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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINKING

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Discipleship2, 8:of inspiration to his fellow students; if he is thinking with clarity along the line of his chosenDiscipleship2, 15:- blazes the light of Hierarchy." I have been thinking of you all with tenderness and love. TheDiscipleship2, 32:which each of you can make to the cause of clear thinking, ardent aspiration and determinedDiscipleship2, 37:incarnation and [37] by the united clear thinking and convinced awareness of the entire Ashram." IDiscipleship2, 38:of goodwill, and through them for the world of thinking men. However, I might state that theDiscipleship2, 39:several lives) of drifting, of reading and thinking and not working, of the pleasure of attentionDiscipleship2, 42:stripped of the veils of glamor and wishful thinking which obscured it ten years ago. TheDiscipleship2, 44:within his own consciousness, and is therefore thinking along lines of the true values, he willDiscipleship2, 49:work, the group [49] meditation and the group thinking; the rules then laid down will hold good forDiscipleship2, 59:is to reach a point of stabilization in human thinking and understanding from which a true andDiscipleship2, 60:to a mysterious process which is going on in the thinking (if one dare use such a word for such aDiscipleship2, 62:judgment all decision lies in the conclusive thinking of Sanat Kumara. It is his judgment; neitherDiscipleship2, 62:just as the activities, the orientation and the thinking of a human being carry the cells and theDiscipleship2, 76:your own ideas and is in line with your group thinking, then it is I who write it. When what IDiscipleship2, 80:critical also in the Hierarchy itself. In your thinking, reflection and activities carried onDiscipleship2, 87:non-political and international in its thinking. Service is its keynote. Its members can work inDiscipleship2, 87:and that "the One Humanity" governs all their thinking. The fundamental doctrines of the AgelessDiscipleship2, 95:you eventually to a careful scrutiny of your thinking, of your emotional reactions and of theDiscipleship2, 96:St. Paul: "No man liveth unto himself." Feeling, thinking and absorbing the many actuating andDiscipleship2, 96:service. I would like you to do some further thinking upon the theme of our seventh point, theDiscipleship2, 97:it today and not in the light of his wishful thinking and of his aspiration; the answers should beDiscipleship2, 118:so that the heads of all the group members are thinking as one and the hearts of the group membersDiscipleship2, 134:brother of mine, outline for you the line of thinking which should be pursued by you as you seek toDiscipleship2, 134:all involved. You, as you seek to meditate, are thinking on planes of mental perception; you areDiscipleship2, 134:- to master the process of carrying on a dual thinking process, wherein he is preserving aDiscipleship2, 153:part of the ashramic life to which their thinking and their service have admitted them. The firstDiscipleship2, 154:the Mind of God, the Universal Mind, or the thinking process of the planetary Logos, can beDiscipleship2, 154:himself. He must - unaided - penetrate into the thinking processes (by permitted spiritualDiscipleship2, 156:in diversity and the vastness of the inclusive thinking of the planetary Logos. Achievement, forDiscipleship2, 156:and growing capacity to include in his thinking more and more of the divine conclusions. I use thisDiscipleship2, 156:intent and summarizes the conclusions of the thinking of the planetary Logos. It is the mostDiscipleship2, 157:entire year to concentrate your [157] meditative thinking and your reflective power upon them. AtDiscipleship2, 157:manner) enable you to move forward in your thinking and in your ability to grasp abstractions. LookDiscipleship2, 164:must be evidenced by humanity and affect human thinking and action if the total destruction ofDiscipleship2, 168:only dimly sensed and which only the forward-thinking people of the world have desired. ThusDiscipleship2, 169:development and impart a synthesis to human thinking which has hitherto been lacking. As "lightDiscipleship2, 170:are tapped and brought into activity. By clear thinking, directed thought and mental perception,Discipleship2, 176:comprehension of words which will condition the thinking of spiritually-minded people for manyDiscipleship2, 181:is necessary, therefore, for you to extend your thinking about the meditation, as given above, soDiscipleship2, 186:into the concepts which will condition human thinking in the cycle just ahead. The second stage ofDiscipleship2, 187:was not intended to form a part of your thinking. As you later review these words, I would have youDiscipleship2, 197:the lowest aspect; the brooding, experimental thinking of the scientist or artist is another formDiscipleship2, 203:and that of the Hierarchy) and their creative thinking largely conditions the group. Many, however,Discipleship2, 208:no idea in the highest flights of our abstract thinking (and this includes the most advancedDiscipleship2, 213:thought, and transient thought becoming clear thinking and, eventually, abstract and transcendentDiscipleship2, 215:Self. 3. Mental reflection or concentrated thinking. This in time produces integration and definiteDiscipleship2, 215:scientific or concentrated thought; this type of thinking has produced all the creative wonders ofDiscipleship2, 216:they are all creatively striving and creatively thinking towards the worldwide uplift of mankind;Discipleship2, 218:living and to a fresh reorientation of human thinking, is taking place. What, therefore, is theDiscipleship2, 219:and visualization will give place to scientific thinking (which is essentially meditation) and toDiscipleship2, 220:and meditating, reflective group - a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose handsDiscipleship2, 221:most carefully considered, and the minds of thinking financiers and of wealthy humanitarian personsDiscipleship2, 222:rings-pass-not for your controlled reflective thinking? One is a meditation for workers in the NewDiscipleship2, 223:and controlled thought - a process of sustained thinking which sweeps all the creative energiesDiscipleship2, 225:daily endeavor, and is not just simply wishful thinking and the formulation of a hopeful theoryDiscipleship2, 235:invocation, can be imposed by men upon their own thinking. This is the immediate task of the NewDiscipleship2, 235:helping of the needy and pursuing all avenues of thinking to make that plan useful and effective isDiscipleship2, 255:theories which have guided the disciple's thinking hitherto must become practical experiences, andDiscipleship2, 264:To be an introvert really means that you, as a thinking personality, are always looking in to yourDiscipleship2, 271:the Hierarchy of the time. Their plans, their thinking and their living potency pour outDiscipleship2, 278:aims and determinations now expressed in human thinking and writing showed that the will aspect ofDiscipleship2, 281:brought consciously down to abstract levels of thinking where (expressing it symbolically) theyDiscipleship2, 283:is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yet to this Formula butDiscipleship2, 289:energy commensurate with the potency of the thinking, and qualified by the theme of the thinking.Discipleship2, 289:the thinking, and qualified by the theme of the thinking. You will see from this, therefore, someDiscipleship2, 289:upon the physical plane. As a result of focused thinking "in the heart" the spiritual eye opens andDiscipleship2, 295:rapidly awakening mentally. The whole world is thinking, primarily along political lines and alongDiscipleship2, 296:the widespread effect of all the reflective thinking, the aspirational prayers and the meditationDiscipleship2, 299:is on the very verge of precipitation into human thinking, life and circumstance; he has to takeDiscipleship2, 302:become Masters. [302] That human planning and thinking, as the future is faced, are the firstDiscipleship2, 302:four hints or seed ideas (for much expanded thinking, leading to renewed activity) have to do withDiscipleship2, 304:use of a mantram. [304] If this outline for thinking is carefully considered, it will be apparentDiscipleship2, 318:should lead you far on your way towards "occult thinking." The Masters do not convey teachingDiscipleship2, 319:- induced by right orientation and right thinking - is a part of the training of the initiate, andDiscipleship2, 320:a past, indicate a revelation, and ground the thinking aspirant in the world of meaning because itDiscipleship2, 321:the triangle. The clue to rightly orienting your thinking lies in the realization of the threefoldDiscipleship2, 322:with the initial energy set in motion by God's thinking; leading to the expression of the Will,Discipleship2, 323:of initiation? There is much vague and loose thinking on these matters. Over the years I have givenDiscipleship2, 335:or why I chose to make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures. I will tell you. From aDiscipleship2, 338:a vision, runs like a golden thread through the thinking of the aspirant. It is connected in hisDiscipleship2, 347:of major importance. One of the lines of thinking which it is most necessary to impress onDiscipleship2, 347:and advanced disciples is that of "initiated thinking." This means thought carried forward onDiscipleship2, 348:of the lower mind. It is essentially triadal thinking and is only registered by the brain when theDiscipleship2, 348:concern the implementing factors of the divine thinking. I know not how else to express these deepDiscipleship2, 353:some general idea as a basis for your further thinking. The individual disciple, seekingDiscipleship2, 360:to the time factor. Three things emerge in his thinking at this time: The immediate steps to beDiscipleship2, 362:advanced, and who are therefore closer to human thinking at the particular moment in history,Discipleship2, 366:I am now giving you, for it involves creative thinking, intuitive insight, and the use of theDiscipleship2, 368:of as the Teacher of the Angels. Let us keep our thinking and its resultant aspiration in the realmDiscipleship2, 372:power is an energy and that the process of thinking generates automatically an energy whichDiscipleship2, 388:- induced by right orientation and right thinking - is part of the training of the initiate. ManyDiscipleship2, 415:its errors, its dogmatisms and its separative thinking and cultures. He finds out - as aDiscipleship2, 422:The initiate consciously includes in his thinking this new area of the divine Life to which anyDiscipleship2, 423:consciousness and cooperation in the thinking and the planning of the planetary Logos. Ponder uponDiscipleship2, 466:sending love to you and many, many minds are thinking of you with thoughts of gratitude, ofDiscipleship2, Esoter:You have proceeded with your Ashram work, your thinking and your service in spite of all that hasDiscipleship2, Esoter:many disciples that it is in serving and in thinking through that true wisdom comes; they came toDiscipleship2, 486:and (for the remainder of your life) direct your thinking towards contact with your fellowmen,Discipleship2, 487:focused in all their activities and their thinking upon the physical plane, the period after deathDiscipleship2, 504:It is through the [504] unbroken conscious thinking of a welded group of disciples that the Master
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