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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUSAND

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Astrology, 214:yet they were written in our archives over seven thousand years ago. Death in Scorpio is of aAstrology, 409:to an end when the sun entered Pisces over two thousand years ago. This process of passing out of,Astrology, 409:and cyclic influence covers a period of five thousand years where this greater round or cycle isAstrology, 409:round or cycle is concerned. This period of five thousand years covers the complete cycle ofAstrology, 472:to the very door of initiation. For over two thousand years, Piscean influence has been playingAstrology, 581:for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since Gethsemane andAstrology, 585:of the human family is that during the last two thousand years mankind has advanced to a pointAtom, 126:in Palestine in connection with the Christ, two thousand years ago. Why? Because, we ourselves areAtom, 130:the evolutionary process during the next few thousand years. Let us consider this idea somewhat.Autobiography, 57:that it is dogmatic. I often tell people: "Five thousand years hence this so-called advancedAutobiography, 58:If I remember rightly, there were one hundred thousand eggs in the house and they had to be in someAutobiography, 68:were in the foothills, about five or six thousand feet up and were, of course, summer stations.Autobiography, 91:cares what form it occupied or what it did two thousand, eight thousand or one hundred years agoAutobiography, 91:it occupied or what it did two thousand, eight thousand or one hundred years ago any more than myAutobiography, 130:in the factory. I handled an average of ten thousand sardines a day and packed hundreds of cans.Autobiography, 142:expression of divinity from a son of God five thousand years ago. You will see, therefore, how myBethlehem, 8:revelations. Much of it, since its inception two thousand years ago, has come to be regarded asBethlehem, 15:are occupied (as they have been for two thousand years) with the same task of bringingBethlehem, 18:because, during this period of approximately two thousand years, our sun is passing through thatBethlehem, 19:the previous Jewish dispensation (the two thousand years wherein the sun was passing through theBethlehem, 19:passing into this new sign. For more than two thousand years its potencies and [20] forces willBethlehem, 37:the human consciousness, has had its Word. Two thousand years ago a Word was for us "made Flesh,"Bethlehem, 55:to register the results. Only today, two thousand years after the event, is the lesson of Christ'sBethlehem, 64:of Denderah (antedating Christianity by several thousand years) is ample proof of this. In theBethlehem, 91:of sacrifice and of service which today (two thousand years after He walked among men) are becomingBethlehem, 96:lifted up between Earth and Heaven, and for two thousand years these words of His have stoodBethlehem, 169:even if we are only beginning today (two thousand years after He set us an example) to grasp theBethlehem, 195:given to Christianity during the past two thousand years. Christ did give us the teaching that weBethlehem, 197:rise to this realization, but it took nearly two thousand years of Christianity to raise sin to aBethlehem, 233:enthusiasm. That they were mistaken, nearly two thousand years of Christianity has proved. We areBethlehem, 276:to have everlasting life because Christ died two thousand years ago does not prove satisfactory toDestiny, 28:into the future, but does not extend beyond two thousand years. These mediums will, however, onlyDestiny, 45:as the ideas which governed the race one thousand years ago have today assumed in ourDestiny, 49:influence of the rays during the past two thousand years and of the way in which great events haveDestiny, 110:which have been established during the past two thousand years. These must be counted upon, offsetDestiny, 111:have held the center of the stage for several thousand years in an effort to make humanity seekDestiny, 112:value to bear in mind that during the past two thousand years a much higher, rarer and moreDestiny, 114:high stage of development during the past two thousand years and "good taste" is a highly cherishedDestiny, 115:sensitized and developed during the past two thousand years than in any previous period of tenDestiny, 115:years than in any previous period of ten thousand years. The reason for this is that the mind ofDestiny, 127:the dense outer form that has made the last two thousand years produce so disastrously a mismanagedDestiny, 136:heart and these periods last approximately three thousand years. They are, when out of incarnation,Destiny, 137:but not of abstraction." They are three thousand years also in incarnation. One of these threeDestiny, 137:years also in incarnation. One of these three thousand year periods of expression is now here andDestiny, 142:a certain group of disciples from Shamballa. Two thousand years from today, the influence of thisDestiny, 142:It will become increasingly so for the next two thousand two hundred years when it will graduallyDestiny, 148:This period dates from Christmas Day, two thousand years ago, in Palestine. That was the greatestDestiny, 149:to the Risen Christ. Pisces has seen, during two thousand years, the spreading light; Aquarius willDestiny, 151:spiritual man. The emphasis during the past two thousand years has been on death; it has coloredDiscipleship1, 44:history of the race of men during the past two thousand years (which is far enough for ourDiscipleship1, 87:heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalled lotus) . This heart center, whenDiscipleship2, 60:which Christ gave to his disciples nearly two thousand years ago. The judgment referred to hasDiscipleship2, 113:which is found within the head center (the thousand-petalled lotus). This heart center, whenDiscipleship2, 117:devotion into the center above the head (the thousand-petalled lotus), and its conscious focusingDiscipleship2, 121:the ajna center (between the eyebrows) and the thousand-petalled lotus. When these two centers areDiscipleship2, 173:his mission was not accomplished. For nearly two thousand years he has waited to bring that missionDiscipleship2, 182:in the head between: The ajna center and the thousand-petalled lotus. This becomes effectiveDiscipleship2, 183:pineal gland and the pituitary body. [183] The thousand-petalled lotus and that focal point orDiscipleship2, 219:the Christian civilization of the past two thousand years (which has gone so sadly far from hisDiscipleship2, 232:of human relationships. The Christ himself (two thousand years ago) tried to demonstrate this modeDiscipleship2, 277:and are determining of conditions for several thousand years to come, then the entire HierarchyDiscipleship2, 326:by the great initiate, Patanjali, eleven thousand years ago) is being demonstrated and hisDiscipleship2, 326:original purpose justified. For the next seven thousand years [327] his system will be used toDiscipleship2, 334:are seen by me, for instance, in terms of one thousand year cycles. What you may have done in thisDiscipleship2, 335:failures. I will tell you. From a survey of one thousand years which I have been enabled to makeDiscipleship2, 335:every three hundred years, instead of every one thousand years, as has been the case until 1575Discipleship2, 467:been realized, even by advanced students. The thousand-petalled lotus remains a secret, or closedDiscipleship2, 679:difficulty. You want to work your own way many thousand miles away from Headquarters where I haveEducation, 79:speaking only in terms of the last two or three thousand years. In Asia, we have had the intensiveEducation, 139:undergo profound changes during the next one thousand years, though the basic motive - that of loveExternalisation, 146:Invocation, rightly used by the many hundred thousand people who have already attempted to use it,Externalisation, 272:more meaning today than when written nearly two thousand years ago, for this world conflict [273]Externalisation, 343:for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years have gone since Gethsemane andExternalisation, 343:established a relationship which even after two thousand years is but a thin, frail line ofExternalisation, 346:of the human family is that during the last two thousand years mankind has advanced to a pointExternalisation, 361:disciples and initiates during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensiveExternalisation, 421:will be recognized. On this festival, for two thousand years, the Christ has represented humanityExternalisation, 423:He Whom all disciples serve was on Earth two thousand years ago, He said that secret things wouldExternalisation, 434:this. He said when He was on earth two thousand years ago, "I came not to bring peace, but aExternalisation, 459:is not ready and will not be ready for several thousand years. It is an easy thing for them toExternalisation, 469:is built upon that which He enacted for us two thousand years ago and through which He symbolicallyExternalisation, 508:so complete the work He began in Palestine two thousand years ago, He will bring with Him some ofExternalisation, 557:men have loved and followed for nearly three thousand years, the Christ. (I am referring here toExternalisation, 575:of heaven to Jerusalem, there to reign for a thousand years, is true in one way and utterly falseExternalisation, 590:Who has never left us but Who has worked for two thousand years through the medium of HisExternalisation, 592:innate divinity through human beings and - two thousand years ago - portraying the nature of thatExternalisation, 592:to life. The wonder of that Life lived two thousand years ago is still with us and has lost none ofExternalisation, 596:for mankind not yet consummated. For two [596] thousand years it has seemed as if all His work hadExternalisation, 602:certain aspects of the work He set in motion two thousand years ago, because it holds the clue toExternalisation, 604:He works today, as he worked in Palestine two thousand years ago, through groups. There He workedExternalisation, 609:negated, forgotten or misinterpreted for two thousand years, and wherein hate and separativenessExternalisation, 612:indicate the true meaning. He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the ChurchExternalisation, 617:to manifest among men. This was not the case two thousand years ago; it is, however, the caseExternalisation, 660:the vitalization and the stimulation of the two-thousand-year-old thought-forms which men, down theExternalisation, 672:took objective form when Christ was with us two thousand years ago, and which will proceed toExternalisation, 683:the Christ was in physical presence on earth two thousand years ago, the population of the worldFire, 26:Fire - Stanzas of Dzyan Stanza IX The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call.Fire, 26:said, "until the seventh aeon." The twice thirty thousand million hearkened to the call and tookFire, 246:atom contains within its periphery fourteen thousand millions of the archetypal atoms, yet theseFire, 440:having served its purpose [440] for close on two thousand years. Later again the same force will be
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