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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Psychology2, 600:of this goal. This powerful dream, this defined thought-form (built year by year throughPsychology2, 601:satisfaction. These ideas exist as powerful thought forms on the astral plane and they [602]Psychology2, 603:The mystic is then obsessed by his own peculiar thought-form of truth and of reality. He has onlyPsychology2, 605:vivid imagination and the construction of a thought form, expressing all that the mystic desires toPsychology2, 611:problems so as to provide the germ or seed of thought from which future study can grow and thePsychology2, 615:is the one to whom the group life and the group thought turns, with all the consequences of suchPsychology2, 616:The leader is a pioneer in a new field of thought and of intention and, therefore, suffers thePsychology2, 616:are: Those arising as a result of the directed thought of the group. On this I can say something.Psychology2, 617:Diseases and Problems evoked by Directed Group Thought It will be obvious to you that the first andPsychology2, 617:and the consequences of this group-directed thought may result in the physical undoing, andPsychology2, 617:body of the leader or leaders. This may be a new thought to some and should cause many in the NewPsychology2, 618:target for group criticism and when the directed thought of a number of persons is focused on onePsychology2, 624:affiliations. The greatest contribution to world thought at this time is the emerging recognitionPsychology2, 630:only the entrenched ancient ideals and habits of thought which have served their purpose inPsychology2, 633:collective activity by leaders of any school of thought which is clever enough and emotional enoughPsychology2, 639:lowest depths of humanity. All fields of human thought are involved in the divisions and thePsychology2, 640:of individuals in all departments of human thought and life are responsible for the upheaval. MorePsychology2, 647:this future day of appeal or world prayer much thought and preparation should be given, so that thePsychology2, 659:demonstrate the usefulness of those lines of thought and consequent methods which will eventuallyPsychology2, 661:in moulding men's ideas to the needed changes of thought and the new technique of work all over thePsychology2, 664:into activity at any moment such a weight of thought and such a momentous public opinion that theyPsychology2, 674:policies, and educated in the technique of right thought, non-aggressive action, and thePsychology2, 675:powerless to make a definite impression on world thought. If, however, there is skill in action andPsychology2, 688:and by prayer (sanctified desire, illumined thought and intense aspirational longing) and by thePsychology2, 694:they can make. Let them weigh up, after due thought, what they can sacrifice, and in what mannerPsychology2, 697:for service in pure self-forgetfulness. This thought embodies the opportunity immediately beforePsychology2, 697:a group of souls, they can accomplish much. This thought illustrates also the significance of thisPsychology2, 712:are for you. The building of that structure of thought which will embody this newer teaching. YouPsychology2, 712:You can - if you so desire - help construct the thought form of the New Age teaching. You do this,Psychology2, 712:Age teaching. You do this, above all, by your thought; by your practical application of any truth,Psychology2, 713:sensitivity and astral reaction to the many thought forms found upon the astral plane; thesePsychology2, 713:plane; these include among their number many thought forms of the Great Ones. These thought formsPsychology2, 713:many thought forms of the Great Ones. These thought forms necessarily exist, and are built by thePsychology2, 714:by the means of a steady stabilizing of world thought. Today it is the fears of man - expressed inPsychology2, 714:Today it is the fears of man - expressed in thought, and therefore frequently backed by action -Psychology2, 721:under the influence [721] of the new "schools of thought", so-called. The interpretation of thePsychology2, 737:forces, prevalent in humanity today. A little thought will show how practically [738] every humanPsychology2, 739:body, thus coloring every ideology or school of thought (economic, political and religious) thosePsychology2, 739:to that nation's ideology or political trend of thought or government; the members of the New GroupPsychology2, 739:not look for cooperators in any one school of thought, political creed, or national government. ItPsychology2, 743:and cooperation in all fields of human thought and life, and are emphasizing the future andPsychology2, 744:Piscean way of life and the Aquarian attitude of thought and life; between the laws of the kingdomPsychology2, 745:across the gulf of differences. They meet in thought upon the subjective level of the truePsychology2, 746:and the harmonizing of the warring schools of thought. The workers on the inner side and theRays, 4:this peculiar type. It might serve to clarify thought if students remembered that SuperhumanRays, 8:man will find himself surrounded in time with thought-forms of a lower order (from the standpointRays, 8:world he will have to dispel the clouds of thought-forms which he has attracted to himself. UnlessRays, 11:help among many little ones. I commend the above thought to you knowing that you will apprehend theRays, 15:somewhat grasped there comes a simplification of thought. Rays, 16:World and by the intensity of His one-pointed thought. He has succeeded in achieving a point ofRays, 20:perceive that Whole and then no longer use the thought "My soul and thine." [21] Rule VI ForRays, 28:into the picture personal sensitivities and thought, and this only because of a group temporaryRays, 45:in the minds of the reading public with the thought of nerves, with points of crisis, with courageRays, 48:light. [48] We closed our discussion with the thought of Tension and I defined it as theRays, 62:in reference to the separated self. It is this thought which motivates the service of the initiate,Rays, 63:Reality" still awaits identification. It is this thought which underlies the initiate's threeRays, 63:the world of ideas and to create those forms of thought which will aid in the materializing of theRays, 64:with the Purpose. This is the creative work of thought-form building and that is why, we are told,Rays, 64:in the ocean. We are told in the Bible, and the thought is based on information to be found in theRays, 64:the seas" is undertaken through the power of thought, which directs the needed energy and certainRays, 70:practically nothing, but which is related to thought power and to thought-form building. OnlyRays, 70:but which is related to thought power and to thought-form building. Only initiates of the highestRays, 72:they too must pass that door." This conveys the thought of individual self-initiation, to which allRays, 73:on indifference or upon preoccupation, as he had thought, but upon a deep understanding, upon aRays, 84:a selfish idealism which is largely based on the thought of the sanitary care of substance. AnRays, 94:His wings. I would call your attention to this thought and to its appositives to this day andRays, 101:Master there is no desire left, and this is the thought held before the disciple as he begins toRays, 101:them connected with the first divine aspect: the thought of Death and the nature of the Will. InRays, 102:to all activity, of all heart reactions, of all thought, emotion, desire, aspiration, and theRays, 102:returned to tell the truth. The emphasis of all thought on this subject concerns the central "I" orRays, 102:ocean of Being is nowhere referred to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered process ofRays, 103:knowledge), have in themselves produced a great thought-form which has summed up in itself hisRays, 103:The detaching of himself from this ancient thought-form - the final form which the Dweller on theRays, 104:this; it is not that." It is No-Thing; it is not thought or desire. It is life, Being, the whole,Rays, 104:the principle of form, of desire and of thought, the sumtotal of creativity, based upon magneticRays, 109:for the generation which will come into active thought expression at the end of this century; theyRays, 110:lines, can be founded. I would commend this thought to your consciousness, for it means that twoRays, 112:perceive that Whole and then no longer use the thought, "My soul and thine." The first demand madeRays, 115:perceive that Whole and then no longer use the thought, "My soul and thine." This is the demand forRays, 121:takes time, for they are built by the power of thought and due process of educating the publicRays, 136:from Him to us and from us to Him. This dual thought of the relationship between humanity and theRays, 137:This should also provide a steady inducement to thought which will make the initiate what he oughtRays, 143:the application of this idea may be), and the thought of more light governs all the inchoateRays, 146:old age and the coming new age, old rhythms of thought and new approaches to truth and consequentRays, 173:even if your brain and your power to formulate thought rejects the possibility of this exaltedRays, 188:of glamor and of illusion. The potency of human thought began to make itself felt; men inRays, 203:are of such a nature that the human mechanism of thought proves incapable of registering them.Rays, 210:of attention, for as ever, energy follows thought; he is [211] preoccupied with world need and withRays, 214:in an Ashram is refraining from certain lines of thought, the elimination of reverie and theRays, 214:the result of certain inner sources of ideas, of thought and of imagination; it is theRays, 214:the astral body of the disciple. The silence of thought is to be cultivated and, my brothers, I doRays, 214:silent thinking. I mean that certain lines of thought are refused admission; certain habits ofRays, 214:of suppression. The initiate learns to keep his thought apparatus in a certain effective condition.Rays, 215:and later use. There are certain [215] layers of thought (again speaking symbolically) which areRays, 215:no indication is given that the other spheres of thought activity, with their conditioning speech,Rays, 244:and matter into conformity with the divine thought along this line. The sumtotal of the highestRays, 244:design and to create in conformity with God's thought; but - age by age - the thinking capacity ofRays, 255:to the reorganizing of the structures of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution ofRays, 259:elapsing aeons since individualization, he has thought only and naturally in terms of the separatedRays, 260:This should give you a hint and much food for thought. More I cannot say, and even this you will
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