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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUGHTS

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Astrology, 7:the phenomenal appearance, conditioned by men's thoughts throughout the ages; I will emphasize theAstrology, 207:with imagination - is a creative agent because thoughts are things, as well you know. From ancientAstrology, 292:to revelation. I have sought to bring the above thoughts to your attention because the sign we areAstrology, 318:a picture of the law of cause and effect. These thoughts you can elaborate for yourself and thusAstrology, 330:the darkness of matter. A study of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of theAstrology, 378:importance to practically everybody and the thoughts of all peoples without exception, whether atAstrology, 385:has stepped down the symbolism and in its thoughts debased sex to an animal function and failed toAstrology, 499:this treatise is to convey to you certain "seed thoughts" which - at some future date - willAstrology, 586:were discussed. All the time, I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but theAtom, 12:of our particular set of emotions, and of the thoughts, desires, and instincts by which we controlAtom, 27:clearly for ourselves, to formulate our own thoughts and to manipulate our own mental processes; weAtom, 65:of the Atom - The Evolution of Form Thoughts similar to these can be worked out in connection withAtom, 71:Let us now make practical application of these thoughts. We are living at this time in a period inAtom, 137:of us are controlled by our desires, and by our thoughts. But the time is coming when we shallAutobiography, 42:average parent to his offspring. These were the thoughts which I thrust away from me as wicked andAutobiography, 57:as their audience draws out of them the needed thoughts, I do not take down well stenographically.Autobiography, 164:take down the words that I hear and register the thoughts which are dropped one by one into myAutobiography, 167:focused I could register and write down the thoughts of the Tibetan (His carefully formulated andAutobiography, 259:own, and not allow Mrs. Bailey to express his thoughts (which is his general rule), is slightlyAutobiography, 259:subjects to be dealt with are the seed thoughts of the meditative effort. This must have beenBethlehem, 23:initiates are taught to be inclusive in their thoughts [24] and non-separative in their attitudes.Bethlehem, 39:First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Two thoughts must therefore be borne in mind by all of usBethlehem, 64:of time. They have existed in men's minds and thoughts and writings for thousands of years, and areBethlehem, 74:all of us who are mature believers cherish these thoughts; and if in any respect you thinkBethlehem, 110:in the silence of the desert, alone with His thoughts and desires, He was tested throughout all theBethlehem, 201:- The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion These thoughts bring us directly to the central problemBethlehem, 248:and incorruptible withdraws intact." Three thoughts are of importance in considering this problemBethlehem, 269:releasing in man of the flood of ideas and [269] thoughts which are his - racial, national orDestiny, 28:which are directly changing the current of men's thoughts, which are molding their ideas, andDestiny, 70:or two points which would serve to guide your thoughts and to clarify the issue. In this manner IDestiny, 113:in an individual expression; this controls his thoughts, foreordains his activities and leads himDestiny, 120:via the Hierarchy, whilst simultaneously the thoughts of men are being turned to the Plan, to theDiscipleship1, 9:the group identity is the dominant factor in the thoughts of each disciple, and desire for personalDiscipleship1, 10:and his group relations. Watch with care your thoughts anent each other, and kill out at once allDiscipleship1, 24:to the mind currents and to register the thoughts of those who personify the Mind of God, theDiscipleship1, 24:each other at any time. In sensitivity to the thoughts of humanity as a whole. Can you not see,Discipleship1, 34:groups of disciples which should engage your thoughts and communications with each other. TheDiscipleship1, 66:content of your minds of all critical and unkind thoughts so that you can achieve an attitude ofDiscipleship1, 83:you not to emphasize so unduly in your private thoughts this idea of being "accepted by a Master."Discipleship1, 104:equation has counted mayhap too largely in your thoughts, my brother, and in the work of theDiscipleship1, 113:deeply upon the embodied idea and carry your thoughts forward and onward and upward (chooseDiscipleship1, 114:to Disciples - B.S.D. June 1936 There are two thoughts in my heart in connection with you, myDiscipleship1, 114:for all of you. Before I tell you what these two thoughts are, I want to give you a word ofDiscipleship1, 115:You have laid a firm foundation. The two thoughts which come into my heart to tell you can beDiscipleship1, 115:can be summarized as follows. Note that these thoughts come from my heart and the suggestion fromDiscipleship1, 134:You have had this time for clarification of your thoughts and to give you the opportunity to defineDiscipleship1, 138:beside you as you meditate and note down your thoughts and ideas as they come to you... I amDiscipleship1, 175:intention but I am going to give you seven seed thoughts and will ask you to concentrate upon themDiscipleship1, 175:the same as earlier indicated. These seven thoughts are as follows: 1st month - The Power of theDiscipleship1, 176:think, my brother, that if you ponder upon these thoughts and if you endeavor to incorporate themDiscipleship1, 183:produced by the sumtotal of the similar thoughts, desires and plans of the majority. It is for thisDiscipleship1, 185:of group life. I would ask you to consider these thoughts with care and to ponder upon theDiscipleship1, 192:may the clarity of light guide your heart, your thoughts, and aspiration. Discipleship1, 193:Each month, write a simple summation of your thoughts and service as you work with the monthly seedDiscipleship1, 193:and service as you work with the monthly seed thoughts. Endeavor to make these six papers of realDiscipleship1, 194:intend to do is to give you a new series of seed thoughts. Your coordination is better, but yourDiscipleship1, 194:register, through the medium of the brain, the thoughts of that divine Perceiver. In order toDiscipleship1, 195:and obstructs and hinders your service. The seed thoughts on which I would ask you to meditate areDiscipleship1, 202:during the coming six months by the aid of the thoughts which I have today given you. Discipleship1, 221:of the vehicles with the soul, holding these thoughts in mind. Then, consciously, hold the mindDiscipleship1, 221:Give five minutes to meditation. Note down any thoughts which may come into your mind on the beamDiscipleship1, 230:short passages which should constitute your seed thoughts for the next six months. Choose them fromDiscipleship1, 248:can (during the fourth week) study with care the thoughts that have come into your mind inDiscipleship1, 259:on this Middle Way. Then take the following seed thoughts for careful reflection: 1st month - IDiscipleship1, 265:the use of a spiritual diary. Gather seed thoughts out of your consciousness and deepen your gripDiscipleship1, 265:consciousness and deepen your grip upon these thoughts by putting them on paper and enlarging uponDiscipleship1, 265:are concerned) are the formulation of such seed thoughts and definite visualization work... TheDiscipleship1, 270:during the next six months take as your seed thoughts for meditation three sentences out of thatDiscipleship1, 284:the close of your meditation work each day your thoughts. Later see what has been the net result.Discipleship1, 290:The choice, however, rests with you and the thoughts of the group must be kept away from yourDiscipleship1, 292:ask you to make contact. Hold him in your thoughts and correspond with him. He is a warrior,Discipleship1, 296:you to write three short papers on these three thoughts which I gave you for the unfoldment of theDiscipleship1, 305:the way that you should go. Detachment from the thoughts of others and steadfast radiation hold forDiscipleship1, 311:to you the most helpful, and regard them as the thoughts around which you will build your mentalDiscipleship1, 318:the O. M. three times, then take as your seed thoughts the following and meditate upon the themesDiscipleship1, 338:Will you, however, take the following seed thoughts into your meditation? March - SpiritualDiscipleship1, 349:major usefulness. Earlier, I gave you some seed thoughts to be the germ of your meditation. This IDiscipleship1, 349:these ends I was working when I chose the seed thoughts given to you earlier this year. I would askDiscipleship1, 349:following six questions, based upon these seed thoughts, into your meditative reflection and answerDiscipleship1, 358:more than with forms of words, such as seed thoughts, or with ideas. You are a natural occultistDiscipleship1, 360:the beautiful thing you are building. Such thoughts are not constructive in their effect. In whatDiscipleship1, 362:the world of that which all men know. Thus new thoughts can be carried into the hearts of men. ThusDiscipleship1, 364:further notice. I will give you also six seed thoughts for meditation. Otherwise my earlierDiscipleship1, 365:minutes (not more) upon the following six seed thoughts. This entire meditation is intended to beDiscipleship1, 376:of the Will of God. That Will directs my thoughts and guides me in the purposes of my soul. To thatDiscipleship1, 376:of Exhalation. Will you also take six seed thoughts out of any book you care to choose and writeDiscipleship1, 376:you care to choose and write down these six seed thoughts - one for each month? Take one,Discipleship1, 383:carry forward your ten minutes' relaxation and thoughts on life and love, begin with the followingDiscipleship1, 390:that I had in mind for you. It is said that "thoughts are things" and produce tangible results. ItDiscipleship1, 411:for the next six months upon the following seed thoughts: First month - Love - "I tread the Way ofDiscipleship1, 412:quietly and peacefully and happily upon the seed thoughts, taking one each month, as outlined inDiscipleship1, 421:which I would give you has in it these two thoughts of silence and joy, for these, rightlyDiscipleship1, 425:your work greatly. Continue to Ponder upon the thoughts I earlier gave you as seed ideas forDiscipleship1, 425:theme of your daily recollection and not as seed thoughts for meditation. Follow the groupDiscipleship1, 426:upon your last instructions; they are full of thoughts which you have not yet "inferred" or sensed.Discipleship1, 435:and analyze results. The meditation work and thoughts suggested are to preface the group meditationDiscipleship1, 435:then proceed as indicated... The following seed thoughts can be used by you in your meditation, ifDiscipleship1, 441:I would have you know that I have had you in my thoughts, my care and my love; that there is not aDiscipleship1, 443:take the following statements for the seed thoughts in your meditation work, thus building in theDiscipleship1, 443:that has prompted me to give you these seed thoughts and will then be ready for the more intensive
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