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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEOLOGICAL

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Astrology, 237:I say religious, I do not refer to doctrinal or theological teaching. I mean the cultivation ofAutobiography, 48:from authority to experience and from a narrow theological belief in the verbal inspiration of theAutobiography, 50:completely convinced that certain fundamental, theological doctrines, as expressed by leadingAutobiography, 52:through many hands; they are the result of the theological thinking of many monks and translators.Autobiography, 59:questioning which later led me out of my theological morass. For three weeks I had been wrestlingAutobiography, 72:to the fact of Christ - not to the fact of theological interpretations - and when money and theAutobiography, 75:eloquent preaching or by any emphasis upon the theological precept that the blood of Jesus couldAutobiography, 75:His love and life that saves and not any violent theological pronouncements over the fear of hell.Autobiography, 97:to go to the United States and there to take a theological course and so become a clergyman of theAutobiography, 104:Ohio, where my husband was studying at the Lane Theological Seminary. I immediately set in and tookAutobiography, 105:already solved it for them. I remember at Lane Theological Seminary a Negro professor, a DoctorAutobiography, 109:see my people, leaving my husband to finish his theological training and get ordained. This was myAutobiography, 120:I have discussed this problem with Jewish theological students. Why, therefore, should they not getAutobiography, 123:knew enough of theology to have lost my faith in theological interpretations and I felt that thereAutobiography, 123:of divinity and the static condition of theological interpretation is contrary to the great law ofAutobiography, 124:so. The churches will have to begin with their theological seminaries. I have taken a theologicalAutobiography, 124:their theological seminaries. I have taken a theological training and I know what I am talkingAutobiography, 126:spiritual verities which could be believed. The theological course which I took on arrival did notAutobiography, 126:I took on arrival did not help me at all. Any theological course would undermine a man's faith ifAutobiography, 126:say. The commentaries which I consulted in the theological library seemed to me inane, badlyAutobiography, 263:The teaching must be divorced from its present theological trend and autocratic pronouncements. OfAutobiography, 273:very infrequent. He is usually academic and theological in his presentation of truth but not oftenAutobiography, 282:its scope. [282] The Arcane School emphasizes no theological dogmas, but simply teaches the AgelessAutobiography, 294:There is, as you well know, no official, theological, dogmatic imposition of truth. What are theBethlehemfrom the average layman by the expounding of theological dogmas, the threat of hell, and theBethlehemof Christ, so deeply and frequently obscured by theological implications and disputations, embodiesBethlehem, 6:know much of the exoteric teaching. Orthodox and theological Christianity is founded on it, as areBethlehem, 80:proves futile and [80] unavailing. The ordinary theological applications no longer make an appealBethlehem, 167:those who have had the insight to penetrate the theological presentation of Christianity and thereBethlehem, 179:as to the emphasis to be laid upon the various theological interpretations of His life story, butBethlehem, 186:been so often distorted through translation and theological misinterpretation: "I long to knowBethlehem, 187:different. We can no longer accept the appalling theological doctrine that for some mystic reason aBethlehem, 198:interpretation, and a brief statement as to that theological doctrine will present the concept inBethlehem, 201:at the words which are used in the Bible and in theological works and commentaries dealing with theBethlehem, 211:the death of the Cross. We have fought for the theological doctrine of the Virgin Birth. We haveBethlehem, 212:are not saved by belief in the formulation of a theological dogma, but by the fact of His livingBethlehem, 213:of which has been so disastrously lost in theological practice. The keynote of that communionBethlehem, 215:and nothing can arrest the process. It is not a theological belief that puts us right with God, butBethlehem, 226:world, and dare to see the truth, without any theological bias. Our personal experience of ChristBethlehem, 226:possible that we may find the ordinary orthodox theological interpretation at fault. It is quiteBethlehem, 235:provided we believe in Him. In order to meet the theological need of proving that God is love, weDestiny, 111:potency of the religious idea, as expressed in theological dogma and doctrine and the universalDiscipleship1, XI:esotericists and in occult schools and too much theological separateness. It has been felt thatDiscipleship1, 722:the vision of reality at all. It is based on theological interpretations and human selfishness; itDiscipleship2, 519:those you seek to aid and among the orthodox and theological esotericist. Some key thoughts I canEducation, 86:a logical basis. This will not be done through a theological or doctrinal presentation, as is todayEducation, 107:conditioning decisions such as war or peace, and theological impositions, as well as economicExternalisation, 165:for pardon though the word has been distorted in theological circles to mean this, so little hasExternalisation, 201:somewhat understood by the majority of men. On theological interpretations there are wideExternalisation, 201:Forms of religion are so different, and the theological adherents are so fierce in their loyaltiesExternalisation, 201:think, and this is due to two things: first, the theological quarrels are mainly overExternalisation, 201:His high place, cares not whether men accept the theological interpretations of scholars andExternalisation, 202:living experience will take the place of theological acceptances. The spiritual realities willExternalisation, 251:teaching anent the return of the Christ. Men's theological, analytical minds have distorted God'sExternalisation, 264:matter what the dogmatic interpretation or the theological idealism, some form of this belief liesExternalisation, 339:of humanity and not simply as religious and theological interpretations. Spiritual perception hasExternalisation, 355:largely coming into control, irrespective of any theological trend. These attitudes take theirExternalisation, 378:and the need to throw overboard all separative theological attitudes and dogmas in every field ofExternalisation, 448:subject of discipleship has been distorted by theological definitions, based upon sweetness ofExternalisation, 453:is old and established. Fanaticism, entrenched theological positions, and materialistic selfishnessExternalisation, 469:clarity is shown and if they are not freed from theological narrowness. Resurrection is the keynoteExternalisation, 471:materialistic, hide-bound and submerged in their theological concepts, seeking political power orExternalisation, 544:He preached and in His constant repudiation of theological Judaism (the Sadducees and theExternalisation, 573:by the time they come into control the old theological activities will have been completely broken;Externalisation, 592:of St. Paul, and the lengthy disputations of theological commentators since He lived and left us -Externalisation, 596:success at which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and the numerical growthExternalisation, 600:and not the vague hopes and promises of the theological faiths. It is the physical Presence uponGlamour, 162:largely coming into control, irrespective of any theological trend. These attitudes take theirGlamour, 177:becomes a distorted, twisted doctrine. Theological interpretations and dogmas fall into thisGlamour, 186:their mental dissertations until the great theological systems were built up which we call, forGlamour, 187:They have no ability for [187] high sounding theological discussions, but they do believe that GodGlamour, 187:and good Christians and churchmen within the theological systems; these, however, spend not theirGlamour, 187:systems; these, however, spend not their time in theological discussions but in loving theirGlamour, 191:all the world Scriptures, commentaries and [191] theological dissertations on the subject of LightGlamour, 242:divine indifference which has led to the great theological illusion of an anthropomorphic Deity andHealing, 393:to regard death as a calamity is one which theological religion has inculcated, particularly theHealing, 393:own slate." I seek not here to impose upon you a theological discussion. I seek only to point outHealing, 401:awareness, or who accept a peculiar set of theological pronouncements, can receive the gift ofHealing, 401:negative to the imposition of their particular theological certainties, either to completeHealing, 401:mental responsibility into a blind belief in theological pronouncements. The ChristianHealing, 666:between good and evil, and this not in a theological sense - as stated by the church commentators -Hercules, 3:In defiance of the fact that academic and theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal andHercules, 205:the Labors of Hercules. Academic, dogmatic and theological religion has no longer its ancientPatanjali, 65:all tradition and from the imposition of every theological [66] dogma, whether religious orPatanjali, 167:It is this identification which results in the theological differences, and the doctrinal andProblems, 7:of the past two hundred years and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been toProblems, 28:given free expression. This is not yet the case; theological forms still hold the spiritual life.Problems, 35:Nevertheless, they are waging war against theological crystallization and academic pronouncements.Problems, 56:handled exclusively by the churches and through theological teaching, though there is much thatProblems, 59:a logical basis. This will not be done through a theological or doctrinal presentation, as is todayProblems, 125:for the failure of the churches: Narrow theological interpretations of the Scriptures. Material andProblems, 127:Him in terms of some particular school of theological thought, the symbolism of the bloodProblems, 127:a divine truth at all. It is this truth that theological seminaries must begin to teach, trainingProblems, 128:the coming new age) that every man will pick a theological school to which he will choose toProblems, 129:as to daily affairs. The negativity of the theological interpretations of the Buddhist and HinduProblems, 138:churches of a basic change of attitude towards theological teaching or church government. There isProblems, 140:They will accept the same truths, not as theological concepts but as essential to spiritual living;Problems, 142:Law of Rebirth and have thereby wandered into a theological impasse and into a cul-de-sac fromProblems, 142:happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: Be a true professing Christian andProblems, 143:to condemn all who do not believe in the theological interpretations of the Middle Ages, of the
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