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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THINKING

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Magic, 367:force. Only through the steady strong right thinking of the people and the understanding of theMagic, 367:go forward along the desired lines. Right thinking depends upon many things, and it might be usefulMagic, 384:and are due to the modifications of the thinking principle, and to the control of form by mentalMagic, 410:authority. They have driven man to the stage of thinking for himself by the force of their uniqueMagic, 416:unrecognized by the world at large, who are thinking truth. Let me call your attention to thatMagic, 417:seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak the needed words, andMagic, 420:must be set to building for the future, and to thinking along the new lines. He must be warned notMagic, 430:is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent men. As yet, and this mayMagic, 464:a mind of some kind, functioning consciously and thinking clearly, posit a Thinker, and this isMagic, 466:of standing alone, with the faculty of clear thinking and accurate visualization, but demonstrateMagic, 472:its sender's purpose. The necessity for clear thinking and the elimination of idle, destructive andMagic, 473:a mind and learn its dual use. Concentrate the thinking principle, and be the master of thy mentalMagic, 483:seldom think, but that when they do they are oft thinking [484] wrongly, for they are forced into aMagic, 491:the institution of constructive creative [491] thinking; certain preconceived ideas (note theMagic, 492:of students to think with clarity. Clear thinking involves capacity to dissociate oneself,Magic, 495:that which makes a human being a rational, thinking entity, is "anchored" by one aspect of thisMagic, 501:ruptured, thus again permitting the exit of the thinking rational being. Magic, 502:aspects of the death process. If the student is thinking clearly, it will be apparent to him thatMagic, 530:purposeful will and formulated desire of some thinking Being, and governs consequently theMagic, 560:the present situation to leave off reading and thinking about it aspirationally and to begin toMagic, 568:principle, and to the five modifications of the thinking principle. Prana in the solar system worksMagic, 588:generally possible when man became a more truly thinking entity, during the past few centuries, onMagic, 592:nervous and endocrine systems. A little clear thinking therefore will demonstrate the need forMagic, 603:recognized in the world of ordinary everyday thinking and living. This attitude of mind will enableMeditation, 23:from the moment when animal-man became a thinking entity, [24] a human being, to that of theMeditation, 27:functioning and the man is an active, feeling, thinking entity. He reaches the consummation of theMeditation, 30:happens at the moment when animal-man becomes a thinking entity, a human being? The approximationMeditation, 70:in Meditation June 23, 1920 You are right in thinking that conditions today are not desirable. TheMeditation, 72:provides a magnetic link between the conscious, thinking, threefold man and his lower vehicles,Meditation, 77:the mental, and cultivates the habit of abstract thinking, the desired results upon the centersMeditation, 112:and climatically slow. Ages of metaphysical thinking, of vegetarian living, of climatic inertia andMeditation, 119:teach men to develop themselves, to do their own thinking, reason out their own problems, and buildMeditation, 143:has to be felt, has to be finally in the thinking, waking consciousness. The Ego on its own planeMeditation, 235:synonymous terms because of the need of clear thinking on your part) are gradually received intoMeditation, 340:of the higher Self) is reached: Clear thinking, not just on subjects wherein interest is aroused,Meditation, 353:that faculty in man which is the intelligent thinking principle, and which differentiates man fromPatanjali, 9:are frequently called "modifications of the thinking principle." These two produce control of thePatanjali, 17:of the modifications (or activities) of the thinking principle. Stabilization of the mind and itsPatanjali, 24:recognized as modifications of the mind, of the thinking principle, and therefore as part of thatPatanjali, 64:about the problem of attainment. Unless clear thinking precedes action, insufficient momentum willPatanjali, 103:from obscuration by impurity, the sattva of the thinking-substance, the essence of which is light,Patanjali, 112:is the subjugation of the senses by the thinking principle and their withdrawal from that which hasPatanjali, 139:over the whole of their support, viz. the thinking principle." [140] This is the first work of thePatanjali, 140:of wrong habits of thought and the misuse of the thinking principle. When they are subtly known asPatanjali, 152:free the thinker from the modifications of the thinking principle so that he no longer mergesPatanjali, 156:gunas: The qualities of matter, The aspects of thinking substance, or of the universal mind, ThePatanjali, 157:the phenomenal world are channels for the real thinking man; they demonstrate his active realityPatanjali, 159:forms are found. This is the sum total of the thinking substance of which our little minds arePatanjali, 165:the "suppression of the activities [165] of the thinking principle" or with mind control), hasPatanjali, 165:their origin through the "modifications of the thinking principle" of men imprisoned in the threePatanjali, 167:with the mental vehicle and regards himself as thinking thus and so. It is this identificationPatanjali, 168:with the matter aspect, The union of thinking man or the self-conscious reflection in the threePatanjali, 173:- there are seven major modifications of the thinking principle. These are: Desire for knowledge.Patanjali, 173:one's duty. The first three modifications of the thinking principle eventually bring evolvingPatanjali, 175:body develops and the modifications of the thinking principle become more rapid, fear and thatPatanjali, 176:This relates to the first modification of the thinking principle, desire for knowledge. The stagePatanjali, 200:done through continence, Pure living and clean thinking, and not through any perversions of occultPatanjali, 229:is the subjugation of the senses by the thinking principle and their withdrawal from that which hasPatanjali, 229:the thinker, through the medium of the mind, the thinking principle, so dominates the senses thatPatanjali, 231:so that by preventing the transformation of the thinking principle, the sense also will follow itPatanjali, 234:of the versatile psychic nature and of the thinking principle. 16. Through concentrated meditationPatanjali, 234:disembodied), freed from the modification of the thinking principle. This is the state ofPatanjali, 248:in the following words: "The soul has the means. Thinking is the means. It is inanimate. WhenPatanjali, 248:Thinking is the means. It is inanimate. When thinking has completed its task of release, it hasPatanjali, 249:so that all the "modifications" of the thinking process, all the emotional reactions of thePatanjali, 259:throws into activity the "modifications of the thinking principle," or stimulates the tendency ofPatanjali, 263:ability to restrain the modifications of the thinking principle has to precede this desirable statePatanjali, 269:of the versatile psychic nature and of the thinking principle. This is a very general paraphrase ofPatanjali, 281:in the true or spiritual man and to control the thinking principle. It is an occult law that "as aPatanjali, 282:man or soul, and (through the use of the thinking principle and an act of the will) his withdrawalPatanjali, 284:involved in the work of gaining control of the thinking principle and setting up that directPatanjali, 300:forms. "Upwards there is no impediment to their thinking and in regions below there is no objectPatanjali, 301:or restraining of the modifications of the thinking principle;" in other words, perfect one-pointedPatanjali, 323:In the animal these five senses exist, but the thinking correlating faculty is lacking. TheyPatanjali, 329:principle and to the five modifications of the thinking principle. Prana in the solar system worksPatanjali, 339:disembodied), freed from the modification of the thinking principle. This is the state ofPatanjali, 342:mind apprehension and the modifications of the thinking principle, for mind is the fifth principle,Patanjali, 382:The effect of the transference of our conscious thinking state from a low objective to a high onePatanjali, 382:a change or a mutation in the vestures of the thinking entity, and they become transmuted andPatanjali, 389:can direct and control the "modifications of the thinking [390] principle," he creates noPatanjali, 399:and the conquest of the modifications of the thinking principle, and then the work of using thatPatanjali, 403:words, that through the modifications of our own thinking principle we build our own world, andPatanjali, 404:that things are but the reflections of our thinking principle, would object to such a position. ThePatanjali, 404:for the existence of things apart from the thinking principle is certain. Though there is, indeed,Patanjali, 404:distinct. Hence objects exist out of the thinking principle. Though objects are similar they arePatanjali, 407:modifications of that fragment of the universal thinking principle which he has appropriated forPatanjali, 410:and the power to "still the modifications of the thinking principle" must precede all brainProblems, 5:Introduction It is essential that all thinking people should give time and thought to theProblems, 11:thought-form (built up over the centuries by the thinking, the goals and the ambitions of a nation)Problems, 11:of other countries and separative in his thinking, he is then contributing to world disunity and,Problems, 12:war was symptomatic of immaturity, of adolescent thinking, of uncontrolled childish emotions and ofProblems, 14:to make this clear so that there may be straight thinking as we face the world of today and beginProblems, 14:lies in the fact that thousands today are thinking along these idealistic lines; thousands areProblems, 15:of powerful groups. Ancient habits of mass thinking and of mass reaction are difficult to overcome.Problems, 16:the new trends, to renounce the old ways of thinking and acting if humanity is not to descend toProblems, 18:have been led into evil ways and into separative thinking. The regimentation of the German peopleProblems, 20:Century, great changes have taken place in the thinking of the English people. Old things haveProblems, 20:justice and the good intentions of their thinking and planning. This she had lost during the pastProblems, 21:her citizens are brave and [21] sound in their thinking and are disturbed at what the history ofProblems, 32:visionary, mystical hopes and dreams, wishful thinking and the formulation of highly organized
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