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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Rays, 262:They will thus be invocative and evocative. This thought holds the clue to the Law of Synthesis, ofRays, 275:already formed are in reality building a thought-form anent this work which will evoke responseRays, 275:not yet. Today we have the creation of a general thought-form or the germinating of the seed of anRays, 276:gradually become aware of the existence of the thought-form in its nature of light and its qualityRays, 306:express themselves in great areas or extensive thought-forms; these may have, in turn, conditionedRays, 342:initiation, and forego the process of considered thought anent your preparation for initiation.Rays, 343:by the critical lower mind, and a wall of thought-forms, created by the personality, anent theRays, 344:- Part Two - Introductory Remarks This thought of group initiation must be remembered, for it willRays, 345:you saw before was a figment of your mind; a thought-form of your separative creation, somethingRays, 353:initiation. These particular energies are not thought-forms; they are drifting, undefined andRays, 363:in the street, so there are also ranges of thought and eternal extra-planetary concepts which areRays, 382:present purely on to mental levels, but when the thought-form of exoteric existence is created byRays, 400:much to do with Their decision. It must not be thought that Those Masters Who are on the first,Rays, 423:approach. This is a statement warranting careful thought, and one that has as yet received noRays, 443:when implemented by an illumined mind (with its thought-form making ability), is then wielded byRays, 446:existing between the thinker, the apparatus of thought, and thought itself, beginning with its dualRays, 446:the thinker, the apparatus of thought, and thought itself, beginning with its dual esotericRays, 446:to Ideas. The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building. This necessarily involves aRays, 446:and trains himself in the powers and uses of thought. He achieves a measure of mind control; he canRays, 447:achieved may then clothe itself in the right thought-forms. It might also be stated here that theRays, 458:The clue to understanding lies perhaps in the thought that hitherto the relation between soul andRays, 487:task of constructing the antahkarana. It is this thought which really lies unrecognized behind theRays, 494:disciple himself, is set in motion by projected thought, the use of the will and a sounded Word orRays, 497:for speed. 2. The reorganization of standards of thought and of living. 3. The expression of:Rays, 498:and thus evoke response to the Triad. The thought of Alignment-Invocation- Evocation are the threeRays, 502:factually, so that three paralleling lines of thought, or three streams of active energy, are usedRays, 512:The simultaneous preservation of three lines of thought: Awareness of the blended personality andRays, 513:for the use of the Ray Words. It is the thought behind the form, the registered feeling anent theRays, 517:and less importance, and only the concentrated thought, based on understanding comprehension, canRays, 526:Others have been resolved into myths by the thought-form-making faculty of man but Their work isRays, 527:has not yet been emphasized in the worlds of thought and of religion - the revelation of the Way ofRays, 531:make is that the ceremonial aspect is due to the thought-form-making capacity of the disciple andRays, 546:take place (as the Master wills it) a flow of thought between the two. At first, the impression isRays, 546:humanity; he can, however, produce no current of thought flowing back to the Master. Later on, as aRays, 570:new orientation to life and a new [570] world of thought are registered by the initiate. This willRays, 582:- first of all - to the crystallizing of thought, a reaction to imprisoning ideologies, and aRays, 583:his mental vehicle, a crystallization of all thought and a fanatical adherence to mass idealism.Rays, 590:these creatively result in the myriads of thought-forms which are found upon the lower levels ofRays, 590:the fifth ray of spiritual energy produce: Pure thought The thinker or the Son of MindRays, 590:Pure thought The thinker or the Son of Mind Thought-forms This energy (as far as mankind isRays, 590:energy (as far as mankind is concerned) is the thought-form making energy, and all impressions fromRays, 590:with a resultant kaleidoscopic presentation of thought-forms. [591] It is fundamentally the mostRays, 592:of forms to which we give the name of "world thought." This energy transforms the divine ideas intoRays, 594:that information, and to create the needed thought-forms or concepts for those interpretations.Rays, 594:or concepts for those interpretations. These thought-forms fall into three major fields of thoughtRays, 594:thought-forms fall into three major fields of thought or thought-form areas of consciousness:Rays, 594:fall into three major fields of thought or thought-form areas of consciousness: Science. Under thisRays, 600:of the mental processes by great and massive thought-forms; this conflict persists from the momentRays, 601:fifth ray energy produces three major areas of thought, or three prime conditions wherein theRays, 601:thought, or three prime conditions wherein the thought-form-making energy expresses itself: ScienceRays, 602:- the mental body This gives you much food for thought; it indicates the personality goal and theRays, 607:karma. There is deep occult significance to the thought, often voiced, that death is the greatRays, 613:in all lands and in every department of human thought. Its results are, first, the awakening ofRays, 624:at the point of emergence from the nationalistic thought-form; the United States and Russia areRays, 625:most promising in the future. The conflict of thought through which they have passed during theRays, 626:national emphases, and its developed habits of thought or - as the case may be - of feeling. Rays, 641:Let me bring the theme to a close with this thought and this indicated action. Rays, 646:to exercise the mind along the line of abstract thought is ever of value. It must be rememberedRays, 647:the first aspect to take effect. It split the thought-form of materialistic living (which wasRays, 647:by the cleavage of the ancient materialistic thought-form on mental levels; the reorientation ofRays, 652:of the universal. He discovers that all he had thought anent the Law of Cause and Effect was soRays, 663:preserve the old method of counting them. The thought of soul-infusion must be held in mind - aRays, 664:Aryan race, the light has revealed the world of thought and has brought us to a synthesis of theRays, 670:daily life is paralleled by the concentration of thought anent the throat center, that centerRays, 674:makes it such a good agent for the deceptive thought-forming faculties of the unregenerate man. ItRays, 679:freedom and particularly against freedom of thought. Communism per se has no such objective; it isRays, 691:on the ancient premise that "energy follows thought." His thought life becomes, therefore, theRays, 691:premise that "energy follows thought." His thought life becomes, therefore, the field of his majorRays, 692:here given warrants sound reflection and much thought. It is my earnest hope and wish that you mayRays, 700:that of the higher mind or the level of abstract thought - loses its control over the initiate andRays, 704:of matter into the clear light of day." The thought of revelation can be seen also in the ChristianRays, 730:when the nights of sleep are haunted nights, the thought of rising up and out of all theseRays, 735:of spiritual descent, of divine energy; in this thought you have the clue to the doctrine (soRays, 743:groups - liberate themselves from the expressed thought-control of the powerful dominating groupsRays, 744:and antagonistic ideologies or schools of thought, and automatically - according to theirRays, 744:ideologies and their opponents, great schools of thought and modes of government, confronted byRays, 748:education and those in the "upper brackets" who thought and planned. This tendency to thoughtRays, 748:who thought and planned. This tendency to thought indicates the coming into activity of a new andRays, 763:sphere, the crashing note marking the place of thought, dims the sound and shuts out the tone. HeRays, 767:door has closed. They see it not. Rest on that thought, my brother, and passing through the doorReappearance, 11:He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, a potent thought-form or a vortex of magnetic energy in theReappearance, 23:factor is the general human interest and thought about establishing the need, the objectivesReappearance, 39:and practical teaching, lies an undercurrent or thought of something much higher [40] and ofReappearance, 61:has been given out from many sources, schools of thought and churches about the Christ, [62] theReappearance, 69:They also necessarily had to be with Him in thought, and cooperating mentally, because HisReappearance, 90:as well as the subtler worlds of feeling and of thought; life was withdrawn and death resulted. TheReappearance, 99:already generating upon the inner planes of thought and feeling, and to be generated during theReappearance, 101:body and the sum total of His knowledge and His thought, called His mind or mental body. These, theReappearance, 104:early days, feeling dominated and instinct led; thought was not found among the masses of men as itReappearance, 104:is in reality the emergence of that stream of thought-energy and of the idea which Vyasa, thousandsReappearance, 116:may be. The presentation to the world of the thought by the average occult or theosophical exponentReappearance, 129:effort, penetrate into those inner realms of thought activity which we call the creative world.Reappearance, 129:between the outer and the inner worlds of thought. The world of meaning and the world of experienceReappearance, 132:truths projected by Them into the arena of world thought. The work of the Lord of Light and of theReappearance, 135:humanity to emerge into the realm of clear thought; this will mark a significant turning point inReappearance, 139:Mental Science, the Unity Movement and the New Thought presentation attract people away from theReappearance, 140:Men have traveled far from the simplicity of thought and from the simple, spiritual life which theReappearance, 154:behind all invocation is based upon the power of thought, particularly in its telepathic nature,Reappearance, 154:rapport and aspect. The unified, invocative thought of the masses and the focused, directed thoughtReappearance, 154:thought of the masses and the focused, directed thought of the New Group of World Servers
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