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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TEXT

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Atom, 6:has been deemed advisable to retain the complete text of the lectures as given. Those who areAutobiographywith Mrs. Bailey at different times on the text and copies of portions were given to a few peopleAutobiography, 15:Diseases were, I believe, regarded as standard text books. She married my first cousin, LaurenceAutobiography, 51:able to approximate the meaning of the original text. Only during the past years when my own booksAutobiography, 168:any line I invariably write as He wants the text written, though He is apt to modify HisDestiny, 12:Shamballa. More will be known as you study this text and note how world affairs are taking shapeDiscipleship1, XV:also to thank those who helped me to get the text ready for publication, particularly JosephDiscipleship2, XII:brings additional teaching both in the general text and in the remaining personal instructionsDiscipleship2, XII:directed by a physician. An examination of the text will reveal many factors knowable only to aDiscipleship2, 344:these groupings emerge out of the general text and may not have been discriminatory seen by you. InFire, 71:manifests through three rays as mentioned in the text above. All rays express a peculiar andFire, 312:winds, etc. This you may perhaps find in some text book. But then Science would be unwilling toFire, 537:human unit. It has been taught in many occult text books that man has seven centers of force (orFire, 1166:primal form of which, as embodied in the Veda-text, is: May I be born forth (as multitudinousFire, 1270:the extreme age of the material upon which the text is indited, or their insertion would convey tooGlamourcompleted by Mrs. Bailey are now available. This text was written from time to time over a periodGlamourfrom 1935 to 1944. In various places in the text of Glamor - A World Problem references are made toHealing, 417:or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing the text book style in this treatise, we will continue ourHealing, 576:first rule was not part of the original ancient text from which these important rules have beenIntellect, 76:no use to others. We are assured in that basic text book on meditation, the Yoga Sutras ofMagic, 76:through the means of a few symbols and a cryptic text. These old Scriptures are not read in the wayMagic, 76:to students to know this much about this ancient text book of the Adepts. Magic, 524:is like a fifth reader in grammar school to the text books utilized by a college professor. It willPatanjali, 132:are well known and any standard physiological text book can supply the needed information. ThreePatanjali, 233:its [233] concise and complete nature. It is the text book of an exact science and within its fewPatanjali, 269:a summing up of the rather abstruse ideas of the text. The sutras following upon this one deal (forPatanjali, 320:we have quite a loose paraphrase of the original text, but one which nevertheless conveys thePatanjali, 323:worlds. One fact continuously emerges in this text book of spiritual development, and that is, thatProblemswhether it would be better to cut the original text to the bone and graft onto the skeletalPsychology2, 234:study done along these relations. This series of text books of occultism and of the occult forces
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