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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Healing, 601:that fact. The entire process of healing is thought-directed; it concerns the direction of energyHealing, 602:his visualizing capacity and his power of thought direction will be real and practically effective.Healing, 602:of a center would handicap the healer, for his thought would be deflected to the detail of the formHealing, 603:and be able, consciously and by the power of thought, under the agency of the will, to focus energyHealing, 603:but that, by an effort of the spiritual will, thought can be channeled into the higher centers.Healing, 604:people's thinking and their inability to direct thought) the major protective measure consists inHealing, 604:(the seat of soul energy) and by the potency of thought, the process of radiation ends. ThisHealing, 606:of one's unwise decision, the power of one's thought and the focus of one's direction, to hastenHealing, 611:human living conditions; everywhere there is thought, there is appraisal, and there is the struggleHealing, 619:The third aspect The energy of mind or thought. [620] There are four other centers, and these, withHealing, 627:energy which is set in motion by the power of thought or by the potency of love, as is the caseHealing, 627:and the seat of trouble, pain and distress. That thought or correct thinking is involved isHealing, 631:in obedience to the law that "energy follows thought." The "explosion" (if I may use so forcible aHealing, 631:world but energy in motion, and that every thought directs some aspects of that energy, thoughHealing, 658:It must be remembered that although energy is thought, it is also, from a higher point of view,Healing, 669:imperfection), the Black Lodge. Energy follows thought, and the spoken word can be potentlyHealing, 671:related, but is factual in nature. Little thought has ever been given to what would have been theHealing, 676:lotus. All true healers have to create a healing thought-form, and through this they consciously orHealing, 676:consciously or unconsciously work. It is this thought-form which must be kept free from a tooHealing, 676:eliminated altogether) destroy not only the thought-form created by the healer, but it can alsoHealing, 679:and have our being). I might pause here at this thought and make somewhat clearer to you theHealing, 683:and is characterized by a developing clarity of thought and by a recognition of essential being,Healing, 702:control and reflection, but a period of quiet thought, carried on - when possible - wherein theHealing, 704:room as wisdom may dictate. The thinking and thought-forms of the people present can either beHercules, 7:with the zodiac and astrology this suggestive thought: "That astrology is a science and a comingHercules, 11:pull of the outer tangible form. The second key thought can be expressed in the words: "TheHercules, 12:always in the kingdom of spirit. The third key thought gives us a clue to the method. Down the agesHercules, 13:comprehend the significance of the fourth key thought and can exclaim in unison with the CosmicHercules, 13:universe and am therefore born by my Power and Thought and Will." (The Bhagavad Gita, as compiledHercules, 25:capacity to be carried away by either a line of thought or an emotional reaction. This emotional,Hercules, 31:speaking, it is the sign of creation, and this thought underlies the words in the Bible, "The LambHercules, 34:soul of man. This universe had its origin in the thought of God, the cosmic Thinker. The soulHercules, 34:its career in matter through the same process of thought. The human family, the fourth kingdom inHercules, 35:birth to ideas, to theories and to concepts. The thought-form making tendency of the mind is hereHercules, 35:so Hercules, acting under the right direction of thought and beginning his work on the mentalHercules, 37:plain. Hercules had to begin in the world of thought to gain mental control. For ages the broodHercules, 37:gain mental control. For ages the brood mares of thought had been breeding war horses and, throughHercules, 37:had been breeding war horses and, through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had beenHercules, 37:words he speaks, which are ever the result of thought. He will rapidly discover that selfishness,Hercules, 37:and criticism constitute a large part of his thought content and that the brood mares of his mindHercules, 38:Hercules, had to deal with the problem of wrong thought, and only, when he becomes a one-pointedHercules, 38:does he really attain complete control of the thought processes of his nature. The practicalHercules, 38:The practical significance of the power of thought has been well expressed for us in the words ofHercules, 38:for us in the words of Thackeray: "Sow a thought, and reap an action. Sow an action, and reap aHercules, 41:plane. In the working out of the creative plan, thought-impulse is followed by desire. That stateHercules, 42:of Sex in its various relations. Law, the thought-impelled response of God to form; the habitsHercules, 48:the form-taking aspect and holds before its the thought of incarnation; whilst the thirdHercules, 48:When a man's entire mind is occupied with the thought of women, or vice versa; when he lives mainlyHercules, 52:spiritual desire and under the influence of the thought-form of the church during the Middle Ages,Hercules, 56:thus, he met disaster. He entered without thought upon the third great test and failure met him andHercules, 60:possible there must be a cycle of interior thought and mystical longing; the striving after theHercules, 65:because it holds before the eyes of man the thought of the increasing potency of the spiritual lifeHercules, 65:is called "the place of Him who cometh", and the thought of an emerging spiritual Being is heldHercules, 66:institutions ... In consciousness, it signifies thought, understanding, reason, intelligence,Hercules, 71:the Master, is elusive and gives but a flash of thought or of momentary attention to the aspirant,Hercules, 72:only, will it profit the Master to throw him a thought, and to give him a hint. Then, as thoseHercules, 86:sign and the name hold steadily before us the thought of the taking of form and of coming inHercules, 88:find to Cancer as "the womb", we have the thought of hidden life, of a veiling form, ofHercules, 90:times as the shepherd leading his sheep. The thought of the sheepfold has been closely associatedHercules, 91:two constellations we have held before us the thought of the mass or group, which is theHercules, 91:in the symbolism of the north star we have the thought of a lode star, a magnetic attraction, whichHercules, 91:approximately, when our sun was in Cancer. The thought of a mass of animals, of set boundariesHercules, 91:these sheep or animals were confined, and the thought of a magnetic center of attraction, areHercules, 93:the other he becomes aware of the world of thought and of ideas, and thus is a human being. When heHercules, 94:it was intellect, and Artemis, the moon, who thought that it was only instinct. Both goddessHercules, 102:Capricorn is begun. Some measure of control of thought has been gained in Aries, and some power toHercules, 104:the Lawgiver, holding in its significance the thought that man can now be a law unto himself, forHercules, 116:three planetary energies, by the agency of human thought, reacting to zodiacal energies, that ourHercules, 125:the son of man who is likewise a son of God. He thought on what was needed to make him still moreHercules, 127:VII Prologue "The Mythus is the undisclosed thought of the soul." (Isis Unveiled) Libra presents usHercules, 138:constellations are difficult, but provocative of thought. If the data seems meagre and vague it isHercules, 139:that Hercules killed are known as Cherion (good thought) and Pholos (bodily strength). This testHercules, 139:the desire nature by physical strength or by thought alone. You may succeed for a time and then itHercules, 143:a sordid one of the unevolved man, as is often thought. Again, one must read carefully andHercules, 143:grows in its place. Every time a low desire or thought is overcome, others take its place. HerculesHercules, 144:in the elevated atmosphere of searching [144] thought. From these considerations we may gather thatHercules, 146:analogously be rechannelled into the activity of thought? Can the energy of seething passions findHercules, 146:beneficent powers? Can the energy that produces thought be utilized as the power of synthesis thatHercules, 147:of fear are pressed back to the periphery of thought. As long as the indeterminate monsters of fearHercules, 148:spiritually-oriented individual has centered his thought at a level too rarefied for fear to reach.Hercules, 151:is upset and desire seems rampant when he had thought he had got rid of it. He is fluidic, and heHercules, 151:he had got rid of it. He is fluidic, and he had thought he was balanced. The mind which he wasHercules, 151:of. To my mind, it is fundamental to grasp the thought that if I get rid of physical form I have noHercules, 152:an end and we wonder how we could possibly have thought as we did. That line of thought has died.Hercules, 152:possibly have thought as we did. That line of thought has died. It is valuable to get the bigHercules, 156:rose in clouds so thick they hid the sun. He thought of setting traps within the marsh. Nor boatHercules, 158:with them in a personality way. He dealt with thought from the standpoint of personality; he didHercules, 158:for us until we do. In Aries he began to control thought. In Taurus he worked down to the astralHercules, 160:started in Aries. In Aries he was dealing with thought at its source. In this sign he demonstratesHercules, 160:In this sign he demonstrates complete control of thought and speech. Sagittarius has sometimes beenHercules, 160:goal there is always to be found that cloud of thought forms that prevents us from seeing it. WeHercules, 160:occupied with these thoughts we build clouds of thought forms because we are thinking, and as weHercules, 160:we have built around ourselves such a cloud of thought forms about our aspirations, that we do notHercules, 160:has been restraint of speech and control of thought. That is the lesson of Sagittarius: restraintHercules, 160:restraint of speech through control of thought. That will keep us busy, because after you haveHercules, 161:people may not as yet be ready. Right use of thought, restraint of speech, and consequentHercules, 161:humanity by service, by love, by disinterested thought. That means something. But I am not going toHercules, 161:But I am not going to tie myself by critical thought, self-pitying thoughts, by gossip, by wordsHercules, 161:our ability to rightly use the arrows of thought. That is the great test. [162] There are two birdsHercules, 162:the arrows of Sagittarius. And have you ever thought that wherever you go you see the cross of
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