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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TESTS

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Astrology, 37:synthesize them all. This is part of the great tests of initiation under Scorpio. This chart isAstrology, 56:of the man imprisoned in the form, through the tests in Scorpio wherein he proves to himself and toAstrology, 91:and, secondly, the result of the great tests which every disciple eventually undergoes as heAstrology, 103:fogs of illusion, and preparing for the major tests in Scorpio, to be followed by initiation inAstrology, 128:learns to prepare himself for the twelve great tests in all the twelve signs for which theAstrology, 131:after the final experience of the twelve final tests in the twelve signs. Therefore, when we findAstrology, 143:- In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to take the secondAstrology, 147:and Pisces); [147] he has surmounted the tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiationAstrology, 159:or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation - these areAstrology, 199:the Path of Discipleship and preparing, with its tests and trials: The process of reorientation,Astrology, 203:understanding developed and the nature of the tests to which the world disciple, humanity, is todayAstrology, 203:come and rectification of error be achieved. The tests of Scorpio are necessarily three in natureAstrology, 203:disciple in Sagittarius. The three major tests are again divided into three stages, and upon theAstrology, 203:and experience nine times. The fact of the three tests each existing in their three stages mayAstrology, 204:and appearance. Thus the three great [204] tests in Scorpio are in reality nine tests and hence theAstrology, 204:great [204] tests in Scorpio are in reality nine tests and hence the nine-headed Hydra or SerpentAstrology, 205:"Father, not my will but Thine be done." The tests carry the self-will of the personality up intoAstrology, 205:for they are many and useful. The three tests in Scorpio also concern the three aspects of theAstrology, 205:as concretized energy. They are, secondly, the tests connected with desire and the astral plane.Astrology, 205:desire for power. Then there are, thirdly, the tests of the lower critical mind which are: Pride,Astrology, 206:These two results are the goal of all tests in Scorpio. Astrology, 207:the pairs of opposites and enters into the tests of Scorpio. These tests and trials are everAstrology, 207:and enters into the tests of Scorpio. These tests and trials are ever self-initiated; the discipleAstrology, 208:the soul and its requirements. This leads to the tests in Scorpio. When the initiate of the thirdAstrology, 208:to the Monad and passes through most subtle tests to certain undefinable [209] and spiritualAstrology, 209:disciple. Mars is the dominating factor in the tests and trials of the disciple, prior to theAstrology, 210:Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the tests applied involve the form nature - gross andAstrology, 211:It will be obvious to you, therefore, how the tests in Scorpio and the activity of Mars are potentAstrology, 217:humanity can (rightly or wrongly) handle its tests. You will realize also the pressure under whichAstrology, 217:when brought together produce the Son. The tests and difficulties and pains of this era areAstrology, 219:the individual is developed, so that through the tests in Scorpio and the experience in AquariusAstrology, 220:becomes so strong that the disciple submits to tests, reverses - at tremendous cost and pain - hisAstrology, 222:which provides the setting and conditions of the tests; all these ray energies express themselvesAstrology, 223:determined [223] the ray of the man undergoing tests in Scorpio, the astrologer can then place theAstrology, 223:values, and this is demonstrated through the tests in Scorpio. Earth and water (Taurus and Scorpio)Astrology, 226:of the disciple who submits intelligently to the tests and difficulties in Scorpio. The threeAstrology, 228:assessed in Libra, eventually bringing about the tests and trials between the soul and theAstrology, 233:sex principle and because in Scorpio fundamental tests are applied. For most aspirants in the earlyAstrology, 318:to the surface by means of the experience, the tests, the trials and the "sting of life." InAstrology, 320:hold the soul in captivity has been negated and tests and trials of the initiate up to the thirdAstrology, 342:which enables the aspirant to take the final tests of discipleship in Scorpio and to brave inAstrology, 364:and therefore interplay and struggle. Hence the tests and trials of the Masonic procedure. TheAstrology, 398:demonstration in Scorpio in which sign the final tests are applied to prove that the energy isAstrology, 402:to demonstrate in Scorpio (through the terrific tests there applied) that the form no longerAstrology, 481:in Virgo is consummated in Pisces and the tests of Scorpio have led to illumination in Taurus, thenAstrology, 542:is today participating in the preparatory tests for initiation, the initiation of the worldAstrology, 549:to reveal. 3. Saturn. This planet applies the tests and is so chosen or invoked because the thirdAstrology, 562:passes onto the Fixed Cross and prepares for the tests and trials of initiation. This is expressedBethlehem, 24:It is no easy task. To face the inevitable tests with which one will assuredly be confronted as oneBethlehem, 36:but a correspondence in the racial life to those tests and trials which are always the lot of theBethlehem, 43:of consciousness which are the reward of the tests triumphantly undergone. He is the One WhoseBethlehem, 105:and through His triumphant passing of the tests of the three temptations He demonstrated the neededBethlehem, 107:attaining maturity. He had to pass through the tests to which every would-be citizen of the kingdomBethlehem, 110:was that these three temptations were climaxing tests, in which the three aspects of the lowerBethlehem, 111:the future, and at the end, encountered the tests which released Him from the power of His humanBethlehem, 113:is a divine soul, untrammeled by desire and its tests, undefiled by the flesh and its temptations,Bethlehem, 115:and disciples, because they embody universal tests which are applied to the human nature in whichBethlehem, 116:may differ is relatively immaterial. That the tests may first be focused in one aspect of our lowerBethlehem, 166:born again, purified and transfigured. To these tests was added the one which He had beforeBethlehem, 166:on Mount Golgotha. But in these more subtle tests the quality of God Himself was revealed, and itDestiny, 151:humanity in the coming age, after the tests of the Piscean Age. Such a communion service has neverDiscipleship1, 233:must be taken through the facing of certain tests connected with your line of least resistance, andDiscipleship1, 292:through the analysis of motive. Through these tests in your deeper Being, and through yourDiscipleship1, 294:and of service, carrying with it the consequent tests and new opportunities to aid and help. ThisDiscipleship1, 299:grade of an initiate of the third degree. The tests, therefore, to which the group members haveDiscipleship1, 396:them. D. H. B. has been through the fire. His tests and difficulties have been greater, fiercer andDiscipleship1, 400:to this because (in the midst of problems and tests) you are discovering the Way of Compensation.Discipleship1, 545:the past summer. This I know you realize. Such tests produce an inner unfoldment which may be moreDiscipleship1, 564:BROTHER: There is little that anyone can do when tests and deep distress and anxiety overwhelm aDiscipleship1, 618:third ray tendencies. You must be prepared for tests and difficulties until you have provedDiscipleship1, 749:is now fixed and though he is subjected to many tests and difficulties, these are increasinglyDiscipleship2, 28:for this incarnation) from the group work. The tests of discipleship are severe, as you well know,Discipleship2, 28:has enabled W.D.S. to stand steady through his tests. There is a stage of discipleship which isDiscipleship2, 91:stimulation cannot be avoided and is one of the tests of an accepted disciple's fitness forDiscipleship2, 93:active. Two of you have fought through great tests and are today very much better servers. They areDiscipleship2, 243:its just appeal. Others are so immersed in the tests and difficulties incidental to theDiscipleship2, 256:on the subject comes through the recognition of tests and the types of experience which come hisDiscipleship2, 379:star is the symbol. The decision there involved tests the initiate as to how free he is from allDiscipleship2, 384:to that "veiled Presence of awful Power who tests his fitness for working in the will of God." IDiscipleship2, 471:There are also peculiar complications and tests which have their origin in ashramic relationshipsDiscipleship2, 521:either, because you have taken refuge from the tests in the work of your own group, rather than inDiscipleship2, 524:You are in process of taking some of the final tests which precede the taking of the secondDiscipleship2, 525:consciousness, at this particular stage, of the tests of the initiation themselves. It is theDiscipleship2, 527:is the reward of perseverance throughout the tests and trials of the second initiation. What I amDiscipleship2, 527:to do is to help, to indicate the nature of the tests and point out to you the reason why theseDiscipleship2, 527:tests and point out to you the reason why these tests and trials have overtaken you. Everything mayDiscipleship2, 527:it was essential - as part of the preinitiation tests for you - to bring in some of the ShamballaDiscipleship2, 528:so, what then shall I do? Have I failed in the tests for initiation? What do you suggest? MostDiscipleship2, 528:free yourself from astral control, or will the tests be prolonged until next life? These areDiscipleship2, 529:such as you react not only to their own tests and problems, but also to those of sufferingDiscipleship2, 644:the test may apparently seem no worse than the tests and difficulties which assault other peopleDiscipleship2, 736:active upon the astral plane. [736] There the tests will come, with repercussions - if I may useEducation, 51:physiological equipment, upon certain specific tests, and upon the new form of astrology. I wouldExternalisation, 607:for Him, hold certain horror, must present its tests and major adjustments, plus painful andFire, 103:that these destructions by fire are part of the tests by fire of an initiation of that one of theFire, 374:preparing for initiation and hence the terrific tests and trials, incident to life on our planetFire, 866:is little appreciated, yet one of the greatest tests as to the position of a man upon theGlamour, 51:is perhaps one of the first and most serious tests which comes to an aspirant. It is also one ofGlamour, 88:test and discipline. Remember that our tests and disciplines are self-imposed and grow out of ourGlamour, 88:only in terms of himself and of his individual tests and trials. He must learn to think of the mass
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