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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEOLOGICAL

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Problems, 143:own salvation" and - as that contradicts the theological teaching and above all else is notPsychology1, 176:other thousands are restive under the control of theological authority. They have neverthelessPsychology1, 349:demonstration of those dogmatic, sectarian and theological attitudes, for instance, which mark theRays, 88:all fields of human activity - in the field of theological religion, in the field of politics, andRays, 221:- dies and is destroyed. So died, according to theological injunction, the Christ upon the Cross.Rays, 246:(as it does under the influence of the theological approach and in the manner inculcated by theRays, 317:and one of the most misleading of the theological teachings, has been the interpretation put uponRays, 614:owing to the corruption and soporific effect of theological churchianity; I would have you note myRays, 614:Christianity, as Christ taught it, is free from theological abuses and must and will be restored orRays, 753:of religion to material ends and narrow theological and mental tenets, the Hierarchy has beenReappearance, 12:not followers of the Christ. It has emphasized theological doctrine, and not love and lovingReappearance, 37:of St. Paul, and in the lengthy disputation of theological commentators since Christ lived and leftReappearance, 42:success at which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and the numerical growthReappearance, 46:and not the vague hopes and promises of the theological faiths. It is the physical Presence uponReappearance, 65:is not the accepting of any historical fact or theological creed which places us en rapport withReappearance, 70:into this position because of the prevalent theological dictum as to Christ's divine perfection -Reappearance, 110:a conquering hero, as the interpretations of the theological teachers have led man to believe, forReappearance, 142:in a state of fear unless they accept the old theological interpretations and the old ways ofReappearance, 142:intellectual needs of the people be met when the theological seminaries teach nothing new orReappearance, 146:Law of Rebirth and have thereby wandered into a theological impasse and into a cul-de-sac fromReappearance, 146:happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: Be a true professing Christian andReappearance, 147:to condemn all who do not believe in the theological interpretations of the Middle Ages, of theTelepathy, 45:of the past two hundred years, and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to
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