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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEMES

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Astrology, 190:becomes obvious that one of the major underlying themes is that of Direction. The Archer is guidingAstrology, 629:abstract mind of man develops, these subjective themes, leading to the central Theme ofAutobiography, 265:taught in the new schools. A study of these themes will help us to know what esoteric teaching isDiscipleship1, 253:realizing that - rightly handled - all themes are of spiritual moment. You should only evidenceDiscipleship1, 309:to see in connection with the following monthly themes what the soul sees and knows. 1st month -Discipleship1, 309:embody your highest thought concerning the six themes which I have given above for contemplation.Discipleship1, 311:only the theme of your meditation. These themes I leave you to find for yourself, choosing them outDiscipleship1, 318:thoughts the following and meditate upon the themes indicated below: The power to stand within theDiscipleship1, 347:impatience of a too eager mind. Ponder on the themes below suggested. 1st month - The use of theDiscipleship1, 393:and incomplete. I am now going to give you six themes for meditation during the next six months,Discipleship1, 397:except to alter its monthly theme. These monthly themes should, during the next six months, be asDiscipleship1, 498:here outlined... Meditate on the following themes: 1st month - The Plan. What it is. 2nd month -Discipleship2, 77:consists, as you already know, of six themes or subjects: [78] Instruction on Meditation. TeachingDiscipleship2, 90:again. When the instructions on the designated themes are completed, I will write an instructionDiscipleship2, 143:that you are asked to focus, but simply upon the themes presented for your use and consideration.Discipleship2, 239:of the spiritual [239] laws and principles, as themes for meditation. I herein present to you sixDiscipleship2, 239:for meditation. I herein present to you six themes for group meditation; this is essentially yourDiscipleship2, 303:in the form of seed thoughts, hints or presented themes and concepts. The deliberate focusing ofDiscipleship2, 310:these emerging Points of Revelation - will form themes for prolonged meditation and doors ofDiscipleship2, 311:Revelation is closely related to another of our themes: Training in Telepathy or the Science ofDiscipleship2, 324:That time is one of the major underlying themes or secrets of initiation. In this particularDiscipleship2, 354:you would then have proceeded to consider their themes and the answers required from the standpointDiscipleship2, 411:subject and will now proceed with the subsidiary themes of our study. Discipleship2, 455:I commend these three words to you also as three themes for meditation. Last year I gave you theDiscipleship2, 455:Emotion, Intuition, Wisdom. You have, therefore, themes for three years' work in the meditationDiscipleship2, 455:so is he." When you have covered these nine themes for reflection, I would suggest that you startDiscipleship2, 539:soundly motivated; carefully implemented, these themes should carry you far. You have, however,Discipleship2, 543:on the physical plane. I give you the following themes, covering a year's work which, if diligentlyDiscipleship2, 543:will produce a factual life of real value. Themes for Meditation The fact of the Ashram. You likeDiscipleship2, 557:man by the soul. I am going to give you six themes for meditation built around the as if idea.Discipleship2, 557:year's work. I would like to see you take these themes and give them full consideration for threeDiscipleship2, 557:and as a mind. Then sound the 0M as the soul. Themes for meditative reflection: What, in your life,Discipleship2, 567:time as it is factual. Then take the following themes sequentially into meditative reflection,Discipleship2, 737:twice a day for deep reflection on one of the themes listed below, viewing them in two ways: theDiscipleship2, 763:happens to so many. I will suggest only the themes for your meditation, leaving you to work out theDiscipleship2, 764:do without any form if it seems better to you. Themes For Meditation. One for each month, to beEducation, 124:in the last two hundred years. What were the themes of the intellectuals and the philosophers inEducation, 145:the problem of life and death. Keep these two themes clearly in your mind for they are basic andExternalisation, 563:the activity. In this section of our training themes (if I may call them so) we shall dealExternalisation, 619:on that of a world attitude. Let us keep these themes simple and down on the level at which mostGlamour, 69:which will lead to right choice of life themes. In this instruction I seek to cast some light uponGlamour, 185:Their teaching but an extension of Their central themes. Their contribution was an integral part ofHealing, 167:of even the most advanced human mind to grasp themes and subjects as a whole. The synthetic elementHealing, 659:the teaching in such a concise manner that vast themes may be briefly handled, and at the same timeHealing, 714:man a hundred years ago. So it is with the new themes and the great discoveries which are on theirMeditation, 326:writes during the "dark period" of the year the themes and essays, the books and pamphlets thatPsychology2, 383:note that we have swung back to our three major themes: Soul control, Service, and the Plan. ItPsychology2, 505:that these thought forms comprise all possible themes. They do not embody the wish-life of thePsychology2, 518:centuries. It will be one of the most important themes to be dealt with in all systems ofRays, 98:general in nature and relate to certain broad themes or demanded hypotheses which must govern theReappearance, 166:for the work of preparation. We will keep these themes simple and down on the level at which most
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