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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THEREIN

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Astrology, 11:solar systems and planets which are found therein. Throughout this cosmic golden web there is aAstrology, 343:has been taken: "I build a lighted house and therein dwell." The temporary method of theAstrology, 427:demonstrate that there will be found a structure therein of many triangles of force; some of theseAstrology, 654:and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Leo - I am That and That am I. VirgoAstrology, 679:and in connection with the method employed therein, another point merits attention. This fire ofAtom, 56:latent in the definition of Plutarch. You have therein first the idea of a self-conscious entity,Atom, 105:him. He starts with all that has been gained therein latent within him. He is self-conscious, andBethlehem, 21:the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein." - Isaiah, XXXV, 8, Marginal Reading. It isBethlehem, 66:names is taken from Cruden's Concordance. [66] Therein we find that "Nazareth" means "that which isBethlehem, 115:emphasize His humanity and ignore His divinity. Therein they are surely in error. Others emphasizeBethlehem, 195:He also fulfiled those of the pagan world, and therein lay the great appeal of early Christianity.Bethlehem, 218:between the two - the mother and the Father. Therein is His problem, and therein is [219] found theBethlehem, 218:and the Father. Therein is His problem, and therein is [219] found the problem of every humanBethlehem, 257:view and entered the world of subjective values, therein to function as the "Master of all theBethlehem, 272:citizen of the kingdom, consciously functioning therein, voluntarily subject to its laws, andDiscipleship1, 127:do to "change the nature of the seed which must therein be sown." You will know to what I referDiscipleship1, 151:take the kingdom of heaven by violence and enter therein. B. S. D. needs this mental activity in aDiscipleship1, 158:also sees the small and immediate step ahead. Therein lies the difference between the mystic andDiscipleship1, 479:out and seek to offer love and understanding. Therein, frankly, lies your problem. Get rid ofDiscipleship1, 491:much you have read and pondered upon the ideas therein conveyed? The thought may come to you thatDiscipleship1, 563:All that you learn must be related to service. Therein lies your particular lesson. You haveDiscipleship1, 723:walks upon the water and is [723] not submerged therein. A chela with a light leads him by the handDiscipleship1, 730:it in terms of his contribution to the whole. Therein lies the secret of the inevitable and theDiscipleship2, 128:your cooperation, and all from the group angle. Therein lies its value. The so-called informativeDiscipleship2, 236:divine aspect and the creation of thought-form therein (as usually carried forward by the concreteDiscipleship2, 408:to grasp somewhat the significance of the truth therein embodied. In the beautiful EasternDiscipleship2, 418:two deeply significant hints are contained therein. It is a statement of individual, group,Discipleship2, 432:he is learning to live and function from a point therein attained to which we give the name ofDiscipleship2, 561:the Ashram and to the central Light, the light therein intensifies. The radiation of the AshramDiscipleship2, 574:are included in Vol. I. The footnote therein on page 341 still applies. Discipleship2, 717:into the valley [717] with my fellowmen and therein walk. The dark is great, but I am with myExternalisation, 584:change in the orientation of man's thinking, and therein lies its major value. It is not indicativeFire, 60:and as the protector of all that dwells therein and thereon. This corresponds to the akasha, theFire, 120:or egoic body, and to polarize his consciousness therein until the polarization is complete. HeFire, 232:animates; His attempt is to find full expression therein, so that eventually and consciously HisFire, 347:and in connection with the method employed therein, another point merits attention. This fire ofFire, 356:substance of the globes, and all contained therein, go to the content of the remainder of His body.Fire, 447:the elemental kingdoms and the group souls found therein, it produces facility in the transferenceFire, 449:objectivity His scheme and all that is therein. The Monad, whose threefold word gives rise to aFire, 530:The ten planetary schemes and all that is therein. All the lesser interplanetary bodies. The devaFire, 543:and in each has transferred that which he gained therein to the content of his consciousness; heFire, 721:in His dense physical body, and His polarization therein. It is likewise the same for a HeavenlyFire, 734:work, instantaneously the system and all forms therein, planetary, human and other would cease toFire, 737:shares in the group realization, and therein lies bliss for the unit. Separation is no longer felt,Fire, 749:but convey a hint as to the true meaning. Therein lies safety for the student, for the realFire, 753:of the Lodge and of the Personages taking part therein. Each century sees a centennial effort ofFire, 832:work with three types of force, or energy, and therein lies the distinction between his work andFire, 901:of return, with the two groups of deva lives therein concerned, will be apprehended by man. AFire, 1015:his physical body, and the work engendered therein, being frequently referred to as "fuel and itsFire, 1141:Dealing with evolution of system and all therein. Human interpretation. Dealing with man himself.Fire, 1166:symbolizes a world-system, and Brahma dwells therein representing action; he is therefore calledFire, 1170:concern the animal kingdom and man is viewed therein as an animal. In the final Initiation or theGlamour, 17:makes its contact with me on mental levels and therein will lie their field of service. Still otherGlamour, 95:and comfort in life on the physical plane. Therein the man can be at home and oblivious of aHealing, 194:of energy and plexi of force which may be found therein. The three great basic and manifestingHealing, 239:increasing number of cells and atoms to itself; therein is found the source of the tumors, growthsHealing, 428:of death in A Treatise on White Magic, focusing therein primarily upon the physical processes ofHealing, 620:to these seven centers are to be found. Therein likewise are seven major centers, and they are theHercules, 79:And share you not the life of all who dwell therein? Bear to the shrine of God the sacred doe, andHercules, 88:is an unconscious part of the great whole, and therein lies the problem; for the average CancerHercules, 132:shadows, and the sediment of strange passions therein. He discovers the base methods by means ofHercules, 212:the angle of soul, "I build a lighted house and therein dwell". Leo, the Lion Element: Fire signInitiation, 64:his temple. The form becomes vibrant. Therein lies the difference between theory and making thatInitiation, 77:when time and space and all that is contained therein, are not; that is known when all theInitiation, 95:entire solar system, with all that is included therein, is expressing itself in terms of light, andInitiation, 97:and of will, and his intelligent participation therein through love and service. The devas, withIntellect, 12:and proceed with any steadiness or continuance therein, - this small hope is not now a tenable one.Magic, 21:proven and realized it will be discovered that therein lies the basis of brotherhood and of unity.Magic, 184:textbook of disciples, initiates and adepts, for therein are found those rules and methods whichMagic, 322:and dominate in its little sphere of influence. Therein lies for all aspirants at this time theMagic, 374:new conditions; constantly learning to function therein, and then subsequently finding them passMagic, 440:and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Leo - I am That and That am I. VirgoMagic, 486:origination in physical plane occurrence, and therein lies the difficulty. The inner facts of theMagic, 524:effects in the matter of space, meeting [524] therein practically no resistance. Other divineMeditation, 93:are largely the dangers of our virtues, and therein lies much of the difficulty. They are largelyMeditation, 163:consciousness of that plane and of all contained therein. Mantrams in any tongue are founded onMeditation, 258:already have full knowledge of the struggler. Therein lies the hope for the student of meditation;Meditation, 258:upon love? Because the goal for all is love, and therein lies the merging. To put scientificallyMeditation, 289:close of his meditation the heart etheric, and therein build minute forms of the Master to Whom hePatanjali, 209:a cleansing, or rather eliminating effect therein. With this the student has as yet nothing to do,Psychology1A soul of each and all the bodily parts, Seated therein, which works, and is what Does, And has thePsychology1, 244:and in the understanding of the part played therein by those miraculously developed organisms, -Psychology1, 266:the kingdoms in nature and the forms contained therein. It determines the activity of God Himself.Psychology1, 389:the guarantee of the future is contained therein. The sixth ray influence governing the personalityPsychology2, 78:intent. [78] Personality life, with all that is therein implied, - ambition, selfish purpose, etc.Psychology2, 230:the manifested universe, with all that is therein. When that interplay is persisting, either in GodPsychology2, 282:submission of the personality to the soul, find therein their consummation. Psychology2, 591:body and courses through the many "nadis" found therein. These "nadis" exist in their millions andRays, 297:Hierarchy [297] through the medium of an Ashram; therein the Plan can be learnt. When this phase ofRays, 657:our planetary Logos - the Earth and all that is therein. But that synthesis exists and is theRays, 716:in the three worlds and all that is contained therein. These evil but powerful beings know well theRays, 717:created this planet and all that moves and lives therein in order to bring about a planetarySoul, 91:A soul of each and all the bodily parts, Seated therein, which works, and is what Does, And has theSoul, 96:bodies immersed in it can change their places therein. In fact, to use an Indian expression, theTelepathy, 112:involves the three aspects of the mind, found therein: the concrete mind, the Son of Mind, and theTelepathy, 149:of promoting the unfoldment of consciousness therein. This is basically true from the angle of
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