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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THENCE

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Intellect, 138:agent, and can pass on, via the mind and from thence to the physical brain, some of theIntellect, 228:medium of the mind, direct to the brain. From thence the physical mechanism can be controlled. ThenMagic, 179:student. From Master or disciple to the ego and thence to the personality, via the atomicMagic, 204:member of the Hierarchy, to a Master's group and thence service to humanity. Eventually there isMagic, 235:to the world of the astral plane and from thence (when potent there) can begin to demonstrate onMagic, 248:the brain, but to the soul on its own plane and thence redirect his energies in the performance ofMagic, 375:sense of unity to a sense of duality, and from thence again into a higher unity. First, the SelfMagic, 520:path which leads to the clear pool and from thence to the Temple of Retreat" must not be lost. ThisMagic, 617:the magician stand within the sun, looking from thence upon the ball of earth. From that high pointMeditation, 82:of polarization from emotional to mental, and thence to the causal and later to the threefoldMeditation, 149:work from the emotional to the intuitional, and thence to the Monad, or Spirit. The occultist worksMeditation, 149:works from the physical to the mental, and thence to the atma or Spirit. One works along the lineMeditation, 156:set up on the mental plane and driving from thence to the lower ethers. The etheric body will thusMeditation, 171:of the department wherein he has his place, thence to the Ruler of the World, later to theMeditation, 171:of the World, later to the Planetary Logos, and thence to the Solar Logos. Meditation, 186:within, and work specifically on the Ego. From thence they set up a [187] strong vibration withinMeditation, 238:- and then split into three major colors and thence into the four minor, making the seven colors ofMeditation, 238:path of return are resolved into the three and thence again into the one. The path ofMeditation, 242:mental body of the patient and will work from thence to the physical via the emotional. ThisMeditation, 286:illumination from the Triad via the causal and thence to the astral. It holds the key also of theMeditation, 339:stands in his intuitional body, and creates from thence his body of manifestation. [340] Meditation, 356:and gradually progresses through them to man and thence to the final goal. Nirmanakaya ThosePatanjali, 39:thousand petalled lotus of the head, and from thence to abstract them through the other two subtlerPatanjali, 228:beautiful rendering of this sutra in the words: "Thence comes the mind's power to hold itself inPatanjali, 246:the physical plane into the etheric realm, from thence into the world of desire or of the emotions,Patanjali, 420:divine? From the lowest depths of darkness, thence upwards into light. Where goest thou, 0h!Psychology1, 10:into the realms of spiritual force and take thence that which they need and that which they choose,Psychology1, 87:Enter at will into the mind of God. Pluck thence the power, the plan, the part to play. Reveal thePsychology2, 32:the personal Ego to that of the group soul, and thence to that of the liberated state of purePsychology2, 65:of force) into the solar plexus region; from thence [66] they are very definitely drawn together asPsychology2, 199:fire and son of water' to enter into mist. From thence he climbs on to the mountain top and therePsychology2, 200:into the ocean of the watery sphere, and [200] thence on to the burning ground of sacrifice. ThePsychology2, 332:into the etheric or vital body, and from thence into the astral body. There duality is sensed andPsychology2, 388:of God moves upon the face of the waters." From thence to the solar plexus center. From that centerPsychology2, 390:familiarly works - to the throat center and from thence immediately to the sacral center (thePsychology2, 411:towards personality integration and from thence to soul contact. Psychology2, 441:to the immediately conscious and from thence to the superconscious - are essentially crises ofPsychology2, 531:first, into the solar plexus and from thence to the throat center. The throat center is not, atPsychology2, 533:the diaphragm) into the solar plexus and from thence into the heart and the head brings those twoPsychology2, 534:via the head center to the heart and from thence to the other centers. This inflow produces:Rays, 165:directed first of all to the head center, from thence to the ajna center and then to that centerRays, 282:and of its self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thence he never moves, but is aware all the time of allRays, 287:them down into the world of meaning, and from thence into the world of symbols. What I say willRays, 377:into the periphery of the Hierarchy, and from thence into an Ashram, without finding that his willRays, 402:first of all, to the Heart of the Sun, and from thence to the cosmic [403] mental plane, passingRays, 406:Venus is a planetary antahkarana, passing from thence to the Heart of the Sun and later to theRays, 690:to the head center of the initiate and from thence immediately to the ajna center of the initiate.Rays, 693:upon the Path of Probation and passed from thence on to the Path of Discipleship. On that Path -Rays, 693:Himself to the Cardinal Cross, and from "thence return to that High Place from whence He came." YouRays, 712:mind of the soul-infused personality, and from thence it finds its way to the brain. I am of courseRays, 763:and strong endeavor lead to a moment's agony and thence to radiant life. Soul, 93:ether, and from this the gustiferous ether; thence was the birth of the odoriferous ether. These
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