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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THESIS

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Astrology, 150:We shall be able now to cover our present thesis anent the philosophical implications of the GreatDiscipleship1, 639:over them again and that this time you write a thesis upon the Six Ways to the Center of Life.Education, 114:unattainable good. Let this broad and general thesis therefore be in your minds as we study man'sFire, 302:we are concerned in these two divisions of our thesis ON FIRE. One group manifests the fire ofFire, 1028:and to the more scientific part of our thesis. I use the word "scientific," for that which will beGlamour, 44:[44] my intention to write a long and ponderous thesis on this subject. The books which will beHealing, 12:one mode of interpreting Law I, and the entire thesis is intended to be an exposition of that Law.Healing, 135:intended, will get a clearer comprehension of my thesis if it is kept relatively free from theHealing, 615:of the higher degrees know well. An entire thesis upon transmitting agencies could be written, andRays, 18:reward of successful discipleship. In the first thesis which I presented to the public I outlinedRays, 324:long Treatise is in the nature of a preparatory thesis covering a vast field or area ofRays, 336:are warned against publishing a clear correlated thesis on the subject as a result of theirTelepathy, 133:the present planetary work or the present logoic thesis. An involutionary alignment (the guarantee
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