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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINKER

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Patanjali, 24:[24] objective and which has been known by the thinker upon the physical plane. Kama-manasic (orPatanjali, 53:within; it is the soul, the inner ruler, the thinker on his own plane. This one Master is aPatanjali, 64:be contacted and used before the nature of the thinker can be intelligently appreciated. When thisPatanjali, 67:of the six previous obstacles. As long as the thinker identifies himself with form, as long as thePatanjali, 86:three dream states we have the condition of the thinker in the three planes in the three worlds,Patanjali, 93:Knower Knowledge The field of knowledge. Thinker Thought The mind (this is the crystal, reflectingPatanjali, 93:is the crystal, reflecting the thought of the thinker). It aids also to remember: That on thePatanjali, 101:[101] he is meditating. Then the nature of the thinker himself, as pure spirit, will bePatanjali, 125:will be apparent to even the most superficial thinker and the beginner upon the path of chelashipPatanjali, 142:which brings in the three factors of the thinker, the mind and the physical brain will take care ofPatanjali, 152:Perception That which is perceived, The Thinker Thought Thought forms, The Knower Knowledge ThePatanjali, 152:The great objective of Raja Yoga is to free the thinker from the modifications of the thinkingPatanjali, 160:that the true man, the spectator, perceiver or thinker is the sum total of all perception, be itPatanjali, 164:are modifications of thought substance, that the thinker creates his own world, whether he be GodPatanjali, 167:of this blending of the dualities, the soul, the thinker, comes to a comprehension of the naturePatanjali, 167:period and through many incarnations the soul or thinker identifies himself with this organ ofPatanjali, 168:plane, The union of the spiritual man or divine thinker with its Father in Heaven, the Monad orPatanjali, 179:plane man, then the spiritual man, the ego or thinker on his own plane attends to his part of thePatanjali, 183:mental body and the final one to the real man or thinker. Means VI. Attention. Dharana.Patanjali, 183:Fixation of the mind. Here the instrument of the Thinker, the Real Man, is brought under thisPatanjali, 183:VII. Meditation. Dhyana. The capacity of the thinker to use the mind as desired and to transmit toPatanjali, 187:practices which so much interest the western thinker and aspirant, and which lure him on with theirPatanjali, 212:is achieved wherein the consciousness of the thinker is transferred out of the lower brainPatanjali, 229:and gives us the result achieved when the thinker, through the medium of the mind, the thinkingPatanjali, 257:(or mind stuff). In all the previous stages the thinker has been aware of both himself, the knower,Patanjali, 259:his identity with the perceiver, with the thinker on his own plane, and because the mind isPatanjali, 261:of control, it is therefore possible for the thinker to impress the brain, via the controlled mind,Patanjali, 263:He is likewise unconscious of himself, the thinker or knower, and only that which is contemplatedPatanjali, 280:happening. All that is exists in the mind of the thinker, not in the sense that is usuallyPatanjali, 280:sweep into shape forms which correspond to the thinker's idea and those forms persist as long asPatanjali, 280:those forms persist as long as the mind of the thinker is on them and disappear when he "takes hisPatanjali, 280:the most difficult of the sutras to the western thinker for it involves certain [281] recognitionsPatanjali, 284:and functioning which is possible when the thinker on his own plane, the mind, and the brain, arePatanjali, 295:Initiation has to be trodden consciously by the thinker functioning through the central organ inPatanjali, 327:of activity might be stated as follows: The thinker on his own plane formulates a thought embodyingPatanjali, 327:dense physical body, so that the impulse of the thinker works out into physical plane activity.Patanjali, 328:triplicity will engross his attention, [328] The thinker, The mind, The brain, but this will bePatanjali, 328:of the method of energizing the nerves that the thinker can galvanize its instrument into activityPatanjali, 341:true man on his own plane, the real discarnate thinker. St. Paul, as has been pointed out byPatanjali, 341:which is the true home of the spiritual man, the thinker, or a more specific state to be understoodPatanjali, 353:on its own plane. The great "Son of Mind," the thinker on the higher levels of the mental plane, isPatanjali, 387:find that he, the real or spiritual man, the thinker, or the one life in his tiny system, isPatanjali, 396:as the result of the activity of that cosmic Thinker who functions as the Life of our solar system.Patanjali, 402:concerns the soul, the consciousness aspect, the thinker in manifestation. For each of these thePatanjali, 402:for that is what the dark path is in fact to the thinker. Later, through strenuous effort, thisPatanjali, 403:and activity only in so far as the mind of the thinker formulates them. In other words, thatPatanjali, 405:the condition of awareness of the indwelling thinker and is therefore of immediate practical valuePatanjali, 406:currents emanating from one stupendous cosmic thinker. His mysterious ways, His secret hidden plan,Patanjali, 412:it can be known, recognized and seen by the thinker, the soul on its own plane, and secondly, itPatanjali, 415:has arisen very largely from the fact that this thinker cannot be known until the mind isPatanjali, 415:and says to us that back of the mind is the thinker, back of perception, the perceiver is to bePatanjali, 415:lies the one who observes. This perceiver, thinker and observer is the immortal imperishable ego,Patanjali, 416:self-conscious Entity. The second Person. The Thinker. The Christ. God in incarnation. ThePsychology1, 9:and that is verily true, because the creative thinker, with power to use the sustained will, isPsychology1, 56:subjective unity begins dimly to dawn on the thinker's mind. When the stage of discipleship isPsychology1, 77:The Crystallizer of Forms The Threefold Thinker The Cloud upon the Mountain-top The Precipitator ofPsychology1, 152:Being. It is impossible for the average thinker to grasp the significance of this statement, but hePsychology1, 204:common sense. This is the ray of the abstract thinker, of the philosopher and the metaphysician, ofPsychology1, 274:so critical and so serious that there is not a thinker to be found who can yet see the solution, orPsychology2, 4:conveying practically nothing to the average thinker. [5] As these three expressions of the OnePsychology2, 56:either the macrocosmic Deity or the microcosmic thinker, but that the process of the innerPsychology2, 57:the Plan as it is sensed and seen by the cosmic Thinker. We have to work with the design, with thePsychology2, 63:an effort to intensify the hold which the divine Thinker has upon the mechanism. This will lead toPsychology2, 71:case as to the distinctions existing between the Thinker, the apparatus of thought, and thoughtPsychology2, 167:full... Sudden a spade descends, for the thinker tends the garden of his thought, and thus destroysPsychology2, 193:force, applied under the power of thought by a thinker or group of thinkers. [194] These innerPsychology2, 208:in their cyclic expressions. This, to the modern thinker, is purely speculative, and can bePsychology2, 293:ray emotional body. In the advanced Man The true thinker, or mental type - awake and alert. The onePsychology2, 328:of man. We here are viewing Man as a conscious thinker, and not man as a member of the fourthPsychology2, 328:appropriation, we have the soul or the conscious thinker (the divine son of God, or manasaputra)Psychology2, 348:the direction of the intelligent, conscious Thinker, the soul, as far as man is concerned. At thePsychology2, 394:student of humanity and the highly educated thinker knows in greater detail and fullerPsychology2, 543:recognizes and which the religious writer and thinker is also willing to admit are those ofPsychology2, 554:of difficulty. The man is a powerful creative thinker, selfishly polarized and with an emotionalPsychology2, 671:weight of the surrounding inertia. The powerful thinker or the ambitious demagogue, and the manPsychology2, 707:values, are all problems confronting the trained thinker and psychologist. These conditioningRayshabit of early morning meditation wherein the Thinker centers himself in the point of control andRays, 6:of the faculty of mind control, so that the Thinker grips and holds steady the mental processes andRays, 7:so that the contact with the Real Man, the Thinker, the Solar Angel, on the higher levels of theRays, 105:penetrate into the knowing consciousness of the thinker. Space and substance are synonymous terms;Rays, 446:case as to the distinctions existing between the thinker, the apparatus of thought, and thoughtRays, 590:of spiritual energy produce: Pure thought The thinker or the Son of Mind Thought-forms This energyRays, 641:disciple, man of goodwill and intelligent thinker is also clear. Let me bring the theme to a closeReappearance, 43:(Matt., XXIV, 44.) A truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith to accept is the fact thatReappearance, 55:by the advanced aspirant than by the intelligent thinker. It was not the cruelty of the outer worldReappearance, 57:of the imagination will reveal to the sincere thinker how appalling is the task which He hasSoul, 27:here in the body, is called the Beholder, the Thinker, the Upholder, the Taster, the Lord, theTelepathy, 6:of expression in the mind of some inspired Thinker, and the other terminal in the mind of theTelepathy, 6:thought-directing energy has for its source a Thinker Who can enter into the divine Mind, owing toTelepathy, 33:word (embodying that thought as the individual thinker seeks to convey it) and the future stage ofTelepathy, 105:here, that the receiving aspirant or the focused thinker is always aware emotionally of the descentTelepathy, 119:can be referred back to the originating Thinker Who brought our manifested world into being, andTelepathy, 177:recognized design or idea in the mind of some thinker - creates a material form. This tangibleTelepathy, 190:by the orthodox and therefore imprisoned thinker. It must, however, be one of which the wholeTelepathy, 197:be beyond the ability of any sincere student and thinker to penetrate if it appeals to them as
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