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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUSAND

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Psychology1, 332:the heavens, either once every twenty-five thousand years or once every twelve months. Those thatPsychology1, 349:rhythm at this time and during the twenty-five thousand years of a zodiacal cycle in sequences ofPsychology1, 382:influence of the rays during the past two thousand years, and of the way in which great events havePsychology1, 396:the Path, grasping the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles. Naught did they wish to leavePsychology1, 401:is the history of the past one hundred thousand years, and their work lies with effects of thatPsychology2, 119:for the first time fully by the Christ two thousand years ago. He was the forerunner of thePsychology2, 143:of the activity of this ray, during the past two thousand years, has been to train humanity in thePsychology2, 161:plain and clear by the teachings of the past two thousand years, and through the many books writtenPsychology2, 273:Christ when He came down to the earth some two thousand years ago. He accustomed us to the idea ofPsychology2, 385:of Duality by the initiate. One head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, represents the spirit orPsychology2, 389:has steadily shifted during the past few thousand years into the creation of those effects of whichPsychology2, 398:to humanity its significance. It has taken two thousand years for this presented attribute to takePsychology2, 522:center, called in the Eastern Philosophy "the thousand-petalled lotus". The problem of the averagePsychology2, 625:of the Piscean influence during the past two thousand years - such groups are predominantlyPsychology2, 716:in the world today (1939), is nearly one thousand. We are here considering those disciples who areRays, 86:Christ when over-shadowing the Master Jesus, two thousand years ago. The purificatory aspect of theRays, 91:All are moving forward. The Christ Who came two thousand years ago embodied in Himself not only theRays, 228:been conditioned by Pisces for more than two thousand years. I would have you ponder on this, forRays, 229:sensitive by Piscine energy, during the past two thousand years. You have, therefore, a conditionRays, 232:which He has been preparing for close upon three thousand years - so exalted and peculiar anRays, 234:mankind, conditioned and ruled for the past two thousand years by Piscean energy. This is, as youRays, 239:early in the Piscean Age. For nearly two thousand years these methods have proved so successfulRays, 339:but it is a twelve-petalled lotus within the thousand-petalled lotus of an unknown cosmic Entity,Rays, 478:the Aryan race. It is only during the past five thousand years that it has gradually become theRays, 506:be simply the most tenuous thread imaginable, a thousand times finer than a gossamer web, but itRays, 534:does on a Jewish foundation which is nearly five thousand years old, must disappear. This must takeRays, 550:happenings: The conclusion of a twenty-five thousand year cycle or movement around what is calledRays, 551:energies coming from Pisces during the last two thousand years are now being rapidly superseded byRays, 578:life from the constellation Pisces, has for two thousand years conditioned human experience and isRays, 634:right and which the Jews have ignored for two thousand years. Their attitude is perhaps theRays, 635:away from its original owners nearly three thousand years ago, at the point of the sword andRays, 730:of Easter Day - the Day of Resurrection. Yet two thousand years ago the Christ did not rise out ofReappearance, 9:only struck the keynote of the new age (over two thousand years ago) but He also, in someReappearance, 26:today and He began to tread it in Palestine two thousand years ago. He knew, in a sense hithertoReappearance, 36:innate divinity through human beings and - two thousand years ago - portraying the nature of thatReappearance, 36:to life. The wonder of that life, lived two thousand years ago, is still with us and has lost noneReappearance, 40:Christ completes the work during the next two thousand years which He inaugurated two thousandReappearance, 40:next two thousand years which He inaugurated two thousand years ago, that affirmative Voice willReappearance, 41:vision for mankind not yet consummated. For two thousand years it has seemed as if all His work hadReappearance, 49:certain aspects of the work He set in motion two thousand years ago, because they hold the clue toReappearance, 51:He works today, as He worked in Palestine two thousand years ago, through groups. There He workedReappearance, 56:negated, forgotten or misinterpreted for two thousand years, and wherein hate and separativenessReappearance, 60:indicate the true meaning. He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the ChurchReappearance, 64:Today and in the Future Christ has been for two thousand years a silent, passive Figure, hiddenReappearance, 64:of divine revelations. His Mission on earth two thousand years ago is a part of that continuity andReappearance, 65:will enter the city of Jerusalem to rule for one thousand years. During this millennium, Satan orReappearance, 70:the divine Purpose than it was in Palestine two thousand years ago. There has necessarily been (onReappearance, 72:by the Christ. The work initiated by Him two thousand years ago must be completed; the new worldReappearance, 74:Christ in much the same manner as Christ (two thousand years ago) over-shadowed or worked throughReappearance, 80:work which He would later undertake when the two thousand years of the Piscean era would haveReappearance, 81:the desert; they did it again in Palestine two thousand years ago; will they do it again, asReappearance, 81:satisfied with the religion of nearly five thousand years ago and shows as yet little desire toReappearance, 83:work began, and it will continue for two thousand five hundred years. Thus He inaugurated the newReappearance, 84:all easy to comprehend. In His public work, two thousand years ago, He said: "I am come [85] thatReappearance, 88:at the end of the cycle which He inaugurated two thousand years ago, we have formulated doctrinesReappearance, 98:of Piscean energy, generated during the past two thousand years of Christ's spiritual activity andReappearance, 98:and active on Earth during the next two thousand years, or two thousand five hundred. It is forReappearance, 98:Earth during the next two thousand years, or two thousand five hundred. It is for this process ofReappearance, 99:the new age. The tragedy of His appearance two thousand years ago has colored the presentation ofReappearance, 122:which are long out of date, though right three thousand years ago) the history of man's movingReappearance, 124:manifested forms. The work of the Christ (two thousand years ago) was to proclaim certain greatReappearance, 126:and spiritual consciousness, during the next two thousand years. Each age has left a reflection ofReappearance, 127:real names - came into being approximately eight thousand years ago. Then came Taurus, the Bull,Reappearance, 135:disciples and initiates, during the past two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensiveReappearance, 155:will be recognized. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity andSoul, 19:he had struggled, for we know at least fifty thousand years, to define and know him. self, thatSoul, 112:that the total number of nadis is seventy-two thousand; according to other texts, however, itSoul, 113:its center the lotus of the Heart, the other the thousand-petalled lotus of the brain. The systemSoul, 115:center (head center) called usually the thousand-petalled lotus, is the embodiment of spiritualTelepathy, 18:heart center, found within the head center (the thousand petalled lotus). This heart center, whenTelepathy, 157:Monad and Personality - the head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, the brahmarandra, is asTelepathy, 170:of the "jewel in the lotus" in the head, the thousand petalled lotus. Each center is then relatedTelepathy, 190:center, Shamballa, utilizes the head center, the thousand petalled lotus, when the man is
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