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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THANKS

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Autobiography, 113:baby and I had two serious hemorrhages. Thanks to good nursing I pulled through. Word had goneAutobiography, 138:and months on end, and I'm pretty sure that, thanks to these old students, I have a clearerAutobiography, 175:I do not and I would like to give my grateful thanks at this point particularly to Mr. Victor FoxAutobiography, 176:(letters which have received grateful thanks) and have themselves received no credit for theAutobiography, 176:do not sign and for which someone else receives thanks. This whole section of my life, 1921-1931,Autobiography, 205:needed. I'm really a great hand at clam chowder. Thanks to the kindness of a friend, we had a carBethlehem, viii:In closing, I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Mr. William Cummings and Mr. Alan MurrayDiscipleship1, 266:is known and recognized, brother of old, but for thanks you look not. Discipleship1, 351:start my instructions to you with stating my thanks for the steadiness whereby you have evoked theDiscipleship2, 723:I am grateful, and for this I tender to you the thanks of those of us in the Hierarchy who standHercules, 16:And Hercules, with joyous words, tendered his thanks. He had yet to prove his boasted skill. WithSoul, 70:where it does not already exist. It is possible, thanks for the fact that man as a being possessing
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