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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEORIES

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Astrology, 11:the scientific basis of the astrological theories. Just as the forces of the planet and of theAstrology, 276:is called a triangle of humanity and - under the theories of the Science of Triangles - it concernsAstrology, 497:must for a while at least remain hypotheses and theories to the average astrologer and probablyAutobiography, 140:and the most tenable. There are only two other theories which [141] really warrant attention. OneBethlehem, 250:man has asserted this. Humanity has evolved many theories to account for man and his future, forBethlehem, 250:reason here on earth. With the detail of these theories there is no need, or time, to deal. TheyBethlehem, 264:apparent impasse; to isolate, out of the many theories, that basic theory which not only has itsDestiny, 59:the influence of national propaganda and the theories of the newspapers. Her motto, esotericallyDiscipleship1, 85:aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, discipleship and the Plan; theDiscipleship2, 109:aspirants. The Masters very seldom resemble the theories, the pictures and the information which isDiscipleship2, 247:his desires, his aspirational wish-life, his theories, or whatever you may choose to call hisDiscipleship2, 255:Part II Two things must now happen: the imparted theories which have guided the disciple's thinkingDiscipleship2, 266:when these are realities and not speculative theories in your life. It will be apparent to youDiscipleship2, 269:will demonstrate. The objectives, goals, theories, aims and determinations of the bulk of mankindDiscipleship2, 278:had evolved so well that today the goals and theories, the aims and determinations now expressed inDiscipleship2, 530:involves identification with humanity. Your theories, your ideals, your fixed beliefs come betweenEducation, x:is the work of humanity itself. That its theories are not beyond the need and grasp of contemporaryEducation, 114:into the ear of the public without cessation - theories as to dictatorship, communism, nazism,Externalisation, 28:for instance, know little of Plato and his theories in spite of the fact that he has molded humanExternalisation, 29:[29] minds - either through acquiescence in his theories or through refutation of them - down theExternalisation, 134:circumstances and the many points of view and theories of government and of religion; these growExternalisation, 153:be done and who should now make their spiritual theories facts in outer expression. Nothing canExternalisation, 212:views, because I know that all potential theories, ideologies and governments are temporary statesExternalisation, 243:hour and comes down from the world of dreams, of theories, and of words into the hard arena ofExternalisation, 255:good people of the world give up their pet theories and their beloved ideals and grasp theExternalisation, 279:with adamantine determination to their beloved theories, their dreams and their visions, theirExternalisation, 305:be overcome by inertia, to be engrossed by their theories and idealisms, and to be blind to theExternalisation, 309:Are they capable of laying aside their own pet theories and trifling ideals (trifling in the faceExternalisation, 589:the orthodox Christian will at first reject the theories about the Christ which occultism presents;Externalisation, 625:funds. In the quarreling over ideas, religious theories and ideologies, the true assistance of theExternalisation, 695:strong desire to make good, according to his own theories and to his personality, thus proving toFire, 809:The Science of Psychology. The psychoanalytic theories which (though indicative of progress) areHealing, 2:prescription, of varied manipulations and of [2] theories. All these serve to fill the mind withHealing, 2:open minded and are ready to accept the new theories and hypotheses, they discover that the old andHealing, 20:doctrine of Emergent Evolution and the modern theories of the work of a catalyst upon twoHealing, 221:as far as is just and wise, some of the oriental theories anent the centers and western wisdom.Healing, 226:amusement of the hard-boiled scientist. The theories held by mankind as to the origin of diseases,Healing, 257:of the pioneering cultist and the proving of his theories - no matter how correct when applied inHealing, 276:be today to the student of the advanced occult theories. Medical men in the New Age will eventuallyHealing, 368:solution of most of our problems. Many of the theories of modern science are laid down in AHealing, 368:though not negate, the majority of their theories. Individual students might aid in this if theyHealing, 400:held to be a truth. Out of the welter of theories, three major solutions have been proposed; theseHealing, 529:of divinity or by the statement of abstract theories. They will be healed when the right time comesHealing, 548:of consciousness of the healer and with the theories which he should embrace, with hisHealing, 563:these have to be grasped and accepted as working theories before the healer can efficiently dealHercules, 35:of the mind as it gives birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. The thought-form makingIntellect, 50:work of revelation is based on certain definite theories as to the constitution and nature of theIntellect, 51:West at this time the opportunity to put these theories to the test. An intelligent experiment isIntellect, 52:the soul is defined in line with these theories, and the definition runs as follows: "An entityIntellect, 65:- Patanjali Assuming the correctness of the theories outlined in the preceding chapters, it mightIntellect, 74:to change into ascertained facts, and our theories into proven experience. The statement of St.Intellect, 211:field will eventually proceed (if the theories propounded in this book have any basis in fact)Intellect, 267:waste time seeking to impose on others their pet theories, their peculiar terms, or theirMagic, 7:mind and seriously to weigh and consider the theories and ideals, the laws and the truths whichMagic, 17:an unknown quantity. It has no real place in the theories of the academic and scientificMagic, 289:of the concepts, lying back of the astrological theories, is that the etheric body of any formMagic, 327:elaborated the ideas and differentiated the six theories into a multiplicity of lesserMagic, 327:lesser propositions. Out of the medley of ideas, theories, speculations, religions, churches,Magic, 338:occupied largely with disproving each other's theories. But they are all three of them correct inMagic, 348:be an ever increasing practical experience. Theories are of no value until we have changed themMagic, 400:they make about their own ideas, discoveries and theories, but because they are so inclusive inMagic, 417:of past political, religious and cultural theories. They, the members of the one group, areMagic, 618:of colorful hypotheses, and of delightful theories; on the other hand, they become engulfed in aMeditation, 143:manifestation. It means making your highest theories and ideals demonstrable facts and it is thatMeditation, 190:aught in the hard path of occult development. Theories and mental concepts avail not. They butMeditation, 190:but increase responsibility. Only when these theories are put to the test, and are consequentlyMeditation, 319:superintend the working out in practice of the theories anent the other evolution, the devaMeditation, 325:the study, and the memorizing of the theories and occult laws upon which the true occultist willPsychology1, 5:permit. We find, however, that some of the theories, even the best proven, break down, givenPsychology1, 9:to any knowledge you may possess of the modern theories, and remember that the more truly you livePsychology1, 94:having no individual existence? Or are all these theories partially true, and shall we reallyPsychology1, 180:into the ear of the public without cessation - theories as to dictatorship, communism, nazism,Psychology1, 271:discussion of an immense subject, any of the theories which men have formulated in their search forPsychology1, 361:discoveries. The seventh ray will change the theories of the advanced thinkers of the race into thePsychology2, 128:pain which ever precedes enlarged service. Their theories block the way to true expression and shutPsychology2, 328:existence. With these processes, formulated as theories, we are familiar. The speculations andPsychology2, 434:realms. These come, according to the esoteric theories, via The brain, from whence certain aspectsPsychology2, 493:is not my intention to criticize or attack their theories in any way. They have arrived at a mostPsychology2, 496:them. [496] I do not expect to have these theories accepted by the average psychologist, but therePsychology2, 678:of two momentous facts. These are as yet only theories to the mass, though established knowledge toPsychology2, 736:to take stock of himself and turn his spiritual theories and his humanitarian longings into FactsRays, 66:initiate. He has no need to remember rules, theories, planes or activities. These are as much anRays, 78:great speculations will become experimental theories and later prove demonstrated facts. Behind allRays, 628:the conflict of races, nations, ideas, political theories, immature development, corrupt politics,Rays, 745:as evil. It is not the [745] communistic theories which are necessarily wrong; it is the techniqueReappearance, 143:in the views of the Fundamentalists or in the theories of the theologians upon the Virgin Birth,Reappearance, 173:funds. In the quarrelling over ideas, religious theories and ideologies, the true assistance of theSoul, 78:and Renaissance. They discussed the various theories accounting for the soul, but not much progressSoul, 85:human form, it might be located. A few of the theories propounded might be touched upon here. PlatoSoul, 96:as its materials, Western purely 'scientific' theories have sought to construct the world." -Soul, 97:to avoid misconceptions arising from the various theories regarding this great principle, whichSoul, 97:theories regarding this great principle, which theories are usually attached to some name given theSoul, 129:neuroses and glands of the physical body. Three theories apparently emerge as the result of ourSoul, 145:magic, religion and science are nothing but theories (of thought); and as science has supplantedTelepathy, 177:in order to bring it into line with the usual theories of energy and its forms of expression.
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