:old goals. Here comes, consequently, a complete test-out of past hierarchical methods and modes ofDiscipleship2, 328:the factual nature of this constitutes a major test for all disciples. There is nothing in the mindDiscipleship2, 336:plane) for a sufficiently long period of time to test their reactions, as a group, to the conceptDiscipleship2, 336:plane necessity is - as you will perceive - a test of individual integration, with a view to groupDiscipleship2, 336:- Teachings on Initiation - Part VII It is this test which I have been applying in my work with allDiscipleship2, 354:not tell you that they were in the nature of a test. They were framed in words that appeared toDiscipleship2, 389:now what is, but it is at this point that his test lies, for he must proceed on that innerDiscipleship2, 412:process was too easy and did not constitute a test of the disciple's intuition. When this wasDiscipleship2, 449:as he stands poised for his supreme effort and test. It should be, for you, the moment when youDiscipleship2, 470:claimed that you were strong enough for the dual test; K.H. felt that you probably were, but thatDiscipleship2, 521:for initiation. All are therefore under test. You know that you are preparing for initiation; youDiscipleship2, 529:members of the group are undergoing the painful test of war, with its inevitable nervous effectsDiscipleship2, 529:D.E.I., and L.D.O. are thus situated and the test is great. You, my brother, and W.O.I. areDiscipleship2, 533:personality mental processes created a dominant test in your life. In consequence of the reactionDiscipleship2, 533:of the reaction of the personality, of the soul test thus drastically imposed, and of your responseDiscipleship2, 598:side by side with you; she has come through her test triumphantly, and in the task of serving as aDiscipleship2, 616:meaning. Last year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for a while as if the trueDiscipleship2, 635:of recognition which oft constitutes the final test, prior to being allowed through the inner door.Discipleship2, 644:his stabilized life tendency and puts to the test all that he believes and for which he has stoodDiscipleship2, 644:life experience. It is ever a hard and bitter test, going to the very roots of his life, and forDiscipleship2, 644:it is peculiarly acute. The conditions of the test may apparently seem no worse than the tests andDiscipleship2, 759:of isolation. A great "aloneness" is the supreme test of the fourth initiation. Remember this. YetDiscipleship2, 762:which all disciples have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which every disciple hasEducation, viii:as explicitly as possible. The next step is to test the validity of the principles in concreteExternalisation, 125:by group good and the need of the majority. The test to which humanity was to be subjected andExternalisation, 224:a possible divine intervention. It is the test of group work. The faith of many individuals is realExternalisation, 232:a true love of humanity, constitutes a basic test of wrong or right action. It is phenomenallyExternalisation, 338:offered to the masses, but was intended to be a test and a "decision in a time of crisis," hence
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