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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEST

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Meditation, 117:such a debt have been incurred; and secondly to test out his powers to influence for good thoseMeditation, 190:Only when these theories are put to the test, and are consequently known to be facts in nature, andMeditation, 274:service), some one particular Master begins to test him out by the application of some higherMeditation, 327:on into the advanced school. It is the great test and mark of readiness. The hours of the schoolMeditation, 347:well spent. Those Who guide the human family test out all applicants for service in the smallProblems, 19:process for a long enough time? Here lies the test of the true intentions of the United Nations.Problems, 24:humanity from dictatorship. After war comes the test of the success of victory. If the nationsProblems, 38:civilization will not stand up to the acid test of value. A nation is today regarded as civilizedProblems, 134:need of people and have broken down under the test of the times; starvation and insecurity arePsychology1, 5:limited and circumscribed when it is put to the test in the last analysis and in the light of thePsychology1, 84:are asleep. Then shall the warden in the west test and try all the true seekers after light. ThenPsychology1, 85:psychological factor which is called "a mental test." That test will demonstrate a man's usefulnessPsychology1, 85:factor which is called "a mental test." That test will demonstrate a man's usefulness in mentalPsychology1, 91:of them, without exception, breaking down under test and limited by disease, or hiding the seeds ofPsychology1, 93:phenomena, with its forms, its mechanisms, its test tubes and its laboratories, and the bodies ofPsychology1, 114:are in an embryonic condition as yet. It is a test and a trial effort, and may fail. The members ofPsychology1, 115:in his career as a group unit. If he passes the test and makes the grade, the group is enriched andPsychology1, 344:that they express the long agony of humanity's test, and the opening to man of the door into thePsychology2, 164:laws. Students would find it of interest to test their understanding of the esoteric relationshipsPsychology2, 169:laboratory, a Worker stood, toiling at work. His test tubes and his frail appliances he used withPsychology2, 237:form life (with its own psychical habits) will test the powers of any disciple. To this we arePsychology2, 310:war, which was the imposition of a tremendous test and discipline. We should ever remember that ourPsychology2, 310:and opportunities. The result of this test was the passing on to the Path of Probation of a veryPsychology2, 661:a strong united body in the outer world. The test will then be to hold the inner clarity of visionRays, 39:and revealing light constitutes a major test in its effects. The initiate discovers the depths ofRays, 41:more abundantly." This constitutes the supreme test in the life cycle of the incarnating Monad; andRays, 49:the terrible but liberating finale, of his great test in this modern burning-ground. Now men canRays, 222:here enjoined, the group enters upon its major test in this work of transference. The group membersRays, 343:contact. Recognition is therefore a preliminary test of initiation, and this should be remembered.Rays, 352:of his physical equipment and - as he passes the test - the door opens, the opposing energiesRays, 383:is in process of recovering from a major test, prior to a great step forward towards a consciousRays, 393:their evolutionary progress; it is put to the test in group form when the entire Hierarchy meets atRays, 411:upon humanity when the experiment was made to test its impact without stepping it down through theRays, 433:of the word, esoterically understood. It is a test - imposed with increasing rigidity as initiationRays, 433:use a physical brain. In every single case the test (in order to be passed correctly) must involveRays, 609:Decision, as a controlling factor, is put to the test at the sixth initiation, the Initiation ofRays, 633:Britain the whole matter is being put to the test. The bridge will be built. In the U.S.A. you haveRays, 635:is basic and useful. It constitutes a test case, being based upon physical plane aggression, beingRays, 635:of undeveloped humanity, and because the crucial test of the nations and [636] of the UnitedRays, 636:they made and may make concerning Palestine. The test, as far as the nations are concerned, lies inRays, 636:wrong and based upon political expediency. The test, as far as the United Nations is concerned, wasRays, 636:if necessary) from the rightful owners. It was a test for the United States, for it is the AmericanRays, 694:be noted that there are three initiations which test the disciple as to knowledge and experience:Rays, 746:- a supremacy which will be put to a crucial test when Africa awakes. This attitude of the UnitedReappearance, 42:necessitating three conditions; under these a test of His work could be attempted; today theseReappearance, 55:His return possible. He too is facing a major test, preparatory to a great initiation and when HeReappearance, 55:to a great initiation and when He has passed the test and fulfiled His task, He will pass to aReappearance, 144:be based upon those truths which have stood the test of ages and which have brought assurance andSoul, 17:correct or incorrect, merit experiment and test. Voicing what should be the attitude of mind forSoul, 56:presented as an hypothesis, to be submitted to test, to stand proved or fall disproved. With thisTelepathy, 87:for the practice of telepathy. If a major world test were to be made, those receptive to impression
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