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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Externalisation, 223:and therefore the expression of a Life. This thought-form, duly informed, becomes a mediatingExternalisation, 223:of some great and spiritual Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil lives can be and areExternalisation, 223:say today in this connection. A great and vital thought-form is in process of construction upon ourExternalisation, 223:of desire-substance, animated by the power of thought. It is being constructed by the unitedExternalisation, 223:mental plane. It is here, within the realm of thought substance, that the weakness of the structureExternalisation, 223:that the weakness of the structure of this thought-form becomes apparent. It is already potentExternalisation, 223:trained helpers. This spiritual life relates the thought-form to the waiting extra-planetary ForcesExternalisation, 226:of Light; you are, therefore, not neutral in thought. See to it also that when taking right actionExternalisation, 227:It is the focused power of your unemotional thought which will bridge the present existing gap andExternalisation, 232:of the times with an unprejudiced mind, unbiased thought and a true love of humanity? This lastExternalisation, 234:capital, and between great schools of economic thought; it is not to be found in the religiousExternalisation, 238:to make, and a great responsibility both in thought and action will rest upon our people. We, notExternalisation, 239:The basic contrast between freedom of speech, thought and action which distinguishes theExternalisation, 239:and the cruel suppression of all liberty of thought and personal activity which controls the massesExternalisation, 246:new world [246] order. This you will do with no thought of self. You will face life truly andExternalisation, 246:of some kind becomes a festering sore. Thus, by thought and word and deed, the lover of humanityExternalisation, 247:seen," as the initiate, Paul, expresses it; your thought will then be anchored in right action,Externalisation, 251:Two September 1940 It has seemed to me after due thought that it would serve a most useful purposeExternalisation, 254:idealism, racial and nationalistic thought-forms and the withdrawing fear of responsibility areExternalisation, 261:be reached by intentionally directed, selfless thought. Are there enough people in the world todayExternalisation, 261:in the world today whose focused and illumined thought can be organized and directed towards theseExternalisation, 262:will serve at least to elevate humanity and its thought, and produce a permanent spiritualExternalisation, 263:you use the great and new Invocation. One other thought I would like to touch upon prior to anExternalisation, 263:physical plane is the result, first of all, of thought, then of desire, and finally of physicalExternalisation, 263:then into the realm of mental invention. A thought-form is then organized, whether it is theExternalisation, 263:is then organized, whether it is the thought-form of a sewing machine, of a political party, of anExternalisation, 264:are then coordinated and gradually the thought-form becomes an expressed reality, recognizable byExternalisation, 264:an expressed reality, recognizable by all men. Thought, desire, activity - such is the history ofExternalisation, 265:upon one side or another, I refer not alone to thought power and to what so many euphemisticallyExternalisation, 266:attainment), and gradually molding human thought to such an extent that the greater ideal takesExternalisation, 266:has become the dearest ideal and the best thought of the thinkers in all nations. In the lastExternalisation, 269:a white horse." In the Occident we have for long thought in terms of the "Lamb, slain from theExternalisation, 273:minds of many. I would ask you to give much thought to these words "massed intent" and toExternalisation, 276:for a moment at the four words which embody the thought of what can be done by men to bring toExternalisation, 278:This is encouraging, and I commend the thought to your attention. There is a power which suchExternalisation, 279:as all beloved tendencies, cultivated habits of thought and every determined effort to make theExternalisation, 280:- Section II - The General World Picture The thought lying behind the words Construct a greatExternalisation, 285:and governments are engaged with processes of thought and ideologies. What then is the true innerExternalisation, 288:takes form on Earth and conditions human thought and consciousness in the coming New Age. Externalisation, 292:He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of attractive energy inExternalisation, 292:to condition human thinking; the established thought-form acts increasingly as a transmitter ofExternalisation, 297:da Vinci - to mention only four who so lived and thought and acted that they conditioned afterExternalisation, 298:Appearances sound a new note in the realm of thought and of consciousness; they reveal the nextExternalisation, 306:through meditation, through a directed stream of thought energy, the presentation of a thought-formExternalisation, 306:stream of thought energy, the presentation of a thought-form and the evocation of the focused willExternalisation, 309:they at the same time live that dynamic life of thought and inclusive comprehension which will findExternalisation, 310:on the physical plane. It is old habits of [310] thought and the determined effort to interposeExternalisation, 311:the Avatar, to reach Him by focused intensive thought and to evoke His response. This [312] is theExternalisation, 312:world. It is my specific plan to help mass world thought and thus evoke the Avatar, and likewise toExternalisation, 317:right human relations. The work done in thought, in love and in dedicated activity during the nextExternalisation, 324:The effort to utilize the power of sound and of thought combined was undertaken through the use ofExternalisation, 326:the problem worked out upon the inner planes of thought and desire, and could there have beenExternalisation, 327:objective expression by the right direction of thought, the inspiration of right ideals, and theExternalisation, 329:increasing usefulness and the potency of their thought and attitude in moulding public opinionExternalisation, 330:of pamphlets on the subject. By doing this, a thought-form of great potency can be built which willExternalisation, 352:also the inner planes of causes and impulses, of thought and desire. This all disciples know butExternalisation, 354:is not yet, but it is in sight. With this thought I leave you. May the blessing of the Masters restExternalisation, 378:of life, and by resultant processes of thought, men know changed conditions are necessary and thatExternalisation, 378:falls into two categories: First, directing mass thought and energy into right lines so that goodExternalisation, 378:attitudes and dogmas in every field of thought. There is a mounting appeal not only forExternalisation, 383:and as a method of building up that reservoir of thought power which can be of use to those whoseExternalisation, 383:will be helping to change the content of world thought and impressing other minds, even if you doExternalisation, 383:your contact with them in the past, foster it by thought and prayer, and later by directExternalisation, 386:we have succeeded in salvaging for them. The thought of the children in the subjugated lands didExternalisation, 386:scheme of rebuilding is as yet in the formative thought stage. The [387] process to be followedExternalisation, 388:then set in motion may be aided by your directed thought and you yourselves may come more fullyExternalisation, 401:time, fitted to receive. A little careful thought will show you how, at the coming Full MoonExternalisation, 411:of truth which (by the power of collective thought) has flooded mankind with light. Through theExternalisation, 419:behind all invocation is based upon the power of thought, particularly in its telepathic nature,Externalisation, 419:rapport and aspect. The unified invocative thought of the masses and the focused, directed thoughtExternalisation, 419:thought of the masses and the focused, directed thought of the New Group of World ServersExternalisation, 420:humanity, after having been stepped down into thought energy, and in that form will make its dueExternalisation, 420:each other's work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to the waiting SpiritualExternalisation, 423:in terms of the union of Eastern and Western thought and of the need for the great civilizations -Externalisation, 433:or to truth. Two streams of mental energy or of thought-directed ideas impinge powerfully at thisExternalisation, 437:1944 is - by Their united effort, Their blended thought and Their illumined will power, under theExternalisation, 453:largely with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will involve also the emotional realm,Externalisation, 454:ends without infringing on human freedom of thought and action. It is with this problem that theExternalisation, 462:humanity, and the thinkers in every school of thought, working in every field of human betterment;Externalisation, 477:me." Men fail also to realize the potency of the thought wielded by Those who work under and withExternalisation, 477:by Those who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal and - likeExternalisation, 477:and the necessity of seeing that pure impersonal thought energy did not find its way into the ranksExternalisation, 477:They deliberately offset by directing Their thought to the forces fighting under the leaders of theExternalisation, 479:the United Nations and thrown the power of its thought into the battle, victory might still be aExternalisation, 481:which will create the nucleus of the thought-form and present the blueprint around which and uponExternalisation, 481:through their efforts, provided the mass of thought substance which the coming pronouncement willExternalisation, 488:remember to do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form which will makeExternalisation, 488:will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form which will make the launching of thisExternalisation, 497:next two generations will revolutionize modern thought and life. One is already sensed and is theExternalisation, 499:few suggestions will give you much food for thought and real ground for happy, confident, forwardExternalisation, 502:Introductory Statements December 1919 Those thought-forms which will materialize as the religion ofExternalisation, 502:on the minds of the masses. The old forms of thought and of interpretation are now too restrictedExternalisation, 504:that event, and [504] the construction of the thought-form of the advent or second Coming, has nowExternalisation, 505:to their entrance into the great international thought-form. All who work with far vision and allExternalisation, 505:with those lesser angels or devas who vitalize thought-forms and who keep alive the thoughts of theExternalisation, 505:of endeavor. He is attempting to transmute the thought-form of religious dogma, to permeate theExternalisation, 512:astral counterparts, between the elementals of thought and the elementals of nature, then will theExternalisation, 524:to the impact of astral forces, or to the thought currents of those not oriented to the Kingdom ofExternalisation, 526:also can express Itself through the medium of thought currents and ideas and through them imposeExternalisation, 531:rays, so that there can be a free interplay of thought and a consequent better hierarchical
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