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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEME

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Astrology, 6:- these will constitute the major part of our theme. [7] Astrology, 22:teaching you have had upon this most interesting theme of the three major planetary centers. It isAstrology, 26:penetrate further into the consideration of our theme, I would like to emphasize two points: FirstAstrology, 31:the Rays - Three Basic Statements Bringing the theme back to the subject of this treatise, which isAstrology, 54:the "regulation of the pairs of opposites." The theme of duality, therefore, runs through the wholeAstrology, 81:of our subject, I would like to elaborate this theme of the zodiac, its story and symbolism fromAstrology, 84:as they affect and condition a human being, the theme of the Three Crosses is of profound andAstrology, 110:of progress through the signs. The underlying theme of any specific zodiacal sign, covered by theAstrology, 150:for me to be more explicit or to elaborate the theme. We shall next consider Capricorn at someAstrology, 213:the teaching of Christian theology, the theme of blood runs ceaselessly and the source of salvationAstrology, 213:task in order to take up other duties. The blood theme and the death theme, the suffering and theAstrology, 213:up other duties. The blood theme and the death theme, the suffering and the dire testing of theAstrology, 219:triangle of immense creative potency, upon which theme I will later enlarge when dealing with theAstrology, 221:is no need for me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching, for itAstrology, 245:in nature, but the time is not yet and such a theme would prove profitless and unimportant. When,Astrology, 258:steady unfoldment of the soul principle runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the relation betweenAstrology, 282:rays which they are expressing, then the wider theme of the soul's life will emerge; theseAstrology, 292:manner. I am confining myself entirely to the theme of the unfoldment of consciousness, of meaningAstrology, 292:the sign we are now studying is one in which the theme of self-consciousness lies open to theAstrology, 294:astrological influences because the outstanding theme of Leo is the activity of the self-consciousAstrology, 295:it is the soul which is the conscious, sensitive theme of the divine plan - the soul as the animaAstrology, 298:with the horoscope of the Leo subject and the theme of initiation, I would point out that when theAstrology, 301:enough may be apparent to reveal the underlying theme and purpose of the great work. Several majorAstrology, 312:universe and is a basic and fundamental theme underlying systemic pulsation. There are certainAstrology, 317:the real truth and the real beauty of the theme have been lost to sight. Cancer is one point of theAstrology, 325:breathes - the planetary Logos - and the entire theme must therefore remain relatively obscureAstrology, 326:revelation, and a presentation of this abstruse theme beyond anything at this time sensed by man.Astrology, 326:I would suggest to investigators that the entire theme of "cyclic impulse" be approached from theAstrology, 327:which have to be saved by the more advanced. The theme of service and sacrifice runs, unrecognized,Astrology, 328:[328] of war and conflict down the ages. The theme of that ray is "Harmony through Conflict" and itAstrology, 328:to the incoming of the Sons of Light. The entire theme of the zodiac can be approached from theAstrology, 391:Zodiacal Constellations As we resume our initial theme, I would call your attention to the factAstrology, 391:for each other for this is the underlying theme of the entire creative and evolutionary process -Astrology, 393:Thus from every angle, illumination remains the theme of this sign. We have somewhat considered theAstrology, 408:however, proceeding with our somewhat difficult theme there are a few words I would like to say inAstrology, 430:to revelation and (incidentally) to the true theme of astrological interpretation. From thisAstrology, 430:carefully - will throw much light upon the theme of this particular subject: "The sevenfold lightAstrology, 464:This I will enlarge upon when we take up the theme of the three Crosses. The twelve houses concernAstrology, 477:our next approach to this subject and choose the theme by means of which we can throw more lightAstrology, 481:divine at the close of the world cycle. But the theme is too vast and all I seek to do is to pointAstrology, 484:the Triangles, which I have chosen to use as the theme in elucidating this immense subject, thisAstrology, 493:temple of humanity. From the standpoint of our theme (the evolution of consciousness) it must neverAstrology, 494:Logos. It might be said (in order to make our theme comprehensible to you) that the evolutionaryAstrology, 497:if you feel the vastness of the astrological theme. This, however, was the first reaction which IAstrology, 512:development, it will be obvious to you that the theme is thereby complicated still further; thatAstrology, 518:Signs 2. The Races, the Rays and the Signs The theme we will now consider is one which is ofAstrology, 519:of the imparted truths and for them I write. Our theme concerns the planetary centers, the rays andAstrology, 558:You will see, therefore, how stupendous is my theme. Only those, may I again repeat, who can thinkAstrology, 563:Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ The theme of all three Crosses is fusion and integration.Astrology, 582:yet as love among groups and nations. It is the theme of the Christian teaching, just as Will,Astrology, 582:just as Will, divinely expressed, will be the theme of the coming world religion and has been theAstrology, 587:a group who would take this subject as the theme of their meditation and who would try to fitAstrology, 587:it not be possible gradually to elaborate this theme of the revelation of the divine will so thatAstrology, 596:my proposition. May I again remind you that our theme is the divine plan, purpose and will; it isAstrology, 607:huge aggregate of constellations with which our theme is concerned: The seven stars of the GreatAstrology, 608:More than this I may not say, because the entire theme is too vast. for human thinking, with itsAstrology, 619:fulfiling and overcoming. To return to our theme of the greater Whole, leaving behind us for aAstrology, 629:these subjective themes, leading to the central Theme of manifestation, will become clearer and theAstrology, 632:student to work out for himself their subjective theme. I will, however, consider briefly the threeAstrology, 632:and mass psychology. This has not yet been the theme of astrological study for it connotes far moreAtom, 6:to receive readily the further expansion of the theme. In presenting the lectures in book form itAutobiography, 55:some poetry, to give lightness and variety to my theme. I had rehearsed that poetry with tellingAutobiography, 137:- you will find her returning to her original theme sixty or seventy pages further on. Claude FallsAutobiography, 235:by the Tibetan and enlarging upon the basic theme of spiritual purpose and goodwill. The Tibetan inAutobiography, 238:guided the Occident nearer to God. It is this theme that the Tibetan elaborates in His pamphlet,Autobiography, 248:Again, I would call your attention to this last theme, reminding you that A.A.B. has never made theAutobiography, 283:through all the work of the Arcane School is the theme of service. Service to one's fellowmen isBethlehem, 9:demonstrate their truth to others. This is the theme of this book, dealing as it does with theBethlehem, 17:of the entire Gospel story, and constitutes the theme of this book. The interrelation of the workBethlehem, 47:but inevitably, whether it now hears or no. Our theme therefore gradually emerges in ourBethlehem, 153:Naamathite means the "one who talks," and his theme is pleasantness, which is the interpretationBethlehem, 176:the evidence or the theology associated with the theme. Or they may be of a purely mystical orBethlehem, 188:of the people's need. Let a living Christ be its theme, and not a dying Savior. Christ has died.Bethlehem, 197:Christian faith had occupied themselves with the theme of love and loving service instead of withBethlehem, 197:sacrifice and upon the wickedness of man. The theme of sin runs naturally and normally throughoutBethlehem, 201:works and commentaries dealing with the theme of sin, transgression, iniquity, evil, separation.Bethlehem, 208:good tidings of the kingdom of God. That was His theme, and we have forgotten it and have preachedBethlehem, 208:preached the Personality of Jesus Christ - one theme which He Himself ignored and which seemed toBethlehem, 238:the mystery of the Resurrection is becoming a theme of major importance in men's minds. The thoughtDestiny, 94:flowing, but it must be remembered that the theme with which we [95] are now occupied is one ofDiscipleship1, 59:Is there aught more that I can say on this theme? You must learn to view what is said or suggestedDiscipleship1, 146:psychological ideas, subordinated to a central theme, which would dominate them as the headDiscipleship1, 146:activities of the body. It is upon this central theme that the brooding process to which you areDiscipleship1, 147:pattern of the garment which will clothe your theme with beauty and give it expression. The writingDiscipleship1, 160:[160] which definitely relate to your life theme, if I may so call it. Begin always with the fourthDiscipleship1, 201:emergence of the inner pattern into the outer theme of your daily living. I would point out to youDiscipleship1, 202:you should concentrate your attention upon this theme of wise and skillful living, as it expressesDiscipleship1, 203:field of education. This will make our chosen theme for study to have much significance andDiscipleship1, 209:personal meditation, we will pursue the same theme. You have a capacity to use the will and at theDiscipleship1, 224:heat of purification become the all-absorbing theme of the personality and brother of mine, theDiscipleship1, 248:have come into your mind in connection with this theme. This you can do from the following threeDiscipleship1, 253:motive controls. Intense dynamic interest in the theme of the moment, free from fanaticism andDiscipleship1, 253:in one's life rhythms and objectives; the life theme is steady and the danger of rigidity is veryDiscipleship1, 311:as it is at present, changing only the theme of your meditation. These themes I leave you to findDiscipleship1, 368:of disciples is pledged. This lifts the whole theme out of the realm of the personality life andDiscipleship1, 389:draw up yourself during the next few months. The theme will emerge in your consciousness if youDiscipleship1, 391:life. To assist you in the continuance of the theme upon which you have been engaged in the pastDiscipleship1, 397:your meditation, except to alter its monthly theme. These monthly themes should, during the nextDiscipleship1, 400:my brother, that you could write a paper on this theme, "Compensations on the Way," for the helpingDiscipleship1, 425:for meditation. Take them now, however, as the theme of your daily recollection and not as seed
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