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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEORETICALLY

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Astrology, 104:interpreted. For instance, it is well known theoretically and mathematically that, The Sun isAstrology, 262:with the Christ life; they are familiar to you theoretically but their implications and theirAstrology, 284:discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically. When Venus is the source of wisdomAstrology, 359:him, but at present this is not possible. Even theoretically it is not possible. Study, forAstrology, 469:in mass formation and not individually. Only theoretically can a disciple take note of this fact.Astrology, 515:to the higher creative focus. As you well know theoretically, the Science of Occultism is theAutobiography, 235:[235] So many people of good intentions theoretically accept the fact that God is love andDiscipleship1, 66:and to use people like yourselves who are (theoretically) harmless but actually full of prejudiceDiscipleship1, 70:We seek to control them today mentally and theoretically. But only the energy of wisdom willDiscipleship1, 89:everyone interested in occult study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasks confrontingDiscipleship1, 125:brothers - a thing most easy to say and to hold theoretically but most difficult to express as aDiscipleship1, 333:as it embodies a major truth which - grasped theoretically by you at this time - can be practicallyDiscipleship1, 370:understand and are inclusive. I do not mean theoretically but in fact. But your astral body is alsoDiscipleship1, 378:lack of precision, of clear cut decision in you. Theoretically, my brother, this condition leadsDiscipleship1, 378:my brother, this condition leads you - again theoretically - to be too nice, too kind, tooDiscipleship1, 513:Two years ago, you might have recognized theoretically the truth of what I say. Now you not onlyDiscipleship1, 558:Two seek your love. Learn to love all three, not theoretically from a high, cold, mental altitude,Discipleship1, 650:to one who is so experienced upon the Path. Theoretically, you know so much. It remains to renderDiscipleship1, 703:magnetic pull of the Master. As you well know, theoretically at least, at the center of the AshramDiscipleship1, 765:the occult sciences are yours and you know much theoretically. This is evidenced by the interestDiscipleship2, 46:[46] exists, and he steps forward bravely and theoretically, but it remains for a while whollyDiscipleship2, 129:the point of soul focus of which you know much theoretically and can know more practically. ThisDiscipleship2, 133:have to be mastered factually by the disciple - theoretically, visually, practically, intuitionallyDiscipleship2, 138:Ashram and the soul. Now we are in a position (theoretically at least and dependent individuallyDiscipleship2, 194:of conscious thought towards the sensed and theoretically recognized world of the Masters, of theDiscipleship2, 294:defined in your consciousness and is at least theoretically understood and hypothetically accepted.Discipleship2, 334:life; as you cannot yet do that, except theoretically, it is not possible for you to understand.Discipleship2, 415:between intelligence, love and what he believes, theoretically, the will may be, but he knows thatDiscipleship2, 480:requirements, even when, technically and theoretically, he admits responsibility? Let me tell youDiscipleship2, 536:my Ashram, all will be well." Life, as you know theoretically, is one long series of presentedDiscipleship2, 582:subray of the great second ray. This you know theoretically, but that is different from the wisdomDiscipleship2, 710:ray mental nature. This enables you to realize theoretically what should be your attitude and toDiscipleship2, 743:effectiveness. You have all been taught (though theoretically for the most part) that innerEducation, 68:in a practical sense and not just theoretically and mystically. We have to live down some of theEducation, 120:presentation. The good of the whole is now held theoretically to be of such paramount importanceExternalisation, 37:made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood. The method ofExternalisation, 78:may hinder the group work. You must recognize theoretically the five forces (three major and twoExternalisation, 140:not expressed dynamically and practically, but theoretically and negatively; the aspirants of theExternalisation, 214:influence and of their action on neither side; theoretically, they may advocate the higher way, butExternalisation, 520:of the Hierarchy are well known to many of you theoretically, and to some at first hand - which isFire, 312:plane which need realization, even if already theoretically conceded: Heat or flaming radiation isFire, 314:plane, for instance, in connection with Man. Theoretically, the absorption of all faculty by theFire, 796:general laws of the social order among men are theoretically apprehended, but the true scientificFire, 1067:if chance students stumble upon the law, and theoretically know the process, they would do well toFire, 1244:realize the unity of the solar system not only theoretically but also as a practical reality withGlamour, 4:is therefore the recognition in [4] oneself, not theoretically but as a fact in one's experience,Glamour, 100:my brothers, I feel that you know so much theoretically but have worked out [101] relatively soGlamour, 154:soul impression; the whole personality is then theoretically directed towards liberation intoGlamour, 181:[181] Then, having sensed the Presence - not theoretically but in vibrating response to itsHealing, 99:know something of the problems themselves, both theoretically and from an understanding ofHealing, 517:or in the mind of the illumined personality. Theoretically, some dim vision of the inherentHealing, 660:the enquirer and the aspirant, because (theoretically at least) he can grasp some of their meaningHercules, 150:function as souls. In my highest moments I know theoretically what my attitude and actions shouldInitiation, 86:microcosm becomes profound, and he has mastered theoretically and practically, in great measure,Initiation, 113:himself to be that Self in reality and not just theoretically; he becomes aware of the God within,Initiation, 171:him, and he understands, practically as well as theoretically, the evolutionary process in itsInitiation, 203:manifestation; their groups must be somewhat theoretically cognized, and the sounds whereby theyMagic, 22:and not for the crystallized theologians or the theoretically biassed scientists we will adhere toMagic, 77:investigated but not practically followed. Theoretically some glimmering of light may beMagic, 165:he can localize them, and in any case he admits theoretically that there is awakening intoMagic, 190:that these seven centers or lotuses have, theoretically, a place in his imagination. I use the wordMagic, 398:of the little ones. Their grades and works are theoretically known, and names of some have beenMagic, 489:matter how hard he tries or how clearly he sees (theoretically) the cause of his trouble. This isMeditation, 106:of these organs is well recognized theoretically, and I do not purpose to enlarge on it greatlyMeditation, 142:there exists a supreme Consciousness, Whom he theoretically calls God, or Nature. Between thisMeditation, 143:and to know experimentally and not just theoretically that whereof I speak before he is deemedPatanjali, 66:ideal and is aware of the obstacles; he knows theoretically just what steps he has to take butPatanjali, 167:beginning to practise discrimination, at first theoretically and intellectually (hence the greatPatanjali, 212:all selves and the All-Self, and this, not just theoretically, but as a fact in nature. This comesPsychology1, 13:of expression. Many know a great deal about it, theoretically, but the practical effects of appliedPsychology1, 87:of this fact is often overlooked, even when theoretically acknowledged by aspirants to initiation.Psychology1, 324:carried on by the aspirants of the world who are theoretically convinced of their group relation,Psychology2, 140:from premature knowledge, which they might theoretically grasp but which they are not yet readyPsychology2, 391:sees the whole as one and regards itself, not theoretically but as a realized fact, as identifiedPsychology2, 400:which must some day be as familiar to men (theoretically, at least) as are the gradually expressingPsychology2, 662:spread of brotherhood on an international scale. Theoretically, the ideal of brotherhood has beenRays, 15:and can only be understood (and then merely theoretically) if you bear in mind that all our planesRays, 42:center of that light, as many aspirants know theoretically or factually by inconstant experience,Rays, 53:awareness, knowing for himself (and not just theoretically) that they are also his own states ofRays, 128:are only able [128] to do so imaginatively and theoretically. They "onward move in life." They workRays, 137:and adjustments are now so well known (theoretically, at least) that they should have dropped belowRays, 172:or a group knows actually and not simply theoretically that "there are no other selves."Rays, 221:something which you can and do grasp, at least theoretically. The problem of life transference fromRays, 293:with his ability to express the truth which he theoretically recognizes but to which he cannot asRays, 312:the five initiations with which you are all so theoretically familiar. The word Know, in relationRays, 313:his brain cannot respond to this high vibration. Theoretically, and as a result of the teaching ofRays, 476:brief and probably meaningless statement except theoretically, but it summarizes the task whichRays, 502:steadily the triple consciousness, not simply theoretically but also factually, so that threeRays, 504:and significant manner, factually and not just theoretically) the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 677:focus to an intelligent, thinking focus. He has, theoretically at least, cast off the control ofRays, 701:are some of the results which you even now grasp theoretically; these you will also graspRays, 709:will then know practically (and not just theoretically) what Christ meant when He said, "I and myRays, 710:of which he has hitherto known nothing; even theoretically he knows little, and his attitudeReappearance, 93:objective which the United Nations (at present) theoretically hold before the eyes of menSoul, 23:asks others to do the same; the behaviorist theoretically treats the human animal the same as heTelepathy, 33:made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood. Telepathy, 69:impossible. This factor has to be accepted theoretically, even if not yet understood.
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