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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEME

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Discipleship1, 429:spiritual insulation. I give you no other theme for meditation and no set form. I would suggestDiscipleship1, 429:the day you brood and reflect upon this theme. Then at night, or earlier in the evening if moreDiscipleship1, 429:if more suitable, use divine indifference as a theme for review. Will you sometime summarize whatDiscipleship1, 433:that there is no need for me to elaborate the theme. You have studied them in the light of yourDiscipleship1, 438:Your major work at this time (and the theme of your meditation) is the arriving at right decisionDiscipleship1, 448:Will you, during the coming months, take the theme of Interpretation as your most importantDiscipleship1, 454:meditation and mental activity on the theme of the period, and then (during the third month) IDiscipleship1, 459:you with greater clarity if you took it for the theme of your study and teaching work. In teachingDiscipleship1, 480:words and phrases which I have chosen for the theme of your meditation are as follows: 1st month -Discipleship1, 491:but it will serve to demonstrate pictorially the theme of this instruction to you. You have anDiscipleship1, 495:battleground. An intense interest in some other theme is your major way of escape. Sound the O. M.,Discipleship1, 512:in a couple of days by a careful noting of the theme of all your conversations in the circle ofDiscipleship1, 533:new. Again, for the next six months, I want the theme of loving understanding to constitute theDiscipleship1, 563:and for the next six months to deal with the theme of illumination through ideas. You are beginningDiscipleship1, 570:from self-pity These six phrases should form the theme of your personal meditation. You have muchDiscipleship1, 608:of the Road and study them. Take them as the theme of your reflection during the coming six monthsDiscipleship1, 623:That one word "simplicity" should embody the theme of your thought [624] for the next few monthsDiscipleship1, 627:interpreter of men. I commend to you that [627] theme for meditation. You have power in writing andDiscipleship1, 628:different manner. I commend this to you as your theme for study for the next few months and proposeDiscipleship1, 647:and there is no need for me to elaborate this theme. You have a first ray physical body. This isDiscipleship1, 654:yourself to the people around you. You are the theme of all you say. Had you realized this, myDiscipleship1, 683:are essential to the world worker are the normal theme of life experience and, therefore, humanityDiscipleship1, 709:put out on the subject that familiarity with the theme militates against true apprehension. TheDiscipleship1, 740:the six stages of discipleship as our study theme. To be a disciple does not mean that all withinDiscipleship1, 742:There has been much given to students upon the theme of the thread, the sutratma and theDiscipleship1, 753:consciousness. I cannot here enlarge upon this theme as it proceeds under the impelling force ofDiscipleship1, 758:the sequences unalterable. In considering the theme of the chela within the Master's aura, we haveDiscipleship1, 762:are not here concerned. We are occupied with the theme of the response to hierarchical energy asDiscipleship1, 769:spiritual humility? You need to reinterpret this theme of humility, as well as all your terms, inDiscipleship1, 769:This has a definite relation at this time to our theme of discipleship and its various stages. "TheDiscipleship1, 780:Again, I would call your attention to this last theme, reminding you that the true initiate hasDiscipleship2, 8:with clarity along the line of his chosen theme (note the word "chosen"), then he too can teach. ADiscipleship2, 17:I. Definite and planned Meditation. The theme, if I might so call it, of the work will beDiscipleship2, 21:centers. I have not yet given you much on this theme but there is much that will later be said. IDiscipleship2, 31:which I have earlier outlined, my use of this theme will emerge clearly in your consciousness. ItDiscipleship2, 43:of one's own nature, one's aims, one's life theme, one's aspirations and one's handicaps, of one'sDiscipleship2, 81:to discuss with you as part of the usual first theme in all these instructions, that of meditation.Discipleship2, 94:I seek with profound earnestness to make this theme or subject true and vital, because it is anDiscipleship2, 96:like you to do some further thinking upon the theme of our seventh point, the externalization ofDiscipleship2, 102:you as this will be my last instruction on the theme of group work. It is not necessary for me toDiscipleship2, 126:I gave in the earlier instructions on the theme of Visualization and explained why it is the secretDiscipleship2, 134:true significance of this symbol which is the theme of your meditation. It constitutes a normalDiscipleship2, 143:I will give you twelve words which will be the theme for twelve months' work, and which could - asDiscipleship2, 144:use of the antahkarana. Next, take your theme word under consideration and ponder deeply upon itDiscipleship2, 145:own words the highest truth of the monthly word-theme that you have been able to reach. You thenDiscipleship2, 145:have been able to reach. You then relate that theme to the present world opportunity, thusDiscipleship2, 145:into your waiting mind in connection with the theme of your meditation. The ability to do this willDiscipleship2, 145:day. Then, choosing one of the ideas which your theme-word has evoked, you think about it, analyzeDiscipleship2, 145:but will always remain related to the monthly theme. Then study the idea in connection withDiscipleship2, 146:Ponder on this. Now take the idea which the theme has engendered, or take the theme-word itself ifDiscipleship2, 146:idea which the theme has engendered, or take the theme-word itself if no ideas have come to you,Discipleship2, 147:As you will all have been using the same theme-words, much help can be accorded to the entire groupDiscipleship2, 147:plane as do their disciples, concentrate on the "theme" under their consideration, during theDiscipleship2, 148:Polarization. Orientation. Meditation on theme word. OM. Pause. III. The Recipient of Impression:Discipleship2, 148:Statement of highest idea received. Relation of theme to present world opportunity. Write downDiscipleship2, 164:of mankind is to be averted. They must form the theme of all the propaganda work to be done duringDiscipleship2, 177:Ashram as was the next. A meditation on certain theme words, as they embodied an idea, was thenDiscipleship2, 208:you, sheer waste of time. I will deal with the theme of meditation as the agent of the creativeDiscipleship2, 211:and become part of the ashramic meditation. The theme of the hierarchical meditation is the Plan,Discipleship2, 244:world. I would like to deal somewhat with the theme anent the attitude of the accepted discipleDiscipleship2, 252:considerably in my earlier writings with the theme, Points of Crisis. We can now approach and proveDiscipleship2, 289:potency of the thinking, and qualified by the theme of the thinking. You will see from this,Discipleship2, 290:mind, I would call your attention to the entire theme of vision, which necessarily underlies ourDiscipleship2, 295:and that a new light upon the [295] entire theme of initiation is imminent. I would like, ifDiscipleship2, 298:I shall not deal at this moment. It concerns the theme of training in telepathy; I shall deal withDiscipleship2, 302:in the One World, and thus decentralize him. The theme of direction underlies the system ofDiscipleship2, 303:significance. Here is a second hint on the same theme. You will recollect that in my lastDiscipleship2, 303:you as follows: A preliminary stage wherein the theme of meditation was recognized. Receptivity inDiscipleship2, 306:the Square." I have no more to say anent this theme at this time or about this formula in thisDiscipleship2, 319:The hints given at this stage are related to the theme of revelation, or they concern themselvesDiscipleship2, 320:consists of three closely related words, and the theme with which the student must concern himselfDiscipleship2, 337:Again I must repeat myself and say that this theme or motif [338] of initiation is one mostDiscipleship2, 340:More about this higher vision I may not say; the theme is too abstruse. It involves experiment andDiscipleship2, 346:seven Paths - will eventually work. The entire theme is too complex for anything more than hintedDiscipleship2, 346:than hinted concepts at this time. The general theme has been covered by me to date under fourDiscipleship2, 354:study. Each of them, in fact, could provide the theme of a book, and the search for their meaningDiscipleship2, 354:laying much emphasis upon this little-understood theme of revelation. As you already know, a hintDiscipleship2, 363:given, because of the major importance of the theme. I gave you certain definitions of a formulaDiscipleship2, 367:of consciousness becomes possible; the same theme of light runs through the analogous process byDiscipleship2, 379:how widely comprehensive is the entire theme of revelation as it implements, impulses and motivatesDiscipleship2, 385:his will-to-good, is redemptive in nature. This theme of redemption (which underlies all theDiscipleship2, 430:not spiritual. In our approach to the entire theme of initiation I would ask you ever to have thisDiscipleship2, 430:not the usual approach to this much discussed theme; I would ask you to question all that makes youDiscipleship2, 436:secure - within the human heart." The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, andDiscipleship2, 452:and which were intended to constitute [452] the theme of your meditation work throughout the year.Discipleship2, 458:for yourself each year, and adhere to it. Its theme must grow out of the work of unifying - out ofDiscipleship2, 500:My instructions to you are occupied with the theme of work, are they not, my brother? But that, toDiscipleship2, 506:soul upon its own plane, I have given you the theme for much thinking during the coming years. TakeDiscipleship2, 506:thinking on to soul levels and shift the theme then into the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad,Discipleship2, 513:first ray energy again complicates your life theme because all these forces are concentrated in theDiscipleship2, 519:from selfish introspection - should provide the theme for your meditation work until I nextDiscipleship2, 519:someone who has been trained in an Ashram. The theme of Shamballa is new, and little is yet knownDiscipleship2, 519:can here give to you, and if you use them as the theme of your meditation, light upon the subjectDiscipleship2, 527:out to you from the Ashram to write upon the theme of Shamballa, the center where the will of GodDiscipleship2, 527:I had a purpose and a reason in suggesting this theme. It was not just to have a book which wouldDiscipleship2, 527:are today enveloping you. As you considered the theme of Shamballa (and later rejected myDiscipleship2, 528:yourself with my suggestion and dealt with the theme The Way into Shamballa much of that ShamballaDiscipleship2, 531:good of the greatest number becomes his life theme and to this the whole man is subordinated. CanDiscipleship2, 532:when it suits you best and for your reflective theme I would suggest "Understanding of the New AgeDiscipleship2, 536:you can help much by clear thinking upon this theme and consequent clear exposition. Ideas become
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