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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Discipleship2, 314:others to do the same. This is indeed a worthy thought, but is nevertheless based entirely onDiscipleship2, 323:will be that of creativity, the world of thought-forms and the desire which each human being andDiscipleship2, 333:of some degree. The merging of all hierarchical thought and activity into some one directed event,Discipleship2, 344:one or two exceptions - omitted to give much thought or study to these important creativeDiscipleship2, 344:are divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms, and each of them conditions the work ofDiscipleship2, 345:subjected to deep meditation and concentrated thought, prepare the disciple for a deeperDiscipleship2, 347:three have already been given: [347] Energy - Thought - Directive Energy. Will - Expression -Discipleship2, 347:is that of "initiated thinking." This means thought carried forward on purely abstract levels, andDiscipleship2, 347:abstract levels, and embodying, therefore, thought which is free from soul conditioning or from theDiscipleship2, 348:of light" can come. It is perhaps a somewhat new thought to you as aspiring occult students thatDiscipleship2, 349:When, again (as hinted on page 313), the myriad thought-forms of the concrete or lower mind areDiscipleship2, 358:meanings) provides you with three lines of thought or of meditative reflection: EvolutionaryDiscipleship2, 361:careful planning and a detailed and carefully thought-out program), both in the minds of theDiscipleship2, 367:will be that of creativity, of the world of thought-forms which humanity as a whole has created andDiscipleship2, 368:be made between the aspiration which precedes thought and which presupposes an emotionalDiscipleship2, 368:revelation, and that which is the consequence of thought and which is the seed of an oriented [369]Discipleship2, 369:them as suggested earlier. Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy. Involves theDiscipleship2, 372:The First Point of Revelation: Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy. We are notDiscipleship2, 372:not dealing here with the simple statement that thought power is an energy and that the process ofDiscipleship2, 372:is increasingly aware of the subjective power of thought and of its consequences - objectiveDiscipleship2, 373:connection with the aphorism that energy follows thought, I would have you relate this concept toDiscipleship2, 373:and in line with their fixed intention, those thought-forms which must be "impressed" upon theDiscipleship2, 373:of consciousness desired. These living forms of thought are then occultly energized and becomeDiscipleship2, 373:or reservoirs of energy, with the original thought-form as the creative source at the center. TheseDiscipleship2, 373:as the creative source at the center. These thought-forms and this generated energy are held steadyDiscipleship2, 375:number of those who can work with the energy of thought is now very great, because so many hundredsDiscipleship2, 376:the will of God; they are therefore building thought-forms and are developing the power to beDiscipleship2, 376:attention and the triple process of impression, thought-form construction, and energy directionDiscipleship2, 377:of human intelligence; this desire has built thought-forms which are in tune or allied to everyDiscipleship2, 385:through his Creative Word is his focused thought and his fixed mental intention. In order to createDiscipleship2, 385:order to create a material world, he directs his thought from what can be regarded as the concreteDiscipleship2, 385:must pass are primarily concerned with the thought of the supreme, incarnating Deity; that thoughtDiscipleship2, 385:thought of the supreme, incarnating Deity; that thought demonstrates as the will-to-good. TheDiscipleship2, 387:The "area of promise" wherein the divine thought is projected, directed and held true to theDiscipleship2, 388:several times straight through with concentrated thought and to note how closely they are relatedDiscipleship2, 393:is there adapted to the differing fields of thought, to the diverse types of consciousness, and toDiscipleship2, 396:in time and space" and use them as a seed thought in meditation. The reward would be great. It isDiscipleship2, 407:kingdom in nature dominates in every field of thought and of activity, and not the Kingdom of GodDiscipleship2, 410:unrecognized over vast areas of the world of thought and by many millions of men. However, brotherDiscipleship2, 412:the Probationary Path. They serve to clarify thought; they remove glamor and illusory veils; theyDiscipleship2, 415:will be, for him, A summation or anchored thought-form of any wisdom which he may have attained, IDiscipleship2, 419:Each grasped inference is like a seed thought in an ordered, concentrated and successfulDiscipleship2, 423:the germ of an expanding realization. Keep this thought ever in your minds as you seek to learn theDiscipleship2, 424:this is the law that "energy follows thought" and that "the eye directs that energy." Mankind hasDiscipleship2, 435:the idea of God Transcendent dominated religious thought. But the revelation accorded is, inDiscipleship2, 436:as you can well understand. So much of human thought anent religion is concerned with the light ofDiscipleship2, 444:to your form of service and ponder deeply on the thought of "service by radiation." As you alreadyDiscipleship2, 449:but I am giving you a loose structure of thought which I would like to see govern your approach toDiscipleship2, 456:why they should be so interested in habits of thought and action and speech which the disciple isDiscipleship2, 457:the disciples and aspirants will, through their thought, make the word "unity" carry hidden power.Discipleship2, 471:"The Pinnacles," and give much time for quiet thought and for impression. Know that guidance willDiscipleship2, 474:also have a definite effect upon your life. This thought gives me the chance to point out to youDiscipleship2, 477:your life. You have consequently established a thought rhythm which naught can change and whichDiscipleship2, 477:soul will commit the personality. Energy follows thought. A definition of the personality might beDiscipleship2, 483:Break loose - hard though it may be - from the thought-forms which so powerfully condition you,Discipleship2, 490:What that impression will convey, what thought will come to you or what call to service will soundDiscipleship2, 490:Note (if it comes) the emergence of some clear thought, the clarification of some bewilderment, theDiscipleship2, 491:you meet and seek to aid. Couple ever with this thought the idea of responsibility. Then sound theDiscipleship2, 496:in this instruction given you much food for thought, also the basis for real encouragement and anDiscipleship2, 497:personality has prepared him. Gigantic thought-forms dominate the sons of men, speak through aDiscipleship2, 497:a mental interplay. You reach their "forms of thought." Discriminate. There is a triangle of forceDiscipleship2, 500:work will suffice to provide due expression for thought, for holding the mind steady in the light,Discipleship2, 500:reflection, carried forward on all levels of thought and in every interlude in your daily life ofDiscipleship2, 504:vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated group thought which is so potent in effecting changes inDiscipleship2, 505:soul levels, demands careful and concentrated thought. What, for instance, is the nature ofDiscipleship2, 506:the distinction between these two modes of thought. This reflective work should constitute yourDiscipleship2, 507:difficult in which to work. The narrowness of thought induced by Roman Catholic Church control, theDiscipleship2, 509:pausing after each of the four stanzas for quiet thought and reflection. Then again link up inDiscipleship2, 509:thought and reflection. Then again link up in thought with me, your Master. Sound the OM inaudiblyDiscipleship2, 509:to do so today because as I contacted you in my thought life this morning, I decided that a wordDiscipleship2, 518:free from glamor and the intricacies of the thought-form-making mind; simplicity is clarity ofDiscipleship2, 521:motive, will become the directing currents of thought which will sweep you on your Way, closer toDiscipleship2, 523:Simplicity does not rule. Relinquish the thought-forms which seem at this time to stand between youDiscipleship2, 524:activities of the wrong kind; in some cases, the thought-life of the disciple has created so manyDiscipleship2, 524:thought-life of the disciple has created so many thought-forms that temporarily he cannot beDiscipleship2, 532:is with humanity and not with a school of thought or a group of ideals. You stand at the parting ofDiscipleship2, 539:that this is no morbid or unwholesome line of thought. I would like to indicate to you the factDiscipleship2, 544:and gnawing at the lower layers of unformulated thought; it may be found in a state of innerDiscipleship2, 545:They will find it through the right use of the thought processes and through the mind itself, forDiscipleship2, 549:fear of losing his sense of free action, free thought and free choice of relationships. The olderDiscipleship2, 552:and breaking into the current of your quiet thought will come a voice, inviting you to enter theDiscipleship2, 556:brings in a still higher factor than that of thought; it involves the constant attempt to live asDiscipleship2, 557:were the instrument of the soul, what lines of thought will you have to eliminate, cultivate orDiscipleship2, 559:e'en when you know much of what is said; build a thought-form of the book and see it going forth toDiscipleship2, 569:to me, your Master, D.K., by a flash of thought and of love. You recognize your personality as aDiscipleship2, 571:the world's sorrow, who are giving time and thought and effort to bring the war to an end or toDiscipleship2, 577:In this paragraph I have given you much food for thought. The objective of the personal meditationDiscipleship2, 578:have looked towards our planet. Energy follows thought and that, my brother, is all that karma is -Discipleship2, 579:the way you are doing it, but deepen (again that thought) the content of what you give to theDiscipleship2, 583:to control and regulate their meditative thought and reflection. For you, certain phrases shouldDiscipleship2, 584:my brother, and my blessing rests upon you. This thought of blessing has in it the idea of theDiscipleship2, 587:brought about by the construction of the needed thought-form. I would recall to you and to yourDiscipleship2, 587:that an Ashram is in reality a dynamic spiritual thought-form, vitalized by the Master of theDiscipleship2, 590:seeking to contact the subjective world of human thought and aspiration - the world of ideals andDiscipleship2, 590:express to yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in the light of thisDiscipleship2, 591:be done dynamically and with full control over thought and activity. My blessing rests upon you. Discipleship2, 602:personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thought and life being largely there. TheDiscipleship2, 610:said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon what has been said will enable you toDiscipleship2, 616:ones." [616] I can leave you with no better thought at this time, my beloved brother. I am steadilyDiscipleship2, 616:of it all would escape you; the national thought-form of any nation is necessarily a powerful
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