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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINKING

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Externalisation, 252:may succeed in clearing up some of the confused thinking of many students. Natural law is theExternalisation, 273:time. So many people are animated by wishful thinking, by hoping and by prayer; so few areExternalisation, 292:of Their lives and words have conditioned the thinking and the civilizations of both hemispheres;Externalisation, 292:and words begin steadily to condition human thinking; the established thought-form actsExternalisation, 301:agency; They occasionally reach those thinking people, focused on the mental plane, who have clearExternalisation, 309:an activity which is preceded by clear factual thinking and decision. Can the world disciples andExternalisation, 310:I tried to arouse them to speed and clear thinking between the years 1932-1938 but though somethingExternalisation, 311:force itself if need be. They would aim at clear thinking, and thus clear the channel for theExternalisation, 313:of the present evil by right action and clear thinking. Externalisation, 314:- through meditation, prayer and clear thinking - your faith, confidence and joy, and above allExternalisation, 320:there are two factors conditioning the thinking of the people: First, a deep seated though notExternalisation, 327:unthinking masses (who are, however, today thinking as never before), so that humanity as a wholeExternalisation, 339:it need not be some distant point of wishful thinking but should condition man's daily life andExternalisation, 351:meetings, your meditation and your individual thinking be steadily focused upon these points, andExternalisation, 355:Angel has been a theory and a point of wishful thinking. The balance is being adjusted by theExternalisation, 356:maya. This they are doing by the increased clear thinking of the general public of all the nations,Externalisation, 359:world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, theExternalisation, 366:pamphlets, I sought (along with many other thinking people) to indicate the steps which might beExternalisation, 371:whole and not a menace and a terror to all right-thinking men. The arousing of the men of goodwillExternalisation, 399:This they must do through their own clear thinking on current matters, by the cultivation of aExternalisation, 401:is the religious background of the spiritual thinking in the world. Therefore, taking our stand onExternalisation, 404:But they are steadily taking shape in human thinking, and for them the United Nations fights. TwoExternalisation, 423:the results of past activities, the subjective thinking and the secret impulses to the surface, andExternalisation, 427:much selfishness, of no cruelty but of stupid thinking. These men - in the houses of legislature inExternalisation, 430:precipitated upon humanity. They tend to right thinking but are still the prey of the unscrupulousExternalisation, 430:of the unscrupulous and the selfish. When their thinking has been guided into right lines through aExternalisation, 432:acceptance of deception is impossible and clear thinking is normal. The potency of glamor (whichExternalisation, 432:mental perception and not instinctively. The thinking man, in his process of training, but who isExternalisation, 433:minds in every nation and which condition the thinking of the leaders of the United Nations; thisExternalisation, 434:it could to change the trend of human living and thinking, awakening the consciences of theExternalisation, 439:by the disciples, the aspirants and the clear thinking people of the world, and this was needed andExternalisation, 441:the coming year, until May 1945. The reflective thinking and careful planning of the new group ofExternalisation, 443:useful and needed service. Leave off saying and thinking those things which are critical of othersExternalisation, 445:placed clearly before you. The need for clear thinking is plain. The Hierarchy asks for your aidExternalisation, 446:happen and towards which goal or goals human thinking and planning will be directed. The masses ofExternalisation, 446:because it has such a misleading connotation. Thinking men and women in every country stand withExternalisation, 446:take right action and correctly influence human thinking. A powerful first ray activity - theExternalisation, 446:of their planning, and the breadth of their thinking may prove so effective that the "Cycle ofExternalisation, 448:cycle of ecclesiastical rule has biased human thinking so that the nature of spiritual strength andExternalisation, 449:have given a trend to world affairs and to human thinking which will work out in a clearerExternalisation, 451:press and the radio in order to distort human thinking; [452] they present half-truths, imputeExternalisation, 454:necessity. [454] The fight will then spread to thinking men and women everywhere who - in aExternalisation, 454:precipitate themselves into the realm of human thinking and planning. Men will then find themselvesExternalisation, 455:the issues involved and thus (through this clear thinking) affect telepathically the minds of men;Externalisation, 459:a better world set-up; their hitherto wishful thinking and their emotional desire are slowly givingExternalisation, 459:place to a more practical attitude; their clear thinking and their fixed determination are far moreExternalisation, 459:and their plans better laid because both their thinking and their planning are today based onExternalisation, 462:Them opportunity to change the ways of human thinking; they are being mobilized by theExternalisation, 463:Values Right Speech Right Mode of Living Right Thinking Right Aspiration Right Conduct Right EffortExternalisation, 465:but through the inauguration of an era of right thinking. This will end the present cycle ofExternalisation, 466:and uniform activity which will leave no single thinking person untouched, which will put theExternalisation, 466:This is a major point to bear in mind. If the thinking and executive people of the world can haveExternalisation, 467:world and the one humanity. The mass of right-thinking and convinced demand which you, who seek toExternalisation, 473:state of humanity today is known to all truly thinking people. Devastation, crucifixion, slaughterExternalisation, 473:and pessimism are conditioning the thinking and the reactions of millions, whilst the plight of theExternalisation, 481:New Age will be developed. For this moment the thinking and the planning of the enlightenedExternalisation, 482:will also give a sense of proportion to human thinking, plus an appreciation of the spiritualExternalisation, 484:agencies which work to educate and direct public thinking and mould public opinion. The energyExternalisation, 486:into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving men and women serve, the tide of theExternalisation, 487:resurrection, the constant flow of enlightened thinking into and directing the mass consciousness,Externalisation, 499:and real ground for happy, confident, forward thinking. [500] Organize now for the goodwill work.Externalisation, 534:which here may serve to develop your synthetic thinking and so bring in a definite measure ofExternalisation, 536:held in 1825), it first of all awakened men's thinking in a new and comprehensive way, producingExternalisation, 544:the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking; they belong to the aristocracy of spiritualExternalisation, 547:extracting them from the mass of imaginative thinking and consequent formulation of thought-formsExternalisation, 554:for people to slip back into the old ways of thinking or for the setting up of any reactionaryExternalisation, 576:the new generation assert their hold over human thinking. But it is not the event or the stage ofExternalisation, 584:of a change in the orientation of man's thinking, and therein lies its major value. It is notExternalisation, 584:emerge out of all these experiments which human thinking is at this time evolving. These are theExternalisation, 585:may be conscious that their effort and their thinking are part of a forward-moving evolutionaryExternalisation, 587:repudiates the reactionary and conservative thinking of the past and - without fanaticism and undueExternalisation, 587:represses all negative conditions and forms of thinking as he contacts them in his environment, butExternalisation, 592:God Transcendent has dominated the religious thinking of millions of simple and spiritually-mindedExternalisation, 592:The love He demonstrated still holds the thinking world in thrall, even though relatively few haveExternalisation, 594:or an exponent of one phase of religious wishful thinking. I speak because the time is ripe andExternalisation, 595:have hovered ever in the background of man's thinking and which are now on the verge of rightExternalisation, 596:in human history, because it is based on clearer thinking and common distress. True religion isExternalisation, 598:evoke recognition in every department of human thinking. The symbolic prophecies found in all theExternalisation, 600:and the unconvinced, yet hopeful, wishful thinking of believers (and also unbelievers), will soonExternalisation, 606:and intelligence - have become a part of human thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt toExternalisation, 615:other lands. These factors, when realized by thinking men and women, produce a deep discouragementExternalisation, 618:which is at present a philosophy of wishful thinking, but to that state of the realm in which theExternalisation, 627:Is there anything they can do to change the thinking of the world in regard to money, and toExternalisation, 634:nations and in every great department of human thinking and planning - a similar work. Externalisation, 636:must come from out the very depths of human thinking and feeling, and must emerge as a free andExternalisation, 636:the needed teaching which will direct man's thinking along right lines, to point the way of trueExternalisation, 637:are), but they are never separated off in the thinking and planning of the Hierarchy from the restExternalisation, 647:will place goodwill in the forefront of human thinking - upon a pinnacle of thought. This Master toExternalisation, 653:that the following facts should be realized: the thinking of those who are preparing humanity forExternalisation, 653:be most closely guarded and controlled; wishful thinking and the formulation of plans in line withExternalisation, 654:now being made, and not mystics; it is for clear-thinking men and women that the call has goneExternalisation, 658:issues, presenting opportunity, purifying human thinking and destroying the old and worn-outExternalisation, 664:it was a spontaneous development, based upon the thinking and the teaching of a mere handful of menExternalisation, 665:problems of industry, and the goal of all the thinking, all the planning and all the work ofExternalisation, 666:and labor leaders, financial experts and thinking workers, and members of all the differingExternalisation, 668:difficulty. The entire rhythm of international thinking has to be altered, and that constitutes aExternalisation, 675:of energy through the power of directed thinking and on behalf of the evolution and well-being ofExternalisation, 675:training process. Until a man can do his own thinking and deciding, he cannot be an intelligent,Externalisation, 676:to the founding of these centers of clear thinking men and women, working freely andExternalisation, 677:ideas and concepts and of phases of formulated thinking; and the appearance of the Hierarchy upon
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