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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHT

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Telepathy, 41:as a definite thought-form; finally, that thought-form makes its impact upon the consciousness ofTelepathy, Discip:a vocabulary. It is not limited at any stage by thought-forms but it is limited by word forms; andTelepathy, 47:ideas which underlie these great areas of human thought all emanate from intuitional levels; theyTelepathy, 49:and active in the mental creation of the needed thought-forms. The mind, rightly trained, willTelepathy, 49:good or bad in their orientation, and from the thought currents of that which is in process ofTelepathy, 50:(through recognition of and reaction to a mental thought-form) and its subsequent direction, as anTelepathy, 51:in the light and the creation of the desired thought-forms), and the process of precipitationTelepathy, 51:above exegesis I have given you much food for thought in connection with telepathic possibilities;Telepathy, 68:includes the telepathic response to current [68] thought-forms and thought conditions in the worldTelepathy, 68:response to current [68] thought-forms and thought conditions in the world today. Interest in thisTelepathy, 83:to impression, to impact, to environment, to the thought context of various minds, to ascending andTelepathy, 87:of Impression is in reality the science of thought-form-making, thought-form vitalization andTelepathy, 87:in reality the science of thought-form-making, thought-form vitalization and thought-formTelepathy, 87:thought-form vitalization and thought-form direction; and only a disciple who has passed throughTelepathy, 87:rules, with the deliberate creation of thought-forms designed to produce specific effects, and withTelepathy, 88:is received via the solar plexus, and the thought-forms thus generated are dispatched from theTelepathy, 92:wings of inspiration) becoming a reservoir of thought-substance, to the use of which he mustTelepathy, 93:into correct and available concepts, ideas and thought-forms, that which he has registered. ThisTelepathy, 93:be increasingly dedicated. From the reservoir of thought-substance he learns to project thoseTelepathy, 94:as the disciple acquires true freedom of thought and the power to be receptive to the impression ofTelepathy, 94:mind, he creates for himself a reservoir of thought which becomes available at need for the helpingTelepathy, 94:providing the content of the reservoir of thought upon which he can draw. This is a statement ofTelepathy, 94:fact of the existence of a growing reservoir of thought which the disciple has created in responseTelepathy, 95:by him into thoughts with their appropriated thought-forms, and upon these he learns to draw as heTelepathy, 95:himself in possession of a reservoir or pool of thought-substance which is the result of his ownTelepathy, 96:this aura which is in reality the reservoir of thought-substance upon which he can spirituallyTelepathy, 97:the construction of the resultant reservoir of thought, and with responsiveness to subsequentTelepathy, 102:their magnetic aura the many astrally motivated thought-forms of what they believe and hopeTelepathy, 103:is cleared of the hindering and engrossing thought-forms, and from the aspirational desires andTelepathy, 105:the consequent clarification of the theme of his thought. This must, however, be recorded by aTelepathy, 106:a point oft forgotten. A thick veil of concrete thought-forms can also distort the trueTelepathy, 109:phases of mental contact and the exchange of thought without the use of the spoken or written wordTelepathy, 109:Mental telepathy or the interplay of transmitted thought. Though this is a constant phenomenonTelepathy, 114:borne in mind: 1. The medium through which the thought currents or impressions (from no matter whatTelepathy, 115:they do not create true, concise or powerful thought-forms or - if they do - these thought-formsTelepathy, 115:powerful thought-forms or - if they do - these thought-forms are not correctly directed towards theTelepathy, 116:purely instinctual in nature and little or no thought is involved; there is evidence, however, ofTelepathy, 118:- Higher Aspects of Relationship The next key-thought which is of importance is found in the words:Telepathy, 120:Purpose is the eventual synthesis of the initial thought of the planetary Logos, and to thisTelepathy, 120:thought of the planetary Logos, and to this thought we give always the unmeaning name of "GLORY";Telepathy, 120:but which may constitute a fruitful seed thought to the initiate who may read these words: TheTelepathy, 121:the Purpose, whilst the Purpose is the synthetic Thought which pours into the supernalTelepathy, 126:If this can take place, then the basic Thought, the fundamental Proposition of the planetary LogosTelepathy, 172:it must be remembered here that "energy follows thought." The natural focus or point ofTelepathy, 172:times most definitely offset by a man's line of thought (whatever that may currently be) or by theTelepathy, 172:center, but because of his fixed and determined thought, the energy which he wields can be directedTelepathy, 181:conditioning factor of the ensouling entity's thought life. These are points worthy of your mostTelepathy, 189:processes take place and that of which all thought-forms are made is matter from the spiritualTelepathy, 193:the three planetary centers. All of this must be thought of in terms of circulating and freely
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