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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEST

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Externalisation, 361:At the June Full Moon, 1942, will come the first test as to the directness of the communicationExternalisation, 361:is intelligent expectancy. The medium of the test will be the united effort of the Christ, of theExternalisation, 362:respond to [362] Their blended influence. This test has to be carried out in the midst of theExternalisation, 362:may not use), but the success or failure of the test, in the last analysis, will be determined byExternalisation, 362:what is transpiring. But the success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge ofExternalisation, 404:be based upon those truths which have stood the test of the ages. This I said elsewhere andExternalisation, 445:Hierarchy of our planet (Who face a major test of Their hierarchical power, not a test of TheirExternalisation, 445:a major test of Their hierarchical power, not a test of Their love), what is accomplished by theExternalisation, 464:days of the Full Moon (April 25-30), and a major test of the effectiveness of Their activity willExternalisation, 522:realized by all in the Hierarchy that the major test connected with a higher initiation confrontsExternalisation, 596:necessitating three conditions; in these a test of His work could be attempted; today these threeExternalisation, 608:His return possible. He too is facing a major test, preparatory to a great initiation, and when HeExternalisation, 608:a great initiation, and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task He will pass to a stillExternalisation, 646:and in connection with money that the great test of goodwill should demonstrate. 4. The energyExternalisation, 658:life) presents to Christ Himself a great test of His skill in action; its use constitutes the majorExternalisation, 658:skill in action; its use constitutes the major test or task which faces Him when He reappears andFire, 391:out earlier, this present struggle has been to test the ability of the entities within the presentFire, 461:that kingdom will be subjected to an analogous test; some will be passed and will continue theirFire, 1076:the mineral monad emerged as from an initiatory test, incomprehensible as this may seem. It will beFire, 1109:these stones to the fire and they stand the test, he can enter "Heaven" again, his time thoughFire, 1184:within the Heart, and there remain until the test is passed." These are the seven Hierarchies ofGlamour, 21:is usually regarded as presenting the final test of man's courage, and as being in the nature of aGlamour, 21:sometimes by the disciple's Master to test his sincerity. Some regard it as the sumtotal of a man'sGlamour, 88:War, which was the imposition of a tremendous test and discipline. Remember that our tests andGlamour, 88:and our opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path of Probation of aGlamour, 169:At the June Full Moon, 1942, the first test as to the directness of the communication between theGlamour, 169:expectancy was made. The medium of the test was the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha, andGlamour, 169:who responded to Their blended influence. This test had to be carried out in the midst of theGlamour, 169:may not use), but the success or failure of the test was, in the last analysis, determined byGlamour, 169:what is transpiring. But the success of such a test is not dependent upon the esoteric knowledge ofGlamour, 213:has planned and worked and it is now prepared to test the effectiveness of that work by organizingHealing, 99:Word of Power, and this only because they can test the capacity of the patient, the tension of theHealing, 509:life of service. Thus the aspirant can test out both his point of integration and the extent of theHealing, 511:they still remain largely theory to you. You can test their theoretical nature by asking yourself:Hercules, 28:of the task which Hercules undertook, and the test to which King Eurystheus subjected him; and thenHercules, 29:These we must understand if the meaning of the test is to emerge. Connected with each sign of theHercules, 29:with a definite application of the story of the test to the life of a disciple and to that ofHercules, 36:he was faced seemed insuperable. The Crux of the Test The conquest of matter and the overcoming ofHercules, 37:so start all disciples. The meaning of the test is now surely plain. Hercules had to begin in theHercules, 42:opposites. Four Symbolic Words We find that this test concerns predominantly the problem of sex.Hercules, 56:he spoke, reporting on the deed. "The second test is passed. The danger is surmounted. Success atHercules, 56:He entered without thought upon the third great test and failure met him and for long delayed hisHercules, 57:and daily weakened on [57] the early way (third test) seeking no further for the sacred tree. HisHercules, 57:and turning to Nereus said: "The third great test is passed. You taught him how to meet it and inHercules, 60:Hercules - Labor III - Part 1 The Nature of the Test We come now to the third labor, in the signHercules, 60:the golden apples of wisdom, that the real test of the sincerity of the aspirant takes place. AHercules, 60:the world of completion, and herein lies the test in Gemini. The physical plane is the place whereHercules, 63:and deceit characterizing this part of the test. Still searching up and down, he found PrometheusHercules, 63:the Labor and to that which constituted the real test. Hercules finds Atlas bearing the load of theHercules, 68:lower, passes through the five stages in this test, and visions the goal which ultimately he mustHercules, 77:time, O great Presiding One. The third great test provided much of teaching sustenance to a learnerHercules, 77:such as he. He ponders and reflects." "Provide a test which will evoke his wisest choice. Send himHercules, 77:the obedience of his heart. Provide likewise a test of great simplicity upon the outer plane, andHercules, 77:great simplicity upon the outer plane, and yet a test which will awaken, on the inner side of life,Hercules, 77:power to choose. Let him proceed with the fourth test." Before the fourth great Gate stoodHercules, 80:but mine." And Hercules, returning from the test, passed through the Gate again and found his way,Hercules, 81:there stood a slender fawn. "Did I perform the test, O Teacher wise? The fawn is back upon the hillHercules, 81:the fourth is over, and from the nature of the test and from the nature of the doe, frequent mustHercules, 92:Then he treads the path of tribulation, of test and trial, wrestling by himself as an individual,Hercules, 96:[96] "What do I here?" he said. "What is the test and wherefore do I seek to pass this Gate?" andHercules, 99:in triumph to the One Who sent him forth to test his strength, to serve and meet the need of thoseHercules, 125:and judgment sound, and preparation for a major test and future service to the race of men. ForHercules, 125:noting on his tablets the purpose of the coming test, went forth and spoke to Hercules. "Go forth,Hercules, 125:through him. He knew not that he faced a dual test, the test of friendship rare and the test ofHercules, 125:him. He knew not that he faced a dual test, the test of friendship rare and the test of courageHercules, 125:a dual test, the test of friendship rare and the test of courage unafraid. The Teacher hadHercules, 127:prepared for that which later should befall, the test supreme. The Tibetan (Djwhal Khul) Hercules, 128:average man approaches Libra through the drastic test of Scorpio, while the more evolved man entersHercules, 128:while the more evolved man enters into the Libra test from the sign of Virgo, with the ChristHercules, 129:Sometimes one [129] thinks that an intelligence test should be given before a visa is issued. SuchHercules, 129:balance and justice and the law we find that the test ends in a burst of laughter, the only laborHercules, 139:thought) and Pholos (bodily strength). This test was to show control of the emotional, astral,Hercules, 142:picture of the world disciple in this supreme test, sinking to his knees in humility and raisingHercules, 142:that symbol in the picture. While sex, under the test of at-one-ment of opposites and the doubleHercules, 150:the futile methods first employed by him in this test. This primarily is humanity's problem, butHercules, 151:is engrossing humanity today. The true Scorpio test never takes place until one is coordinated,Hercules, 161:use the arrows of thought. That is the great test. [162] There are two birds to be seen in theHercules, 186:work, but to clean stables. The object of the test can be summed up in this way: Hercules had toHercules, 190:Aquarius. (Interpolated) Interpretation of the Test Augeas, the son of Neptune, the god of theHercules, 213:are also Cancer and Pisces). Quality: Conflict. Test. Trial. Triumph. Points of crisis. Moments ofHercules, 219:the reality of this belief is put to a cosmic test. Death is also said to be "a figment of ourHercules, 226:of the Nemean Lion. He demonstrates in this test the power to do two things and proves to hisHercules, 227:22, the Scorpion), he enters upon his supreme test, which is also the supreme test for humanity,Hercules, 227:upon his supreme test, which is also the supreme test for humanity, and which, if we study theInitiation, 66:particular time for two special purposes: To test out their fitness for special work lying in theInitiation, 66:development as time progresses. The Masters also test for those in whom the intuition has reached aInitiation, 183:points of crisis, where the application of a test will do one of two [184] things, focalize andInitiation, 184:and no initiate has ever passed the great test of initiation who has not accustomed himself to passIntellect, 51:the opportunity to put these theories to the test. An intelligent experiment is now naturally inIntellect, 150:of reality may serve, as extreme cases serve to test the truth of some general geometrical theorem,Intellect, 227:who have arrived at the stage of contemplation test themselves out quite often by the use of a formMagic, 14:scientific method, and the utilization of test, the elimination of that which cannot be proved, andMagic, 17:concrete mind can grasp, analyze, criticize and test. The ignorant and the wise meet on commonMagic, 137:new era will be drawn from all groups and the test of their choice depends largely upon the measureMagic, 169:an indication of growth and at the same time a test. He is apt to be taken in by the allurements ofMagic, 171:which characterizes many mental types test out the struggling aspirant, and he gets from hisMagic, 224:This may take the form of some great and vital test, covering a brief time but calling forth everyMagic, 224:I would like to point out that it is this test and crisis through which humanity is now passing,Magic, 633:universal consciousness, but when it comes to a test, they discriminate and eliminate. TheyMagic, 634:The New Age Groups and Training The second great test of the sensitive disciple is fear of failure.
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