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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEOLOGY

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Astrology, 212:familiar to us in the presentation of Christian theology. It is however pre-eminently a religionAstrology, 213:love). Throughout the teaching of Christian theology, the theme of blood runs ceaselessly and theAtom, 66:of Christianity and the crystallized form of theology. The living impulse was given by the Christ.Autobiography, 5:more blighting to the human spirit than the theology of the past with the emphasis upon a God whoAutobiography, 18:She oriented me spiritually and though her theology was very narrow, yet she herself was veryAutobiography, 40:How could I fit these things into my limited theology and my daily life. I did not know. It is saidAutobiography, 87:of my life and my attitude towards the trite theology of my co-workers was shaken to the veryAutobiography, 123:morbidly conditioned by the fundamentalist theology, kept telling me I was paying the penalty of myAutobiography, 123:a plumber or a stockbroker. I knew enough of theology to have lost my faith in theologicalAutobiography, 123:great law of the universe, evolution. After all, theology is simply man's interpretation andAutobiography, 123:and thus found a more progressive theology. Who dare say that [124] they are not as right asAutobiography, 124:generation has no time for the puerilities of theology. Fortunately, there are within the church aAutobiography, 142:Clear light was being thrown on the old theology. I was discovering that the only thing that wasAutobiography, 250:true spiritual man within each human being. No theology is taught and the student is under noBethlehemJesus of History as distinct from the Jesus of Theology, remains 'the way, the truth, and theBethlehem, 37:as rationalism, liberalism, and modern theology count it, exists no longer - which, however, is notBethlehem, 37:historical foundation. The work which historical theology believed it must carry out, and which itBethlehem, 81:faith and blind acceptance of all that theology can tell us. Relatively easy to believe, this isBethlehem, 83:heart never became quite the central truth of theology till the time of the mediaeval mystics. ItBethlehem, 117:little vision, require the protection of theology, despite its imperfections and dogmatic orBethlehem, 117:the significance behind the outer appearance of theology. Truth, for the perfected sons of God,Bethlehem, 136:speculation. The bias thrown on Christian theology by St. Paul has perhaps over-balanced theBethlehem, 163:of religion be built and, later, the new theology be constructed. The true meaning of theBethlehem, 175:upon which the entire structure of Christian theology has been founded. Upon this has the emphasisBethlehem, 176:defending or attacking the evidence or the theology associated with the theme. Or they may be of aBethlehem, 187:it has been the line of least resistance for theology to emphasize the death of Christ, and to omitBethlehem, 187:explanations and the endless attempts to make theology conform to the requirements of a deeplyBethlehem, 188:to love, and the will, and do, repudiate a theology which makes of God a force of hardness andBethlehem, 193:before is the sincere belief of all who know. Theology over-reached itself with its "miserableBethlehem, 211:almost as if Christ had foreseen the turn which theology would give to His death, and endeavored toBethlehem, 226:suffer in this process. No modern view and no theology can take Christ away from the soul which hasBethlehem, 232:few centuries of the Christian history (before theology gave a turn to interpretation, and soBethlehem, 279:challenge. Is it spiritual enough to let go of theology and become truly human? Is it interestedBethlehem, 283:will is in expression now, not turned to theology or to the formation of doctrines and occupiedDestiny, 40:need of the Church today is to relinquish theology, to let go all doctrine and dogma and to turnDestiny, 40:truest sense of the living Christ. They relegate theology and authority to their rightful place andDiscipleship1, 782:true spiritual man within each human being; no theology is taught; the student is under noDiscipleship2, 232:of common sense and progressive ideas into theology, and the shift of the ecclesiastical emphasisDiscipleship2, 340:related to a conviction of sin (as the Christian theology so dreadfully miscalls it), has anyDiscipleship2, 685:that you have broken with orthodoxy where theology is concerned indicates (to us who watch) a greatExternalisation, 114:in. Worn-out religious dogmas and the grip of theology and the orthodox churches have no longerExternalisation, 140:emphasis has been laid upon technical theology; the spirit of goodwill was not expressedExternalisation, 186:to formulate ideas, to produce systems of theology, of science and of government; some innerExternalisation, 201:is basically spiritual but quite uninterested in theology. The intelligent youth of all countriesExternalisation, 201:all countries are rapidly repudiating orthodox theology, state ecclesiasticism and the control ofExternalisation, 202:the new world order, spirituality will supersede theology; living experience will take the place ofExternalisation, 403:He emphasized have disappeared in the fogs of theology and the discussions of churchmen throughoutExternalisation, 454:revolt - have denied orthodox churchianity and theology. They are not irreligious but have, throughExternalisation, 530:for poor miserable humanity (as orthodox theology so selfishly interprets it) but to the fact thatExternalisation, 551:which is in Christ. To rid the world of theology and ecclesiasticism. The Gradual Dissolution ofFire, 4:in terms of three aspects, or (as the Christian theology puts it) in terms of three Persons.Fire, 52:on the lower planes. In terms of Buddhistic theology it produces annihilation; this involves, notHealing, 21:and erroneous points of view. The teaching of theology is most misleading, but is, alas, generallyHercules, 205:churches or to accept blindly the dicta of any theology. They are determined to know for themselvesIntellect, 21:In the past, education was largely colored by theology and its methods were dictated by theIntellect, 181:The majority of men, no matter what their theology, when they stand before the portal of death,Magic, 327:whether of the Church, of dogma, doctrine or theology; a tendency towards self-determination and anMagic, 328:whether that of a prophet, a bible or a theology. These are those who prefer obedience to imposedProblems, 35:the fact of divinity, even whilst repudiating theology, which recognizes the presence of the livingProblems, 124:and prostituted the truth which He presented. Theology, dogma, doctrine, materialism, politics andProblems, 127:The point is that dogmas [127] and doctrines, theology and dogmatic affirmations, do notProblems, 127:of dogmatic interpreters claim familiarity. Theology is simply what men think is in the mind ofProblems, 127:- all these are fostered and inculcated by theology but not by Christ, or the Buddha or ShriProblems, 128:and he will interpret it for himself. The day of theology is over and that of a living truth isProblems, 129:teachings of the churches in terms of the past theology, and a rejection of imposed ecclesiasticalProblems, 132:cults, a constant presentation of a narrow theology which teaches nothing new but produces freshProblems, 133:know well that no man has ever been saved by theology but only by the living Christ and through theProblems, 142:an impossible hell - a hell growing out of the theology of The Old Testament and its presentationPsychology1, 232:public in the succeeding generation, and the theology, in due time, of that which follows them. ThePsychology2, 42:truth, Mental devotion to form and form activity Theology, leading to: A knowledge of reality; ThePsychology2, 158:the formulas of philosophy and of religious theology; but these formulas do, at the same time, veilPsychology2, 230:The Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Christian theology, embodying as they do the triplicities ofRays, 533:enlightened Christianity, having no relation to theology and being universal in [534] nature. ItsReappearance, 140:today is the tomb of the Christ and the stone of theology has been rolled to the door of theReappearance, 140:He emphasized have disappeared into the fogs of theology (initiated by St. Paul) and in theReappearance, 142:has blocked the growth of the religious spirit; theology has brought mankind to the very gates ofReappearance, 146:an impossible hell - a hell growing out of the theology of The Old Testament and its presentationTelepathy, 100:which has been woefully distorted by Christian theology. Let us now deal with the aforementioned
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