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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEIRS

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Astrology, 12:small modicum of energy is an integral part of Theirs. There is one aspect of energy for which theAstrology, 560:this Cross that the Nazis chose this symbol as theirs; they were expressing, at the dose of theAtom, 114:will gradually awaken to the realization that is Theirs. There is great interest everywhere todayBethlehem, 154:with any authority of Him and His ideas, because theirs is the authority of love and ofBethlehem, 190:of a revelation which was not uniquely theirs, but which had always been present in the world. G.Bethlehem, 281:the tidings of the kingdom. They do not say that theirs is the only way into the kingdom, but toDestiny, 51:and also between the two symbols which are also theirs. The symbol for France is the fleur de lys,Destiny, 51:which lies ahead in the future; it will never be theirs until they cease living in the wonder ofDiscipleship1, 9:directions and others will have to slow down theirs temporarily to the pace of the majority. ThisDiscipleship1, 44:of the mind and were the intellectual Knowers. Theirs is the more strictly occult way and it hasDiscipleship1, 49:discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs. The question of psychic powers is not soDiscipleship1, 60:business and permit his group brothers to mind theirs; it will come if you keep your personalityDiscipleship1, 134:themselves of the forces and energies which are theirs by right of inherent possession; these are,Discipleship1, 140:is mine. This strength I claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk onDiscipleship1, 140:them by karmic obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every day. Go your own wayDiscipleship1, 154:help but who seek your collaboration as you seek theirs. You have sought for your collaboratorsDiscipleship1, 371:be freedom of action, both on our part and on theirs. Others again are lovely in themselves with aDiscipleship1, 405:you and sweep your astral body into unison with theirs. Refuse then to be overwhelmed and regardDiscipleship1, 478:yours is the responsibility to understand, not theirs. Work, therefore, strenuously at attainingDiscipleship1, 479:Your present vibration is lower and slower than theirs. The problem would not be solved, however,Discipleship1, 506:Know you not that as you add your soul force to theirs (ignoring the form aspect) that you canDiscipleship1, 518:undermine any responsibility which it should be theirs to shoulder. One's mental assistance shouldDiscipleship1, 558:they are. It is your own affair, not mine, nor theirs, but yours. I give you now three phrases uponDiscipleship2, 90:public to the opportunity for training which is theirs if they so choose; it should make them thinkDiscipleship2, 221:and by the New Group of World Servers, because theirs will be a massed effect, and usually wieldedDiscipleship2, 245:with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs. May the love which is in my soul pour forthDiscipleship2, 475:[475] "intertwines the thread of his life with theirs," thereby assuming responsibility and formingDiscipleship2, 563:that they could transfer out of my Ashram into theirs; among these you will find yourself. In yourDiscipleship2, 600:is racial and not personal and therefore not theirs) overwhelms them and constitutes a majorDiscipleship2, 647:my soul, my brothers and my Master. My life is theirs and theirs is mine." At sunset again soundDiscipleship2, 647:my brothers and my Master. My life is theirs and theirs is mine." At sunset again sound the OM andDiscipleship2, 654:can do, for the garden now is yours and yet is theirs, though you have entered first. Open the gateDiscipleship2, 720:to carry out the phase of the One Work which is theirs. Each senses its relationship to the phasesExternalisation, 237:but the way of expiation and of sacrifice is theirs, willingly accepted, and their reward is theExternalisation, 244:and to play their part when right vision is theirs? To them I would say the following things:Externalisation, 366:the intelligent men and women of goodwill, and theirs will be the task to restore new life andExternalisation, 423:again and again brought to your attention and theirs the close relation which is being establishedExternalisation, 430:of the Lord stand poised, and victory will be theirs when there is complete unity of purpose,Externalisation, 515:vibrations extant upon this planet similar to Theirs and to which They can respond? We know that itExternalisation, 572:This second group will take over from them, and theirs will be the task of instituting a moreExternalisation, 593:that we too should follow His steps," and Theirs. We too belong eventually in that greatExternalisation, 610:will come with Him. His experience and Theirs will be the reverse of the previous one, for thisExternalisation, 634:expected, but this has been through no fault of theirs; this period of frustration will be overFire, 12:within that sphere which is reckoned mainly theirs. They wrought for union, each in his groupFire, 384:the consciousness at the center of the Body, and theirs is the capacity to suffer, so that by meansFire, 450:periphery of the group whose consciousness is theirs. For instance, an adept can work with formsFire, 768:plane and the lower Pitris are also working on theirs; one group is producing the nucleus of theFire, 873:in the hands of one of the Buddhas of Activity. Theirs is the prerogative to control the electricalFire, 873:the electrical forces of the physical plane, and Theirs the right to direct the three major streamsFire, 924:the energy of all forms of sentient life. Theirs is the life which pulsates through the ethericFire, 952:irresponsibly responsive to energy currents, and theirs is not the problem of dealing with sourcesFire, 981:of talking. Then the new language will be theirs and the new expressions, words, mantrams andFire, 1171:to Heaven; they refused to merge. No perfume was theirs. They hugged to their greedy bosoms all theFire, 1190:(S. D., I, 214, 449; II, 223) This quality of Theirs necessarily attracts to Them that which TheyFire, 1254:relation between the Self and the Not-Self is theirs, but the Not-self comes specifically under theHealing, 261:in this country, and the Constitution is theirs also. As yet the privileges it confers are withheldHealing, 530:the exoteric and the esoteric wisdom which is theirs. This will at first be purely experimental,Hercules, 203:They meet the need of their fellow men, and theirs is the message of Christ, "A new commandment IInitiation, 23:when men again get back the knowledge which was theirs in earlier cycles (having been mercifullyInitiation, 38:and the scientific knowledge of energy which is theirs, they direct those force currents, andInitiation, 136:increased consciousness and activity which is theirs through the experience of being built into aIntellect, 245:contact, the Master would not waste His time and theirs by patting them on the back and pronouncingMagic, 153:not alone but that the strength of the band is theirs, the knowledge of the band is theirs too asMagic, 153:the band is theirs, the knowledge of the band is theirs too as they develop the capacity toMagic, 193:arrogate to themselves powers which are not theirs. Men and women become swayed by astralism andMagic, 290:etheric body and yet little real knowledge is theirs. They know little or nothing of the centers inMagic, 401:they are already making their presence felt but theirs is as yet primarily a subjective influence. Magic, 416:by the new ideal. That this thought life of theirs may work out in definite exoteric activities mayMagic, 607:They see, if I may so express it, too much, for theirs is not yet the privilege [608] of visioningMeditation, 193:well for the race that as yet that power is not theirs. Only when united purity of motive and anPatanjali, 50:stages of unfoldment. God consciousness [50] is theirs, and they pass from one initiation toProblems, 104:war. It was, however, a treatment not uniquely theirs but meted out also to Poles, Greeks and theProblems, 137:so long waited and which He promised should be theirs? Will they teach that the destruction of theProblems, 152:take over the task which they loudly proclaim is theirs and become the genuine dispensers of truthProblems, 154:are on their side; therefore victory is already theirs. The processes of evolution may be long butPsychology1, 10:them forward to the goal, need to remember that theirs is the responsibility of adding their quotaPsychology1, 13:effects of applied knowledge are not yet theirs. Many are conscious of consciousness, and are awarePsychology1, 383:between the two symbols which are esoterically theirs. The symbol for France is the fleur de lys,Psychology1, 383:ahead in the future, but which will never be theirs till they cease living in the wonder of theirPsychology2, 108:See that your own activity measures up to theirs, and in the joy of struggle and on the way ofPsychology2, 565:injunction or happening as appropriately theirs, and some vision of a thought form of the Christ orPsychology2, 577:founding of a center of control which will be theirs entirely and which will subdue all the livingPsychology2, 617:to sit in judgment. The responsibility is not theirs; they know not the problems as they trulyPsychology2, 662:to carry forward the work constructively. Theirs is not now the function to organize the men ofPsychology2, 682:can find those whose aims are the same as theirs and who are pledged to the same service andRays, 72:if undeveloped) impersonality. This attitude of theirs evokes in him, when sensed, a resentment andRays, 196:of the fact of the existence of the Hierarchy. Theirs was a universal service, and made possibleRays, 295:the nature of their expression - but it will be theirs. In the case of hierarchical workersRays, 407:importation of that Will (which is now Theirs) to all the forms through which They function in anyRays, 495:Hierarchy. The "freedom of the three Centers" is Theirs. They can express at will the triple energyRays, 569:Christ nature and the Christ consciousness are theirs. This "new birth" initiation of the humanRays, 674:right choice, leading to spiritual victory, is theirs. Today, desire for peace at any price, forRays, 744:in blind ignorance so that no free choice is theirs - which is fundamentally wicked and evil. WeReappearance, 38:example that we too should follow His steps" and Theirs. We too belong eventually in that greatReappearance, 58:will come with Him. His experience and Theirs will be the reverse of the previous one, for thisReappearance, 162:claiming as their own a land which has not been theirs for more than fifteen hundred years, theTelepathy, 4:other minds. These others grasp the concept as theirs; they seize upon it and work it out intoTelepathy, 56:kingdoms to the point where human vision is theirs, to bring humanity to the point where spiritualTelepathy, 56:to the point where universal perception is Theirs. Therefore, it might be said that: Through the
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