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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Glamour, 24:of the world glamor. Say each day, with care and thought, a very familiar prayer, The Lord'sGlamour, 26:It is the misunderstanding of ideas and thought-forms of which they are guilty, and ofGlamour, 27:is applied. It is in reality a vitalized thought-form - embodying mental force, astral force andGlamour, 29:aspirant is being definitely controlled by: A thought-form of such potency that it does two things:Glamour, 29:or output. Tunes the aspirant in on the mass thought-forms, which are of a similar nature, andGlamour, 30:on the mental plane masses of sharply indicated thought-forms of a particular quality and note andGlamour, 30:note and tone, around which are grouped lesser thought-forms, created by those who respond to theseGlamour, 30:the magnetic drawing power of the more potent thought-forms. Ancient theologies in modern garb,Glamour, 30:wrong concepts and thoughts. So many are these thought producing illusions that the effect in theGlamour, 30:of the human race into varying schools of thought (philosophy, science, religion, sociology, etc.,Glamour, 32:but are controlled by these vast illusory thought-forms, which have their roots and draw their lifeGlamour, 32:in connection with our Aryan race that these thought-forms draw their vitality also from the realmGlamour, 33:devoted idealistic men to impose these distorted thought-forms upon the mental bodies of theGlamour, 34:the above remarks I have given you much food for thought - not only as regards your own personalGlamour, 38:himself still further from his self-generated thought-forms, make the needed grade. When groupGlamour, 39:them Illusion, Glamor, Maya and that synthetic thought-form, found on the Path of Discipleship,Glamour, 44:that he understands better the subtle world of thought currents and of forces in which he dwells;Glamour, 56:something to be desired and materialized. The thought-form-making faculty of the mind then comesGlamour, 56:of the idea. It colors the emerging thought-form. Symbolically speaking, the pure light is changedGlamour, 57:the personality. Indefiniteness of the proposed thought-form. The wrong material consequentlyGlamour, 57:consequently attracted for the building of the thought-form. A shifting focus of attention, owingGlamour, 57:an idea and an ideal, between an idea and a thought-form, or between an intuitive and a mentalGlamour, 58:atmosphere or area of conscious contact wherein thought-forms of all kinds are to be found. Some ofGlamour, 58:for man's finding; some of them are men's thought-forms, built around ideas; some of them are veryGlamour, 58:and have been discarded, but still persist as thought-forms; some of them are entirely new, andGlamour, 58:ready for embodiment. A large number of other thought-forms are in process of disintegration. SomeGlamour, 59:the higher presentations. Between ideas and thought-forms, and between those which are purposelyGlamour, 59:which are created by humanity. Between racial thought-forms and group ideas. I could list many moreGlamour, 61:of the above requirements. Ponder upon this thought. Most ideas, when of a very high order, areGlamour, 64:itself, for instance, integrated into a group thought-form of a coloring, keynote and substanceGlamour, 67:- the disciple has succeeded in quieting the thought-form-making propensities of the mind, so thatGlamour, 72:substance - material in the same sense as thought-forms are substantial things but (and here is aGlamour, 72:more substantial but are less clearly defined. Thought-forms are dynamic, penetrating, clear cutGlamour, 72:as in the ocean or in a "sea of fog." With thought-forms, he is confronted or faced, but notGlamour, 73:This realization necessarily complicates man's thought about it. It is likewise definitelyGlamour, 79:for the secret of world glamor lies hid in the thought that this triple differentiation veils theGlamour, 79:aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeply on this thought. The triplicity of the pairs of oppositesGlamour, 80:divinity (materially employed) have upon the thought of the world; study the failures of disciplesGlamour, 82:It requires a quiet withdrawing in mind and thought and desire from the world in which theGlamour, 83:glamor, and students would do well to bear this thought constantly in their consciousness. TheGlamour, 83:Then, through analysis, discrimination and right thought one proceeds to deal with the problem ofGlamour, 112:for illusion is the succumbing to the powerful thought-forms which the thinkers of the time and ofGlamour, 119:of many kinds, such as control by self-created thought-forms, sensitivity to existing world,Glamour, 119:to existing world, national, or environing thought-forms of any school of thought, idée fixe, theGlamour, 119:or environing thought-forms of any school of thought, idée fixe, the sense of the dramatic or ofGlamour, 120:certain inherited ideas which are the embodied thought-forms of family, national and racialGlamour, 128:Illusion is the power of some mental thought-form, of some ideal, and some concept - sensed,Glamour, 129:in the last analysis, the reaction of modern thought to world conditions and situations, and toGlamour, 130:are not only interpreted in terms of human thought-forms and human idealism, but they are also toGlamour, 133:have given to these ideals the emphasis of their thought-form-making faculty and their directedGlamour, 133:ideal because - as you know - energy follows thought. These forms of thought become objectivesGlamour, 133:know - energy follows thought. These forms of thought become objectives towards which theGlamour, 133:for me here to itemize any of these prevailing thought-forms and aspects of intellectual and mentalGlamour, 135:When ideals and mental concepts and formulated thought-forms dominate the mind of an individual, aGlamour, 135:plane and surrounds him entirely with man-made thought-forms, barring out escape into the higherGlamour, 146:In this group there are those who are, in their thought at least, violently anti-German; there areGlamour, 150:to the inspiration of the soul. It is in this thought that the potency and the symbolic value ofGlamour, 150:yet the developing tendency of the life thought will prove inevitably determining and conditioning.Glamour, 151:I would commend these lines to your careful thought. They convey to you not only the field of yourGlamour, 175:its potency is exceedingly great because a thought-form has become an entity, with vital power, andGlamour, 175:power of feeling is added to the cold form of thought. Ponder on this. But at the stage with whichGlamour, 177:illusion. This is the built-up illusory form of thought, developed down the ages, which controls soGlamour, 178:illusion, because illusion is based upon the thought-form-building activity of the lower mind. TheGlamour, 182:of the mind to the formulation of those forms of thought which must embody the revelation. ThenGlamour, 184:that which the lower mind cannot give him. Some thought of revealing potency, to be used for theGlamour, 184:their intuition into the world of human thought, there must also be the steady development of theGlamour, 193:similar to the disciple's mind. To create thought-forms on concrete levels which can embody theseGlamour, 199:or are learning to dominate it by the power of thought and mental light. These are the sixth rayGlamour, 211:of "killing out desire" as some schools of thought teach, but is a process of gradually eradicatingGlamour, 212:glamor. A minor glamor, a passing evanescent thought-form of an easily recognizable nature does notGlamour, 212:must have an understanding of the apparatus of thought, of the creation of thought-forms, and ofGlamour, 212:of the apparatus of thought, of the creation of thought-forms, and of the nature of the thinker.Glamour, 213:have reflected much upon the nature of thought and its uses, and must be aware of the light within.Glamour, 213:as well as exploited. The power of unified thought is little grasped as yet, and the power inherentGlamour, 214:through the power of combined and projected thought. In order to make the first step towards unitedGlamour, 216:lines of thinking produce a field of magnetic thought and realization in which all the work isGlamour, 217:are brought into relationship by the power of thought. The glamor and its quality and theGlamour, 217:brought about by that relationship are carefully thought out. This must not be done in such a wayGlamour, 220:light is turned upon the glamor by the power of thought. The naming of the glamor and the tripleGlamour, 220:coming generation how to destroy those forms of thought which hold the race in bondage and which inGlamour, 220:to divinity. They are also the descending thought-forms which the developing human being is alwaysGlamour, 221:of desire. When the descending forms of thought (a reflection in the three worlds of that vastGlamour, 222:for many lives by devious formulations of thought and of ideas and can seldom convey his meaningGlamour, 222:of being able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-forms and the glamors, therefore, whichGlamour, 223:and with such satisfaction to the power of thought; pride in their mental competence is theirGlamour, 228:and at any time. This is the center of quiet thought from whence the work is carried on. All thatGlamour, 234:plane and then on the soul, relinquishing all thought of the glamor, knowing that the work has beenGlamour, 235:This is the production of a field of magnetic thought substance. The turning of the attention andGlamour, 237:the mind is turned upon the glamor, directed by thought. The naming of the glamor and the tripleGlamour, 240:truth, veiling and hiding it behind a cloud of thought-forms. Those thought-forms become then moreGlamour, 240:hiding it behind a cloud of thought-forms. Those thought-forms become then more real than the truthGlamour, 240:illusion, he becomes aware of the apparatus of thought, of its activity, expressed in thought-formGlamour, 240:of thought, of its activity, expressed in thought-form building, and of that which he succeeds inGlamour, 243:and directed by energy and that the world of thought, the field of sentient consciousness and theGlamour, 244:is neither time nor space; God is not feeling or thought; God is not form or substance. God simplyGlamour, 244:produces the dispelling of the illusory world of thought; the withdrawal of the divine attentionGlamour, 247:and work largely under the impulse of projected thought? Is it perhaps to be directed by an energyGlamour, 255:factor which makes the breath effective is the thought, the intent and the purpose which lie behindGlamour, 255:the significance of the words "energy follows thought" is understood, breathing exercises are sheerGlamour, 256:Triad; in other words, the negative receptor of thought (the brain), the agent of the will (the
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