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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Magic, 337:here if we noted the tendency of three lines of thought, roughly speaking in the field ofMagic, 338:of other basic trends in the world of current thought it becomes apparent that one of the mostMagic, 339:Age and the Future One of the great schools of thought or trend of ideas which is destined to passMagic, 340:to the theory called forth by the schools of thought which emphasize the dominance of matter andMagic, 344:coupled with purity of life and regulation of thought will lead to the sphere of achievement.Magic, 345:highly vitalized, which causes a powerful thought-form to be created. This circulates between youMagic, 354:be submerged. Aspirants must live harmlessly in thought and word and deed. In this way each one ofMagic, 357:Through discrimination as to ideas and as to thought currents, man has learnt to decide upon whatMagic, 365:He has to learn next to get back of his thought processes and form building propensities andMagic, 365:and discover the ideas which underlie the divine thought-form, the world process, and so learn toMagic, 365:with the plan and subordinate his own thought-form building to these ideas. He has to learn toMagic, 366:upon them. Then follows the work of conscious thought-form building, based upon these divine ideas,Magic, 366:lower mind to the higher. Temporarily the normal thought-form building tendencies are inhibited.Magic, 366:enable him to tap the divine mind, wrest God's thought out of the divine consciousness and to know.Magic, 367:the development of abstract as well as synthetic thought, the flashing forth of the intuition. TheMagic, 367:of the mental plane. Then it becomes a concrete thought, something that can be definitelyMagic, 367:visualized and appropriated as a basis for thought. This accomplished, what comes next? A period ofMagic, 367:of gestation, a period wherein you build your thought-form of as much of the vision as you canMagic, 368:among the sons of men. Then you vitalize the thought-form with the power of your will, you seek toMagic, 368:is necessarily coarser, and you find that your thought-form of the vision is clothed in matter ofMagic, 368:then the rhythm they set up with their thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity;Magic, 370:result as we stimulate them to clarity of thought and understanding. But the effect upon ourselvesMagic, 376:and are valuable, for there are schools of thought (such as the Vedanta and other mystical groupsMagic, 378:the necessary mental unit or mental apparatus of thought, within the causal or spiritual body. ByMagic, 382:the flood being deemed necessary. The powerful thought-forms built up in the early IbezhanMagic, 385:of the Universe works through the power of [385] thought, the problem of surmounting theseMagic, 394:involves the steady growth of the power to use thought. Capacity to live a coordinated life so thatMagic, 395:It has grown out of the impress set upon human thought and terminologies by the Piscean Age, andMagic, 402:centuries, of this intense distinctiveness of thought. After noting and watching this trend ofMagic, 402:that synthesis and unification in the world of thought which would make possible the manifestationMagic, 402:had brought all into being. When the world of thought is unified, then the outer world will fallMagic, 411:more modern date are already powerfully molding thought, whilst the ancient schools of AsiaticMagic, 411:Through analysis, correlation and synthesis, the thought power of man is developed and the abstractMagic, 412:influencing energy and the differing trends of thought power which the work of the groups since theMagic, 413:controls. As time elapses and the energy of the thought makes its impact upon matter and lesserMagic, 414:religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thought which concern the esoteric development of theMagic, 415:also exist a capacity for abstract or synthetic thought. This will enable a man to leap over racialMagic, 416:his hand, but with a basic impulse to work on thought levels more than on the physical plane. He isMagic, 416:closest to the Great Ones are those whose daily thought life is oriented by the new ideal. ThatMagic, 416:life is oriented by the new ideal. That this thought life of theirs may work out in definiteMagic, 417:this time, only about 156 are equipped by their thought activity to form part of this slowlyMagic, 426:no desire to impress one another and with no thought of relative numerical strength; they willMagic, 430:includes thinkers in every department of human thought (let me reiterate the word thinkers) and ofMagic, 433:the seven types of souls or rays, and in this thought you find the secret of soul unity. DuringMagic, 436:it passed away from earth life, plus the gain of thought and conscious onlooking. The quality ofMagic, 437:is largely psychometrical and dependent upon the thought-form of the constellation which has beenMagic, 437:up for ages by the astrologers. Energy follows thought. For thousands of years certain types ofMagic, 440:modern terms much is lost, but the underlying thought which directs the work of the emanatingMagic, 447:plane and the magical task of motivating those thought-forms which are to be the expression of someMagic, 447:and the power a man can wield through building thought-forms. We have seen also how a man canMagic, 447:or unconscious. In the unconscious building of thought-forms such as is the case with the averageMagic, 448:out of the plan of evolution. He can then create thought-forms, capable of producing outwardMagic, 448:for it will serve to convey the idea that any thought-form is regarded by us as a subjective andMagic, 448:of the methods whereby all that has been thought (by God or man) comes into existence. The embodiedMagic, 448:man) comes into existence. The embodied idea or thought (the former being potentially far moreMagic, 448:and plan can be demonstrated. He holds the thought-form in his consciousness [449] and gives itMagic, 449:plane. Utter the phrase which will detach the thought-form from his aura and so save the drain uponMagic, 449:be noted that the formula has relation to the thought-form, the words of power to the objective forMagic, 449:system or planet as they are true of the tiny thought creations of a chela or aspirant. The firstMagic, 450:of the ablest minds in the world of thought. Yet the questions - What is Life? What is Energy? orMagic, 453:in these Instructions is in advance of modern thought and both these Instructions and the TreatiseMagic, 454:coming into being under the impulse of divine thought, are at first fluidic and nebulous, areMagic, 454:in his reflective mind, that which we call a thought-form. This thought-form has four mainMagic, 454:mind, that which we call a thought-form. This thought-form has four main characteristics: It isMagic, 455:of his desire and the strength of his living thought. Held in shape as long as it is needed inMagic, 455:long as: It remains consciously in its Creator's thought. It "keeps its distance" occultly from itsMagic, 455:its distance" occultly from its Creator. Many thought-forms remain futile as they are "too close"Magic, 456:the concepts and the ideas which give birth to a thought-form. These occult formulas exist on theMagic, 457:aspect, lie hid the potencies of the finished thought-forms. The matter aspect, represented by theMagic, 461:existence, [461] through the process of right thought, the awakening of desire, and the nurturingMagic, 461:to truth, according to the clarity of their thought, according to their group influence and stateMagic, 463:of the destinies of certain entities. In this thought we have light thrown upon the subject of freeMagic, 464:of the occult sciences. Our solar system is a thought-form but one having real existence just asMagic, 464:but one having real existence just as long as thought persists. All that is forms part of theMagic, 470:these four words govern the construction of any thought-form. When the latter is a completedMagic, 470:of quality rather than in terms of matter. A thought-form exists for us in order [471] to produceMagic, 471:of purpose in connection with such a thought-form as a solar system, a planet, a kingdom in natureMagic, 471:far as human beings can grasp it. But with the thought-forms which he is beginning to create as heMagic, 471:that which he has built, and so enable the thought-form to convey the intended idea. [472] To sendMagic, 472:convey the intended idea. [472] To send out his thought-form correctly oriented to his goal, and soMagic, 472:and as the human being differentiates his thought increasingly from mass thought, he inevitablyMagic, 472:his thought increasingly from mass thought, he inevitably builds thought substance into form. It isMagic, 472:from mass thought, he inevitably builds thought substance into form. It is at first automatic andMagic, 472:are largely innocuous, or so in line with mass thought that they are negligible in their effect.Magic, 473:the truth just as it is. View the world of thought, and separate the false out of the true. LearnMagic, 473:thy mental world. Learn that the thinker and his thought and that which is the means of thought areMagic, 473:and his thought and that which is the means of thought are diverse in their nature, yet one inMagic, 473:and learn it is not right to prostitute thy thought to the base use of separative desire. TheMagic, 473:the base use of separative desire. The energy of thought is for the good of all and for theMagic, 473:it not therefore for thy selfish ends. Before a thought-form is by thee constructed, vision itsMagic, 473:goal. The work of cleaning out the atmosphere of thought, of barring fast the doors of thought toMagic, 473:of thought, of barring fast the doors of thought to hate and pain, to fear, and jealousy and lowMagic, 473:oh traveler on the way. Watch close the gates of thought. Sentinel desire. [474] Cast out all fear,Magic, 474:life, thy words and speech will indicate thy thought. To these pay close attention. Speech is ofMagic, 474:forth and him they bruise and kill. The idle thought, the selfish thought, the cruel hatefulMagic, 474:bruise and kill. The idle thought, the selfish thought, the cruel hateful thought if rendered intoMagic, 474:thought, the selfish thought, the cruel hateful thought if rendered into word produce a prison,Magic, 475:until such time as the real magical work of thought-form building becomes universally possible. TheMagic, 475:deep meditation, can manipulate the matter of thought and become "knowing creators." These can, andMagic, 477:Thus will be dispersed eventually the clouds of thought-forms which at this time shut out the clear
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