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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Magic, 554:high or low, and animated by the potency of his thought, just as much of the responsive matter inMagic, 554:would do well to give the subject careful thought. It can be approached in two ways. There is,Magic, 554:precipitation, that it is a result of his potent thought and desire and of his "recognition" of theMagic, 554:persist just as long as the dynamic power of his thought holds it together, and that it willMagic, 555:course, will be recognized as responsive to the thought of the One Creator, the Unmanifested Logos.Magic, 555:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The word "recognition" is one of theMagic, 555:is, through past , already colored by thought and purpose. Recognition of the fourMagic, 555:, are capable of response to His new thought for the present and can, therefore, carryMagic, 556:of the group of lives in line with whose thought his creative work must proceed, for unlike theMagic, 556:for which he has deemed it wise to build a thought-form and he must hold that purpose steady andMagic, 557:clarified and time is literally the length of a thought. This same basic truth underlies theMagic, 557:all forms on the physical plane, whether it is a thought-form embodying the urgent desire of a manMagic, 557:desire of a man for selfish acquisition or that thought-form which we call a group or anMagic, 557:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms It might be of use here if I expressedMagic, 559:Magic - Rule Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms The second requirement is detachment.Magic, 559:he has attempted to create, the child of his thought is stillborn. All workers in the field of theMagic, 560:words. Because in a sudden burst of critical thought, the entire personality can be galvanized intoMagic, 561:and if they would learn never to criticize in thought or word, the salvaging of the world wouldMagic, 565:Centers and Prana The nearer we approach in our thought to the physical plane, the more difficultyMagic, 566:of forces and who, through the power of his thought, may have created a thought-form. ThisMagic, 566:the power of his thought, may have created a thought-form. This thought-form he has clothed with anMagic, 566:thought, may have created a thought-form. This thought-form he has clothed with an astral or desireMagic, 567:or adequate persistent attention, and when the thought of the magician wavers, then the idea comesMagic, 568:The occult law holds good that energy follows thought. Magic, 570:mind or manasic force. This will largely be thought force and will go to the throat center. FromMagic, 571:the work of directing, by the power of their thought, the forces of nature and so leading the wholeMagic, 583:of a man's attention and time, even his entire thought life, and will lead him to efficientMagic, 587:spoken, each deed undertaken and every look and thought has its effect for good or for evil uponMagic, 587:disciplined life and by the purification of the thought life, the seven centers are automaticallyMagic, 587:involves no danger and there is no directed thought - in connection with the centers - permitted toMagic, 589:unit conditions of living which will lead to thought and from thought to soul control; throughMagic, 589:of living which will lead to thought and from thought to soul control; through religious propagandaMagic, 594:may have a vision of the Master, or he may see a thought-form of the Master, and may get much realMagic, 602:elsewhere and to eliminate as far as may be all thought of grades and spheres of activity. It isMagic, 603:he may contact. By the strength of his silent thought, he can bring light and peace to all. ThroughMagic, 603:that mental power, he can tune in on the world thought, and upon the realm of ideas and canMagic, 603:environment and to clothe the new ideals in that thought matter which will enable them to be moreMagic, 609:and conscious only of a longing for liberty of thought and of physical condition, snatching atMagic, 623:advanced, he walks bemused in a cloud of thought-forms, and knows it not. Thus he loses his way andMagic, 626:and its situations. The second negatives the old thought forms and brings about eventually theirMagic, 633:workers in all the various departments of human thought and welfare. Those Pisceans who are enoughMagic, 634:of work, for the times are hard and clarity of thought is needed if the work is to go forward asMagic, 635:to be as follows: An achievement of clarity of thought as to their own personal and immediateMagic, 638:and that every loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfish reaction is noted and known.Magic, 638:knowledge of the deed accomplished or the thought sent out. Those who teach are occupied withMeditation, 3:recognized. Ponder on it. Real abstract thought becomes possible only when the Personality has, byMeditation, 10:it unsatisfying. Then he begins to turn his thought to other things, to aspire to that which isMeditation, 24:he lives for his physical nature, and has no thought for aught that may be higher. This periodMeditation, 43:think I have today given you enough to engender thought on this fifth factor. This is all I seek toMeditation, 43:It is the serving perfectly each day - with no thought or calculation about the future - thatMeditation, 58:out that which is coarser. He will formulate thought-forms that attract to themselves finer matterMeditation, 64:interpenetrates, but I have indicated food for thought. In the egoic note, - as before said - youMeditation, 72:only this time through this center are the thought-forms vitalized by means of the energizing will.Meditation, 76:It is not desirable for aspirants to focus their thought on any one center. They run the risk ofMeditation, 85:becomes the center of pure reason or of abstract thought. Then comes a time in the development ofMeditation, 91:the world can he be trusted wisely to manipulate thought matter. Only as he has no desire save toMeditation, 94:away from the emotional body into the realms of thought, or into the lower mind body. HavingMeditation, 95:through that ovoid are constantly circulating thought-forms of various kinds (the content of theMeditation, 95:suppressing all movement, he will arrest these thought-forms within the mental ovoid, he will stopMeditation, 96:be more serious. What are the right methods of thought elimination? How can placidity of mind beMeditation, 96:that in its progress onward sweeps away the thought-forms circulating within the mental ovoid. LetMeditation, 96:that the mental body is free and clear of thought-forms. Let him then raise his vibration as highMeditation, 96:It will hold no lower vibration analogous to the thought-forms circulating in its environment. TheMeditation, 112:mental decision is required. He detests abstract thought yet appreciates it when apprehended, andMeditation, 114:this in view, - to give to the pupil some seed thought which (when brooded over in the silence ofMeditation, 116:through power. Proved in the furnace to have no thought save the good of all around, he is trustedMeditation, 117:Society, the Christian Science movement, the New Thought workers and the Spiritualists. I would addMeditation, 118:he permits himself to be overcome by the group thought-forms and becomes himself a devotee,Meditation, 120:It lies in the fact that in the concentration of thought that necessarily arises in discussingMeditation, 120:necessarily arises in discussing these problems, thought-waves are set in motion, currents areMeditation, 120:are set in motion, currents are contacted and thought-forms circulated that attract the attentionMeditation, 122:the Master, and in his endeavor to eliminate all thought and lower vibrations, the student makesMeditation, 132:is to cast over the disciple the shadows of the thought of weakness or discouragement or criticismMeditation, 136:living and controlled pure emotions and elevated thought. You will notice that I said that theMeditation, 137:in the emotional body, and of purity of thought in the mental body. When this is so, coordinationMeditation, 145:student. He is building a form, a definite thought-form that eventually provides a vehicle wherebyMeditation, 145:and builds in the fabric in his daily life and thought. The form is provided with all the virtues,Meditation, 146:It is not so common as the first. The mental thought-form thus built up serves as the mayavirupa asMeditation, 151:and incidentally I might here interpolate a thought. The fact being admitted, we may therefore lookMeditation, 153:The forms built by the man of an occult trend of thought, and who is more dominated by mind, willMeditation, 161:progress in the new medical school - based on thought - can be looked for. Forms in meditation areMeditation, 161:looked for. Forms in meditation are but forms in thought matter, so that it will be apparent to youMeditation, 185:known in some measure in the microcosm by the thought-forms conjured up and vitalized by the manMeditation, 185:conjured up and vitalized by the man whose thought power suffices to do so. These thought-forms,Meditation, 185:man whose thought power suffices to do so. These thought-forms, built by the man who can thinkMeditation, 185:not for long at this time as the real power of thought is little comprehended. In the fifth greatMeditation, 202:be facts in physical plane demonstration. The thought conveys much matter for consideration and forMeditation, 206:you to discover. I want to emphasize a second thought: These seven streams of color were theMeditation, 206:formed an ideal world, and built it up in thought matter. Then our objective universe flashed intoMeditation, 208:mental plane. More may not be said, but food for thought lies here. Orange also holds the secretMeditation, 220:opened up for all true students vast realms of thought. In the relationship between indigo, blueMeditation, 222:in the above remarks solely to indicate lines of thought which, if followed closely, may lead toMeditation, 230:above statement will repay much [230] earnest thought; it contains a statement of occult fact.Meditation, 230:Ray of Harmony, the effect on his trend of thought, and consequently on the color he [231] will beMeditation, 231:I have imparted to you has provided food for thought and for speculation. It tends to theMeditation, 237:aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration. WhyMeditation, 237:letters conducive to the development of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel thatMeditation, 243:following questions: What are his basic lines of thought? By what thought-forms is he principallyMeditation, 243:What are his basic lines of thought? By what thought-forms is he principally surrounded? What isMeditation, 246:vibration, and can definitely, by the power of thought, apply certain waves of color to effect
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