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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINKING

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Externalisation, 677:and impulse clear and untainted by their own thinking, and have adhered - even in their ownExternalisation, 679:civilization will emerge as the result of mass thinking; it will no longer be a civilizationExternalisation, 689:Of this battle you know something because every thinking man and woman is immediately implicated. IExternalisation, 697:succeeded in changing the consciousness and the thinking of many millions. Their ideas are alreadyExternalisation, 697:Their ideas are already permeating world thinking. I would remind you also (for your encouragementExternalisation, 698:adverse conditions, to change the trend of human thinking from a frank materialism to a genuineFire, 46:in man to solar fire. This constitutes the thinking self-conscious unit or the soul. This fire ofFire, 49:the Infinite, the Changeless. Consciousness, thinking time and space, and of all forms as existingFire, 83:ring-pass-not of His objective manifestation. In thinking out this analogy we must hold closely inFire, 131:remains nothing more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest therefore in theFire, 136:of the rude health that the clean-living, high-thinking man should normally enjoy. When the firesFire, 186:the animal these five senses exist but, as the thinking correlating faculty is lacking, as theFire, 337:might be spoken but we aim to start students thinking for themselves, and seek to see them definingFire, 351:to be one with all yet apart from all, - the thinking, discriminating, Self-realizing somethingFire, 353:influence. Each of us, in illustration, is the thinking purposeful Entity who acts as the manasicFire, 868:Practical points for constructive thinking. Students must remember that the aim of all truly occultFire, 879:The student must bear in mind that [879] in thinking of the Pitris, he must ever think in groupFire, 921:The student must not make the mistake of thinking that these seven great transmitters are the sevenFire, 976:upon the physical plane. A man, for instance, is thinking a kindly thought; he has built it up andFire, 1006:that which exists; hence the necessity for clear thinking. Having "purified" the waters, orFire, 1069:stage [1069] when, through pure living and clean thinking, the present corruptions have beenFire, 1070:they will seek to ascertain through clear thinking and a study of the involved analogy what focalFire, 1108:a state of consciousness, but of consciousness thinking in terms of time and space in the threeGlamour, 30:but then there is no illusion, but clear thinking, coupled with a trained equipment in thatGlamour, 30:fixed presentations of half truth, the wild thinking of various world groups, and many similarGlamour, 33:to the third initiation is to induce that clear thinking which will render the disciple free fromGlamour, 71:is the result of: His own past, with its wrong thinking, selfish desires, and misinterpretation ofGlamour, 74:rhythmic glamor, and hence the whole world is thinking in terms of the way out from this presentGlamour, 83:emotional nature to the effect of hard straight thinking, using the mind as the instrument wherebyGlamour, 99:stage - not the intelligent awareness of the thinking man but the blind consciousness of theGlamour, 100:the necessity for decision and discrimination in thinking and in choice, but who are not yet trulyGlamour, 101:his goal. 3. The stage wherein the intelligent thinking man, whether disciple or well-meaningGlamour, 150:he is helpless for they inspire all his thinking, all his aspiration and his desire, and all hisGlamour, 162:Angel has been a theory and a point of wishful thinking. The balance is being adjusted by theGlamour, 163:maya. This they are doing by the increased clear thinking of the general public of all the nations,Glamour, 166:world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, theGlamour, 177:symbolically veiled. [177] The response of the thinking world to the presented truth. It is at thisGlamour, 182:the soul. A pause or interlude for constructive thinking, under the influence of the Angel. TheGlamour, 184:the form of idealisms; it is full of wishful thinking and planning, and even though much of this isGlamour, 185:arises: Is there in the sumtotal of this wishful thinking enough of the essential dynamicGlamour, 187:the Buddha. It completely revolutionized men's thinking and was - little as you may think it - aGlamour, 198:is formed by the mental unity and the clear thinking of advanced humanity. These, through the powerGlamour, 200:which are the result of human activity, human thinking and of human error. They embrace all theGlamour, 207:thus condition their life expression and their thinking. I would ask you to remember this as youGlamour, 211:must, therefore, be capable of vision, clear thinking, and prompt recognition as to what is [212]Glamour, 214:rid themselves of glamor by the power of clear thinking, stern discipline and common sense, and byGlamour, 216:its acceptance by the soul. These two lines of thinking produce a field of magnetic thought andGlamour, 247:The stage of aspiring, dreaming and of wishful thinking must now be superseded by direct action andGlamour, 255:when there is an alliance between breathing and thinking will results be possible. Behind this liesGlamour, 257:is being carried forward, a clear line of active thinking must be preserved so that the breath (asGlamour, 260:the centers with the physical body in their thinking and not so clearly with the etheric body. ThisGlamour, 265:eventual success, provided there is clear thinking, earnest purpose and planned scientific work.Healing, 14:[14] the planetary Deity, is guilty of wrong thinking. But you will not be expressing the truth,Healing, 34:be either of a low or medium caliber. With the thinking public, the dominating factors are theseHealing, 90:- through right rhythmic living, plus correct thinking and soul contact - will become permanentlyHealing, 90:of the race are mentally polarized and therefore thinking. The fact that the bulk of diseases areHealing, 90:factor producing this difficulty is that the thinking and the emotional reactions of man are soHealing, 91:are due to wrong feeling and others to wrong thinking. Speaking in terms of the entire humanHealing, 91:in terms of the entire human family, the thinking that is done in the world of today, is done byHealing, 92:are starting out to work, and I would have clear thinking on this point. The two problems which IHealing, 93:for this, nor is it the result of human wrong thinking. It provides no answer to the question toHealing, 93:say that it must therefore be due to the wrong thinking of the planetary Logos or of the solarHealing, 94:to ascribe the appearance of disease to wrong thinking. But in reality, humanity must some dayHealing, 94:qualities. Soul energy, expressed through right thinking, can cure diseases to which man is prone.Healing, 95:the fact that activity (which is the result of thinking specifically) has been colored andHealing, 97:these conditions are met, too much use of the thinking faculty and too potent a use of the mindHealing, 97:sometimes brain disease, but the mind itself and thinking, per se, cannot cause disease and troubleHealing, 117:disciple of the Christ, and this conditions his thinking and his aspiration. He is a devotee andHealing, 119:life, so that the man is conditioned by right thinking under the impulse or the illumination of theHealing, 157:for as a "man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Thinking in the heart becomes truly possible onlyHealing, 157:Feeling in the heart is often confused with thinking. The ability to think in the heart is theHealing, 157:of the solar plexus into the heart center. Heart thinking is also one of the indications that theHealing, 157:lotus, has reached a point of real activity. Thinking as a result of correct feeling is thenHealing, 163:and the subject of thought and discussion of thinking men for many centuries. Much at which theyHealing, 182:as yet few and far between), which will aid the thinking of those who are in training and give themHealing, 192:concerned; their position is based on wishful thinking and on the innate desire of the averageHealing, 252:world were to be undertaken and presented to the thinking public - taken in normal conditions andHealing, 255:Have you any idea of the wall of antagonistic thinking and speech against which a new or pioneeringHealing, 255:penetrate into the consciousness of the average thinking (or again should I say, unthinking?)Healing, 257:much needed today in every department of human thinking. [258] We shall now proceed to deal withHealing, 262:a proven fact and a recognized factor in human thinking. The question "Why?" so frequently askedHealing, 265:emphasize the fact of human stock and cease thinking of themselves in terms of national and racialHealing, 297:transition called death. But behind all wise thinking and wise activity must be the acceptance ofHealing, 388:negation of what may have been deep seated wrong thinking. It will be apparent to you, therefore,Healing, 390:with other seekers for truth, into their thinking and into their discussions with each other, andHealing, 391:is facilitated by right action, based on right thinking, which eventuates in right characterHealing, 391:health should prepare themselves through correct thinking and sane anticipation. The morbidHealing, 392:tune in on their emotions, and also upon their thinking, for the physical brain, beingHealing, 393:of the sadistic turn which was given to the thinking of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages andHealing, 395:is largely based on humanity's wishful thinking, with very little true telepathy to be found in it.Healing, 396:in the enquirer's consciousness, and wishful thinking anent advice demanded because the enquirerHealing, 397:the "I" remains as yet in the realm of wishful thinking or of belief. This belief can be founded onHealing, 399:characteristic of the sensitive and the right thinking people at this time, is now emerging upon aHealing, 399:and this need not necessarily be wishful thinking but an indication of a latent subjectiveHealing, 399:its way as a result of human distress and human thinking; this is today sensed; this fact will beHealing, 400:have been proposed; these are well known to all thinking people. They are: The strictlyHealing, 419:remains nothing more to desire; the Ego, or the thinking entity, loses interest, therefore, inHealing, 427:as symbolic, as comforting or as wishful thinking. I present them to you as factual in nature, asHealing, 437:dream, a vision, a theory, a process of wishful thinking, a hypothesis or an urge. It is realizedHealing, 438:the old ideas will vanish. Death to the average thinking man is a point of catastrophic crisis. It
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