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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Atom, 72:Many of the [72] old forms of scientific thought are likewise disintegrating, and the foundationsAtom, 72:and deeply cherished structures of religious thought and belief, and of philosophical finding seemAtom, 74:essential purpose. [74] To sum up the central thought of this lecture: Let us endeavor to realizeAtom, 84:which is very illuminating, and in line with the thought that we are seeking to develop tonight.Atom, 88:the stage of appropriation for himself, with no thought of any other self. Children are naturally,Atom, 91:a man, and this we can realize with very little thought. If we concede that man is a cell in aAtom, 102:of plants, opening up a very wide range of thought. We have seen that in atomic matter the onlyAtom, 104:is going on, keenly conscious, responsive to thought currents of various kinds in human affairs,Atom, 109:themselves, and through Mental Science, New Thought, and the study of psychology they will arriveAtom, 111:application of the mind, the utmost control of thought, and an attitude which is neither negativeAtom, 111:upon and application to any particular line of thought) will differ for different people andAtom, 113:strenuous application to the particular line of thought which interests them, they produce results,Atom, 124:do not know, but it makes an interesting line of thought for us, and it does no harm to speculateAtom, 130:There are, as we know, three main lines of thought in the world: the scientific, the religious, andAtom, 130:what have we got? In the scientific line of thought we have embodied all that concerns matter, theAtom, 130:with that which can be proven. In religious thought we have that which is concerned with the lifeAtom, 130:the subjective side of nature. In philosophical thought we have what I might call the utilizationAtom, 143:which may lead us to very interesting realms of thought. We have for several weeks been consideringAtom, 154:Absolute Consciousness, might it not? This thought can be extended to the human atom, to theAutobiography, 2:to extract the meaning out of events, schools of thought and circumstance, and when one remains [3]Autobiography, 4:which are coming out into the world of human thought from the inner group of Masters and which areAutobiography, 5:have found the same humanity, the same beauty of thought, the same self-sacrifice and the same loveAutobiography, 12:I Until 1908 I wanted for nothing; I never thought about money; I did and went as I chose. But fromAutobiography, 19:drove through a square there I noticed what I thought was a statue of a plain old man with a beard.Autobiography, 30:etc., and disposed of them irretrievably. I thought that she could not possibly know that I hadAutobiography, 31:dropped from my curriculum altogether as it was thought [32] impossible to permit a tall girl of 18Autobiography, 34:narrowest kind of Christianity; unless people thought as I did, they could not be saved. The ChurchAutobiography, 36:from the shock, I was first frightened and thought I was going insane or had been to sleep andAutobiography, 38:put out by many esoteric (so-called) schools of thought. The claim of discipleship is everAutobiography, 43:believed in a heaven of happiness for those who thought as I did and a hell for those who did not,Autobiography, 50:such a static condition that all evolution in thought and all progress would be permanentlyAutobiography, 51:He had opened my eyes and the eyes of those who thought as I did, but He was quite ready to sendAutobiography, 53:interim I amused myself by falling in love (so I thought) with a clergyman by the name of Roberts.Autobiography, 56:I was caring too much what people thought of me. My early training was receiving its first hardAutobiography, 65:and thoroughly ashamed but I did what I thought Jesus would do. I looked at the men and said,Autobiography, 71:asked a prominent Hindu a few years ago what he thought would happen if the British withdrew allAutobiography, 81:my close friend and handled me roughly when she thought the occasion warranted it. If she did notAutobiography, 82:Gospel meeting in the little village hall and I thought I had acquitted myself exceedingly well. IAutobiography, 84:for all eternity? I saturated myself with the thought of hell and, glowing with information andAutobiography, 84:with my subject; I forgot my surroundings in the thought of hell. Suddenly at the end of half anAutobiography, 85:Was God just as I had pictured Him and, (awful thought) if God was as I had pictured Him and if IAutobiography, 90:very hard, and have lived a very intense thought-life. I have an idea that in a previous life IAutobiography, 94:to laugh myself sick and then Miss Schofield thought I was haying hysterics. At last we got toAutobiography, 101:Britain when I wanted without a single [101] thought. I really had had no personal difficulties toAutobiography, 103:of me lay a wonderful future with the man I thought I adored, in a new and wonderful land, for weAutobiography, 105:Alice A. Bailey - Chapter III Since then I have thought and read and talked about this [106]Autobiography, 112:destroying all photographs and books which he thought I might value, he had taken to knocking meAutobiography, 120:A. Bailey - Chapter III As I have studied and thought and asked questions, certain things haveAutobiography, 128:the people; I was just nobody and I had always thought I was somebody. I was holding down the kindAutobiography, 129:like it at first and used to shudder at the thought of going through the gate but, after all, I'dAutobiography, 134:The lecturer wandered all over the world of thought. He told the audience that each of them had aAutobiography, 137:will after I am gone. So I read and studied and thought. My mind woke up as I struggled with theAutobiography, 137:teaching it contains has revolutionized human thought, little as people may realize it. I regardAutobiography, 138:at the same time, I disliked it cordially. I thought it was very badly written, incorrect andAutobiography, 138:what it was that was happening to human thought through the publication of "The Secret Doctrine." IAutobiography, 141:again into the dust from which he came; thought, under this theory, is simply a secretion of theAutobiography, 145:but it conditions our thinking. Great national thought-forms rule the activities of every nationAutobiography, 148:to sleep in the building with me because I thought it might occasion talk and gossip. So each nightAutobiography, 150:next to mine. Finding an open door he naturally thought it was his dressing room. In the meantime,Autobiography, 151:A. Bailey - Chapter IV There are schools of thought which teach that fear, if indulged in, willAutobiography, 151:applies to many things. Those schools of thought which tell the public that because they are divineAutobiography, 152:it is to be harmless in word and deed and thought. Life in Hollywood was now easier for me. TheAutobiography, 152:there appeared to me to be deeply spiritual. I thought the leaders and teachers were at leastAutobiography, 153:other, but they are not incited thereto by man's thought, as some fanatics claim. Sequentially,Autobiography, 158:T.S. and had never even heard of it. Just as I thought I had found a center of spiritual light andAutobiography, 161:or again automatic writing, the tapping of thought [162] currents (which everybody is doing all theAutobiography, 162:I had sent the children off to school and thought I would snatch a few minutes to myself and wentAutobiography, 162:I sat startled and attentive. I heard what I thought was a clear note of music which sounded fromAutobiography, 163:all about the matter. I never gave it another thought and did not even tell Foster about it. DuringAutobiography, 167:it is effortless and the results are clarity of thought and a stimulation which has a definitelyAutobiography, 175:now to men and women who can give more thought, time and consideration to the answering of myAutobiography, 177:believe that ever again will the occult field of thought fall into the same disrepute as it didAutobiography, 180:an old lady and over 70 when she left me she thought they might profit from some of herAutobiography, 193:and his constant failure to get excited when I thought he should, has saved me constantly fromAutobiography, 209:for himself and his message." That was all and I thought no more about it. The next morning, whenAutobiography, 210:people in America, like Mrs. du Pont Ortiz, who thought as he did, who had beautiful homes, whoAutobiography, 247:taking down my notes, rendering them into the thought-provoking English which together we haveAutobiography, 260:of meditation work, many years of study and thought, and a command of clear, forceful English. 3.Autobiography, 268:is a dedicated contributor to the Plan, with no thought of the separated self conditioning hisAutobiography, 277:recorded as coming from the world of thought and from the minds of other men, and that which comesAutobiography, 277:the right use of the mind, right control of thought and right interpretation of all spiritualAutobiography, 294:Much harm has been done by those schools of thought who regard the desire for money (even if it isAutobiography, 298:the ashram of the Master K.H. (An ashram may be thought of as a center of living spiritual energyBethlehem, ix:ONE Introductory Remarks on Initiation KEY THOUGHT "There is a human desire for God; but there isBethlehem, 10:states or emotional conditions, and of mental or thought reactions. He is now ready to haveBethlehem, 15:arriving, en masse, at an increasing clarity of thought. Through the message, therefore, of theBethlehem, 30:First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem KEY THOUGHT "Except a man be born again, he cannot seeBethlehem, 42:Self or the Atman. The modern [42] schools of thought speak of the ego, or the higher self, theBethlehem, 49:to control human affairs, government and thought. Out of the intellect, rightly used andBethlehem, 80:through translation down the centuries. The thought of sin is very little dwelt upon by Christ. ItBethlehem, 82:or other. Two recognitions must emerge into the thought-world of the aspirant of today. First, theBethlehem, 83:Second Initiation - The Baptism in Jordan KEY THOUGHT "It is a propitious moment to put theBethlehem, 87:is the experience of the soul; and whenever a thought and a feeling become indistinguishable, thereBethlehem, 87:the ritual requirements and the general trend of thought of His time. The initiate who has takenBethlehem, 102:says: "In Jesus' messianic consciousness the thought of suffering acquired [103] now, as applied toBethlehem, 103:messianic consciousness was never without the thought of the Passion. Suffering is the way to theBethlehem, 103:Book II, 27.) It is as though he were dealing in thought with the seven illuminations which come toBethlehem, 111:forty days. No account is given to us of His thought and determinations, His realization andBethlehem, 119:It concerns the ideas whereby we live, and the thought life which more or less (although mostlyBethlehem, 120:being used today by many teachers and schools of thought. These are peculiarly the temptations of
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