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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINK

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Autobiography, 194:I am anxious to make these clear because I think they are fundamental and should govern allAutobiography, 196:on the Path of Discipleship. Why people should think that an emotional, strong feeling, sentient,Autobiography, 198:is very much sounder and more dependable. I think this is all I have to tell you about theAutobiography, 206:and circumstances and her environment. I like to think that in the last seventeen years of herAutobiography, 207:money and basically and deeply afraid of life. I think I was of service to her along these lines,Autobiography, 211:the triangle, you, Foster and me." This was, I think, the last time I saw him. He left shortlyAutobiography, 217:no sudden decision but promised her we would think the matter over most carefully and would let herAutobiography, 218:defray either expense, but you must do what you think best for the girls." I talked it over mostAutobiography, 219:of humanity that I wanted the girls to get. I think they have a wider point of view than theAutobiography, 220:equal importance to me in my consciousness and I think of them with equal affection. Autobiography, 224:two years it steadily increased in size and I think it could be said that the work was a greatAutobiography, 226:husband and I wear it all the time and always think of her with the deepest love and affection.Autobiography, 226:marriages that are satisfying to contemplate. I think that they are both fortunate. I know thatAutobiography, 252:spiritually inclined people. Such people fail to think clearly and confuse an unwillingness to takeAutobiography, 252:for kindness and the right of every man to think for himself, to speak and to work. NecessarilyAutobiography, 272:the latter has a little vision and is apt to think that the way is easier than it is. He thenAutobiography, 283:cycle of training find us saying to them: Study, think and prove to yourself and to us that youAutobiography, 294:School are asked to consider; they are urged to think this matter through. The Arcane School, forBethlehem, 10:This, Christ Himself pointed out when He said, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or theBethlehem, 24:made out to be. To read some of them, one would think that as long as the aspirant has achieved aBethlehem, 29:the way. Some day, sooner perhaps than many may think, the portals of initiation will open wide toBethlehem, 34:our own faith. Secondly, we must remember to think in terms of the whole and to realize that theBethlehem, 68:symbolism is truer, perhaps, than we care to think it is. The world problem today is bread, and ourBethlehem, 70:earth peace, good will toward men"? We like to think that it can be so. We dread the moment whenBethlehem, 74:these thoughts; and if in any respect you think differently, that also God will make clear to you.Bethlehem, 78:to lead the spiritual life, to study, read and think. The reason can usually be found in the factBethlehem, 115:to divorce these two - God and man - when we think of Christ. Some thinkers emphasize His humanityBethlehem, 128:the integrating factor, with its ability to think clearly, to formulate definite purpose and toBethlehem, 129:distant as the chaotic present might lead us to think. Christ held His values true and His purposeBethlehem, 141:power, of the mind quality, and the capacity to think, which make this possible. It is thisBethlehem, 142:rhythm with the mass of men; he thinks as they think (if he thinks at all); he easily feels as theBethlehem, 154:Krishna, turbulent, impetuous, forceful; and I think it is as hard to hold as the wind." Thus inBethlehem, 234:"They spoke in plain terms of God. They did not think of Jesus of Nazareth as a crucial experiment.Bethlehem, 234:claimed for the Creator-God. Yet they could not think of it as other than His work, since God, asBethlehem, 241:which the majority of human beings refuse to think at all until faced with the imminent andBethlehem, 267:which we contribute to the whole. If each would think out for himself the meaning of love in hisBethlehem, 273:racial. The members of the coming kingdom will think in terms of humanity as a whole; and as longBethlehem, 277:we have the clue. There has been a tendency to think that when God created man His will toBethlehem, 279:which is the same thing, only in so far as we think optimistically. "Civilization originates whenDestiny, 8:they are not really as new as people are apt to think. They are alike on one important point, i.e.Destiny, 15:in his consciousness and heart; he will think in terms of the whole and not in terms of the part.Destiny, 35:as the Chosen People and all who did not think as they did are regarded as lost. When the Jew andDestiny, 35:that so many millions of people are beginning to think. This means that the ancient simplicityDestiny, 37:and standardized. They have no power to think with clarity for themselves and their minds areDestiny, 56:race and empire. But they are more inclusive and think in wider terms than the feminine aspects ofDestiny, 70:reveal determining laws and when the capacity to think abstractly and synthetically will pourDiscipleship1, XV:just as they have loved themselves in the past. Think on this with clarity, my brothers, and grasp,Discipleship1, 12:characteristics. You should learn always to think of each other as souls and not as limited humanDiscipleship1, 29:much more actively present and potent than you think. A little vision, brother of mine, makes theDiscipleship1, 56:is aware of a mental clarity and of a power to think which keeps him incessantly and constructivelyDiscipleship1, 63:Have I not had to study all of you this way? Think this out and ponder upon the implications. 3.Discipleship1, 65:greatly help all of you. Next comes a refusal to think unkindly or with [66] criticism; this isDiscipleship1, 67:endeavor to build thought-forms. I want you to think clearly along lines which I may indicate. ThenDiscipleship1, 69:to learn to use this energy, to work wisely, to think with wisdom and to realize that wisdom itselfDiscipleship1, 72:world desire it, make the needed sacrifices and think the various objectives into being. I amDiscipleship1, 75:attempted to be your teacher, your Master and, I think I may say, your friend. There has beenDiscipleship1, 80:successful work in all these pioneering groups. Think outwardly towards each other in love. JustDiscipleship1, 84:Talks to Disciples - Part VIII When a group can think unanimously along these lines and work inDiscipleship1, 96:Here I give you a hint and would ask you to think deeply on these three foundations of a majorDiscipleship1, 101:agony. Little as you may realize it as you think of Us in Our so-called safe retreats, the capacityDiscipleship1, 113:each month, keeping a record of those chosen... Think deeply upon the embodied idea and carry yourDiscipleship1, 117:of your subjective life. Will you think deeply upon this matter, my brother? Discipleship1, 117:for so you are. But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants to confound the secondDiscipleship1, 122:carry you a long way towards the goal and this I think you are beginning to realize - much to yourDiscipleship1, 131:should be of service to the group. You can think with clarity and usually know why you act in aDiscipleship1, 137:of the work which it is possible to do. I do not think that at the end of a few years you willDiscipleship1, 141:comprehend without too much interpretation. I think you will, for your intuition is awakened andDiscipleship1, 142:been prepared; one of them you have not yet met. Think out with clarity, therefore: The note thatDiscipleship1, 153:my brother, gives you an interlude wherein to think with clarity, to subject yourself toDiscipleship1, 176:I see divinity on every hand in every form. I think, my brother, that if you ponder upon theseDiscipleship1, 185:relation must be added the inner. This I think you know. Such a contact should be relatively easyDiscipleship1, 188:by you and not vice versa. You will, I think, know to what I refer. Free yourself from this glamorDiscipleship1, 190:the truth and the truth shall make you free. Think with simplicity. I give you, my brother, aDiscipleship1, 192:psychology is as yet weak; you should read and think more definitely along [193] academic lines forDiscipleship1, 194:yourself, and towards what you do and say and think. This reaches; likewise, to your life on theDiscipleship1, 201:It will be apparent to you then, if you think clearly, why your physical vehicle is such a goodDiscipleship1, 209:of these words is far deeper than you might think. These basic requirements in a disciple,Discipleship1, 209:deepens and sweetens your personality, and I think you will be the first to admit that both theseDiscipleship1, 210:effective - in the mind of the planetary Logos. Think out carefully some of the implications ofDiscipleship1, 212:up the spinal column. Then, as you count eight, think of those forces from the astral plane asDiscipleship1, 229:experience, and a more vivid interim living. I think you will apprehend that whereof I speakDiscipleship1, 233:pitfalls of aloneness, and of separation. This I think you know. Your problem is furtherDiscipleship1, 243:lies for you a hint and your future success. I think you will realize whereof I speak. InDiscipleship1, 251:bringing about a more stable alignment. Learn to think always in terms of the group and not inDiscipleship1, 257:than as qualities in consciousness. This I think you know. During the remainder of your life, ifDiscipleship1, 262:love lies your opportunity. This, I think you know. You have made real progress in swinging freeDiscipleship1, 266:to the effort on my part. Bear in mind that as I think of you (when communicating with you at theDiscipleship1, 268:to keep your personality life free and simple. I think you will know within yourself wherefore I amDiscipleship1, 278:to you earlier than this as I felt your need to think things through, and your strong inner urge toDiscipleship1, 281:to you its own reward. But of that you need not think. Steadiness in all relations, in allDiscipleship1, 282:as outlined by me in my last communication. I think you know within yourself the value of theDiscipleship1, 282:of those around them. So many people feel and think. You can teach them to think and feel. ThisDiscipleship1, 282:people feel and think. You can teach them to think and feel. This connotes a wide distinction. IDiscipleship1, 290:action. I seek only to give you the time to think. I would remind you as you seek decision thatDiscipleship1, 292:your feet upon the path of discipleship. This I think you know. I tell you not what you should knowDiscipleship1, 294:in connection with your own inner reactions. I think you will know to which of these latter IDiscipleship1, 300:work? That earlier given is still needed. Think less and love more. This is the keynote for youDiscipleship1, 300:most aspirants, the need is to train them to think and reflect, to ponder and to analyze, but youDiscipleship1, 315:its natural tendencies (due to ray influence) to think truly about himself. Your rays thereforeDiscipleship1, 333:It produces collective heart expansion. This I think also you know and have at times experienced.
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