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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUSANDS

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Astrology, 485:and the dire results of certain events, thousands of men and women are stepping out of the ranks ofAstrology, 486:self-conscious, as well as in the emergence of thousands of self-conscious world aspirants who areAstrology, 579:God" will be the goal and the desire of untold thousands; true understanding between men andAtom, 38:amount of primitive intelligence. Look at the thousands of ways in which atoms of hydrogen combineAtom, 44:is a very interesting Sanskrit writing, many thousands of years old, which I am venturing to quoteAtom, 135:order are rampant these days, and are driving thousands into insanity, or into nervous disorders.Atom, 155:They taught the radioactivity of matter thousands of years ago, and so perhaps, after all, thereAutobiography, X:after her death I sent the following letter to thousands of her students and friends all over theAutobiography, 2:to people, as real as They are to me and many thousands in the world. I do not mean a hypotheticalAutobiography, 9:in comparison with the early years of countless thousands. Many people say that childhood is theAutobiography, 36:myself as the dramatic and admired teacher of thousands. This is a very common mistake on the partAutobiography, 49:In the course of my life I suppose literally thousands of people have come to me forAutobiography, 71:war, murder, pillage and the slaughtering of thousands of peace-loving Hindus by the Moslem." IAutobiography, 76:resents his portrayal of them. [76] I played thousands of games of checkers (draughts, as we callAutobiography, 82:that time that her words would be handed down to thousands of people in my public lectures. TheAutobiography, 83:only one small chance lasting three days, after thousands of years in hell, because they happenedAutobiography, 104:never in the course of his long experience with thousands of young men had he met a man as gifted -Autobiography, 121:the Christian taking right action. Lots of us, thousands of us are trying to take right action butAutobiography, 127:babies, and I used to be needed by hundreds and thousands. Only a small handful of people cared inAutobiography, 175:is the case and when to this must be added the thousands of form letters which I have signed plusAutobiography, 178:teaching would have helped so many hundreds of thousands. We stood alone with, perhaps, a fewAutobiography, 185:as to their behavior; as to the tens of thousands of illegitimate children they left behind uncaredAutobiography, 201:Wherever marching armies march hundreds of thousands of illegitimate children are the result. TheAutobiography, 251:in the Arcane School and to F.B. and A.A.B. Thousands are known to me but not to them. All areAutobiography, 257:am one of the many Masters, recognized today by thousands of people. She has not sheltered herselfAutobiography, 288:accepted and followed, have led countless thousands from "darkness to light" and out of the fourthBethlehem, 10:of the present moment lies in the fact that many thousands stand thus prepared, and (given theBethlehem, 15:of dogma and of doctrine which has enabled many thousands, down the centuries, to see the light.Bethlehem, 64:in men's minds and thoughts and writings for thousands of years, and are our joint heritage today.Bethlehem, 70:the stars of heaven, realizing that there are thousands of millions of universes and tens ofBethlehem, 70:thousands of millions of universes and tens of thousands of millions of constellations! We are suchBethlehem, 121:of healing, engrossing the attention of so many thousands at this time, is too broad to beBethlehem, 175:of words have been written about it, and thousands of books and commentaries have attempted toBethlehem, 181:will be found that it antedates Christianity by thousands of years, and that finally, the four armsBethlehem, 208:In this, Christ was in no wise different from thousands of other farseeing men and reformers, downBethlehem, 225:scripture of India we read these words, spoken thousands of years ago, yet capable of being appliedDestiny, 48:up to their opportunity. Today there are many thousands coming under the influence of this Law ofDestiny, 54:future, whilst Brazil will eventually - many thousands of years hence - supersede both of them.Destiny, 147:has been regarded as a festival season; for thousands of years it has been associated with theDestiny, 149:keynote. It is seldom realized that hundreds of thousands of people in every land have taken, orDiscipleship1, 94:sometimes called) has already been undergone by thousands, and they are sincerely and definitelyDiscipleship1, 567:of me upon the astral plane, built by the thousands who have read my many words, and whose thoughtsDiscipleship1, 783:Some few are known to the workers in the school. Thousands are known to me but not to them; all areDiscipleship2, 43:to arouse all of you, and through you the thousands you can as a group reach, to the [44] urgencyDiscipleship2, 83:idea. Out of the apprehension of truth by many thousands in many lands and the need for it to beDiscipleship2, Here t:used by disciples in the Masters' Ashrams for thousands of years and is today given out by me toDiscipleship2, 180:to such strain and suffering that hundreds of thousands in nearly every land - either factually orDiscipleship2, 219:first and second rays) is opening the minds of thousands of people. The pronounced contrast inDiscipleship2, 270:is testified to by the fact that so very many thousands have (as I have several times told you)Discipleship2, 270:are becoming aware of that fact; the goal for thousands everywhere is the demonstration of theDiscipleship2, 336:have taken the first initiation, as have so many thousands of people in the world today. Many haveDiscipleship2, 337:the Hierarchy. Before the end of this century, thousands will stand before the Initiator and takeDiscipleship2, 375:is now very great, because so many hundreds of thousands have taken the first initiation. ThisDiscipleship2, 412:X The Hierarchy was faced with the fact that thousands of aspirants have been coming intoDiscipleship2, 413:kingdom in nature, and that there were many thousands of aspirants who were developingDiscipleship2, 457:Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now in their thousands and are to be found in every land, andDiscipleship2, 510:know) to know that you have served and helped thousands, through the radio and through theDiscipleship2, 571:or occupied countries. From that you, with thousands of others, naturally suffer and this is quiteDiscipleship2, 581:little or no editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and were received with simplicityDiscipleship2, 592:plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and of millions ofDiscipleship2, 611:life; you have been brought into contact with thousands of [613] people of all degrees, religionsDiscipleship2, 678:goodwill work you propose to do differ from the thousands of goodwill movements so ardently andEducation, 27:part of the work is already accomplished in many thousands of cases and what is now required isEducation, 84:person will pass and through which, today, many thousands do pass. In the future, education willEducation, 86:an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and among them [87]Education, 100:started when the first school was organized, thousands of years ago. These schools were very smallEducation, 135:of sexual control has brought into the world thousands of unwanted children whose appearance isExternalisation, 51:major Approach to earth, and there will then be thousands of men and women in touch with TheirExternalisation, 77:of being dropped (as it should have been) thousands of years ago. It is these facts (unknown to theExternalisation, 123:culminating catastrophe which wiped hundreds of thousands of human beings off the face of theExternalisation, 128:have within them those who belong in their thousands to the category of those who are swayed by theExternalisation, 158:ever since the year 1425 A.D. though it is thousands of years older than that. Owing, however, toExternalisation, 177:lands is bringing about the financial ruin of thousands; the pressure of economic disaster, theExternalisation, 196:that (in these days of rapid transportation) thousands are starving whilst food is rotting orExternalisation, 204:among the people in Germany and Italy there are thousands who also silently take their stand withExternalisation, 206:vision and of goodwill, there exist today many thousands of people in Europe, America and elsewhereExternalisation, 212:Great Invocation, now being used in its tens of thousands by the world aspirants in every country.Externalisation, 236:stand France (for France is still loyal in her thousands to truth and liberty), Poland, Holland,Externalisation, 239:defeated in the earlier phase of the conflict thousands of years ago, and secondly that - if TheyExternalisation, 316:rests the work of reconstruction, aided by the thousands and thousands of men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 316:of reconstruction, aided by the thousands and thousands of men and women of goodwill in every land.Externalisation, 342:God," will be the goal and the desire of untold thousands; true understanding between men andExternalisation, 358:illumination, the world of glamor and bring many thousands on to the Path of Discipleship. TheExternalisation, 358:of maya or substance. This will release untold thousands on to the Path of Probation. Releasing newExternalisation, 364:1942 There is an insistent demand from the many thousands who in the past have read the pamphletsExternalisation, 368:India, bring about a slaughtering of countless thousands, and permit Germany to join hands withExternalisation, 377:is already present in the hearts of countless thousands and carries with it great responsibility.Externalisation, 377:This is the vision and it is holding countless thousands steady in the path of duty, and for itExternalisation, 377:improbability of any quick successes, there are thousands ready to start with the preparatory work.Externalisation, 387:there are many voices calling today; there are thousands who have dreamed the same dream, seen theExternalisation, 389:fact to many millions and a proved event to many thousands) that spiritual guidance is accorded toExternalisation, 417:is consciously recognized by hundreds of thousands today, though still denied by the orthodox; theExternalisation, 430:of the Great White Lodge. Among all these are thousands who stand bewildered, sensing the truth butExternalisation, 487:physical form is known today by many hundreds of thousands, and will eventually be realized by asExternalisation, 546:(embracing already as it does many, many thousands) seeks to promote right human relations with itsExternalisation, 565:to the Hierarchy; today, the recognition of thousands who are not in any way advanced aspirants orExternalisation, 568:major disturbance to the rhythm of many tens of thousands of years; it has been a basicExternalisation, 610:in the Father's House (Shamballa) for thousands of years. They have registered the fact that, forExternalisation, 621:and attention must be duly given; I speak to the thousands of ailing men and women who areExternalisation, 628:money is not demanded, but the selfless work of thousands of apparently unimportant people is
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