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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Discipleship1, 666:the inner Christ or Buddha. Then focus your thought, without effort or strength, in this center.Discipleship1, 670:of this is, of course, alignment. Have this thought of alignment in your consciousness as youDiscipleship1, 670:yourself as the physical man and holding the thought of physical coordination. Interlude whereinDiscipleship1, 670:man, holding whilst you do it the thought of the purification and the transmutation of desire.Discipleship1, 673:experience. A symbolic teaching. A using of a thought-form of the Master. A contact in meditation.Discipleship1, 683:nature and the cultivated right habits of thought which are the major undertaking of an aspirant'sDiscipleship1, 684:group of every Master is distinguished by its thought content, contributed by the disciples andDiscipleship1, 684:Master in his work for humanity. Therefore, the thought life of every disciple must be conditionedDiscipleship1, 684:its correct precipitation. This precipitation of thought is due to clearly directed intent, toDiscipleship1, 684:Master in three ways: By the potency of his Own thought life, evoked by his response to the unitedDiscipleship1, 685:the idea of contribution, watching their thought life with care, so that there may be in it thatDiscipleship1, 685:a quality that it will precipitate that "pool of thought" with which all disciples can be inDiscipleship1, 686:his judgment and make him simply a replica in thought of the Master's thought? These are questionsDiscipleship1, 686:him simply a replica in thought of the Master's thought? These are questions of importance. TheDiscipleship1, 690:and are to be found in every field and school of thought. I am not going to define for you activeDiscipleship1, 692:you, as a disciple, try to live harmlessly - in thought and word and deed - and when nothing isDiscipleship1, 696:form. By the power of his focused and directed thought, he attracts to him those whose type of mindDiscipleship1, 696:to what I might here call the reservoir of thought which is an Ashram. It is a sustained focus,Discipleship1, 696:dynamic direction which makes this reservoir of thought contributory to world service andDiscipleship1, 697:or inner group is essentially a reservoir of thought and that reservoir has for its spring orDiscipleship1, 697:and increased. Then it becomes a clear pool of thought, augmented and fed from the spring of manyDiscipleship1, 697:of many disciples. To this reservoir of pure thought, every pledged disciple is asked to make hisDiscipleship1, 697:disciple now naturally and rightly questions how thought power and spiritual instinct are related,Discipleship1, 698:interprets and illumines the mind. The power of thought as employed in the work of the Ashram isDiscipleship1, 698:triple combination will produce that type of thought which will be effective in activity,Discipleship1, 698:and to criticize has vanished. The power of thought of a Master, if misused, could be a potentDiscipleship1, 698:safety In this work of assembling the necessary thought power for constructive work, the ethericDiscipleship1, 698:this. When the mind (the instrument of thought) is the vehicle of soul life, soul light and soulDiscipleship1, 698:the Mind. The mind creates or formulates those thought-forms (or embodied energies) which express,Discipleship1, 699:so much implemented by instinct or desire as by thought energy, dedicated to and expressing theDiscipleship1, 704:as to the future and a host of mental thought-forms, plus undue attention to the cyclic life of theDiscipleship1, 705:the power, as a group, to formulate the desired thought-effect in such a manner that it will reachDiscipleship1, 705:of those you seek to contact, to project the thought-form, built in such a way that it will be ofDiscipleship1, 705:is seeking to help and strengthen. The projected thought-form will embody the light and love, asDiscipleship1, 706:disciple can do for them in molding their thought or in shaping their decisions. I refer of courseDiscipleship1, 707:of a spiritual group. It is a point of united thought; it is a center for the clarification of theDiscipleship1, 710:forms. I would ask you to reflect upon this thought. This growth in sensitivity is difficult toDiscipleship1, 712:experience. A symbolic teaching. The using of a thought-form of some Master. A contact with theDiscipleship1, 725:that there can be no true transference of thought. Where love and trust do not exist, they must beDiscipleship1, 726:his karma. This the senior disciple does by thought impression. All karma, when consciously faced,Discipleship1, 726:faced, is precipitated by the power of thought; this is perhaps the major lesson which the seniorDiscipleship1, 732:A dream experience. A symbolic teaching. The thought-form of a Master. A direct contact with theDiscipleship1, 733:experiences upon the Way. People do see thought-forms of the Masters, for those thought-formsDiscipleship1, 733:do see thought-forms of the Masters, for those thought-forms exist; they do receive symbolicDiscipleship1, 733:of symbolic teaching, these contacts with thought-forms will steadily increase and are indicativeDiscipleship1, 733:answer questions which, given a little time or thought, the disciple could answer himself, but toDiscipleship1, 733:mind the type of question which warrants his thought and then to stimulate his abstract mind soDiscipleship1, 736:others and presented also by one's own habits of thought. This is all a form of self-centeredness.Discipleship1, 747:and have not yet cast off ancient habits of thought. These questions have eventually to be answeredDiscipleship1, 759:a channel. I would have you reflect on that thought. The attainment of the capacity to be a pureDiscipleship1, 772:differentiate in values, a desire to retreat in thought from the unhappy and the unpleasant and toDiscipleship1, 773:lost all self-interest and is a focused point of thought in the mind of God. Can I say more thanDiscipleship1, 779:taking down my notes, rendering them into the thought-provoking English which together we haveDiscipleship2, XIII:group polarization lies ahead. I have given much thought to what I have enjoined upon you in yourDiscipleship2, 4:in their ears. I have given you much time and thought, and earnestly I have sought to aid you onDiscipleship2, 7:bring into the picture personal sensitivities of thought, and this only because of a groupDiscipleship2, 7:or to enlarge upon it, but because clarity of thought and of vision is necessary if the work is toDiscipleship2, 8:may have achieved much along the lines of clear thought and an impersonal attitude; his usefulnessDiscipleship2, 9:and have, in the last analysis, given no real thought to what I have said. Hence the need ofDiscipleship2, 9:they would take on the powerful coloring of her thought, and from this she has ever carefullyDiscipleship2, 10:glance in the direction of the disciple with the thought in mind of ascertaining the value of hisDiscipleship2, 10:the symbol which is the product of his written thought. This symbol may be and probably isDiscipleship2, 11:and formulating the needed material into a thought-form which will be comprehensive, clear-cut,Discipleship2, 11:will express, to the mind of the amanuensis, the thought-form as I see it and build it. Putting itDiscipleship2, 11:of A.A.B. an ordered presentation of the thought-form which embodies the lesson I desire theDiscipleship2, 12:mean by that phrase? I mean that aspect of thought, that quality of feeling, or that innateDiscipleship2, 12:in the eyes of the Masters. So much of the thought life of a disciple is occupied with a ceaselessDiscipleship2, 14:paradoxes of occultism. In the world of human thought, understanding follows the prescribedDiscipleship2, 17:work upon the occult maxim that "energy follows thought." We have started upon one formula whichDiscipleship2, 21:of the effect that your national and racial thought-forms have upon you, and also the assets andDiscipleship2, 29:cannot escape. But one error emerges if careful thought is given to this dark night as pictured byDiscipleship2, 32:immediate objectives. These objectives must be thought through together and their import must beDiscipleship2, 34:had you given careful attention to your thought life. Discipleship2, 36:weak. Today, the lines of energy, carried by thought and directed towards me, are steady but not soDiscipleship2, 36:to work as an Ashram works, using the power of thought, originating pressures, directing thoughtDiscipleship2, 36:of thought, originating pressures, directing thought currents along specified lines out into theDiscipleship2, 36:specified lines out into the world, creating thought-forms which will make clear-cut contact withDiscipleship2, 50:earth a new religious idea or concept, a seed thought or germ of a new activity which (at someDiscipleship2, 51:of the spiritual world. I, in myself, as you thought of me, am only the symbol of that world, asDiscipleship2, 62:the manipulation of energy into a desired thought pattern - has a definite relation to this area ofDiscipleship2, 62:people, with their peculiar knowledge of thought power (used along wrong lines in the war period),Discipleship2, 78:privileged to be used in building up the needed thought-forms anent the correct aspects of theDiscipleship2, 80:you have (as a group) provided the pool of thought that could be stirred into activity, and thusDiscipleship2, 86:of the need for the New Seed Group is ended. The thought of reorganization must be dropped; itDiscipleship2, 86:who have for twenty years absorbed a system of thought are apt to be so absorbed by it [87] that itDiscipleship2, 90:by some senior disciple) has enabled him in thought and consciousness to reach the periphery of theDiscipleship2, 94:August-September 1949 BROTHERS, AS OF OLD: The thought constantly enters my mind as to what I canDiscipleship2, 94:an essentially new esoteric concept and a germ thought which the many aspirants of the world mustDiscipleship2, 95:and thus find out what is the content of your thought? A major test is here involved, and it is oneDiscipleship2, 97:written down (so as to focus that truth) with no thought or fear of what other members of the groupDiscipleship2, 103:in an Ashram. This will perhaps be a new thought to you and is responsible for the reason whyDiscipleship2, 105:with his service and his other lines of thought, he becomes what is called "a disciple who shall noDiscipleship2, 107:(and groups form a large part of every field of thought and activity) are usually composed ofDiscipleship2, 108:and group leaders in any other phase of human thought and procedure. Therefore we ask: How can weDiscipleship2, 109:have been greatly hindered by these foolish thought-forms and by the preconceived ideas ofDiscipleship2, 116:next the concentration of aspiration and of thought in the heart center, imagining it to be justDiscipleship2, 116:It must be recognized that the concentration of thought energy is definitely there. Then followsDiscipleship2, 118:meditation. Throw the power of your focused thought and will into and behind the words. Stand thenDiscipleship2, 125:as a whole has not given as much attention and thought to the processes outlined in the two partsDiscipleship2, 128:is of real service in centralizing your thought and therefore your life within the group life. It
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