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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THOUSANDS

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Externalisation, 659:Invocation (now used by so many hundreds of thousands) and the sound of its mantric rhythm isExternalisation, 659:This means that, due to the effort of countless thousands of men and women everywhere, energiesExternalisation, 673:which They have guarded Themselves for so many thousands of years. The point to be grasped is thatExternalisation, 684:every living unit in the world is in touch with thousands of other units and can - through the manyExternalisation, 701:the Hierarchy stands, and that It has stood for thousands of years, and is the expression of theFire, 41:the Maha Kalpa seems to be, we are assured that thousands and thousands of millions of such MahaFire, 41:seems to be, we are assured that thousands and thousands of millions of such Maha Kalpas haveFire, 460:centuries. This must not [460] be forgotten. For thousands of years, wild animals have - speciallyFire, 723:from the consciousness of the atom of substance. Thousands of those great cycles which we call "aFire, 1039:returning impulses set in cyclic motion perhaps thousands of years ago. H. P. B. is right in hisFire, 1059:night and seek to realize that in the many thousands of suns and constellations visible to theGlamour, xi:We are told by physicians and scientists that thousands of cells in the human brain are stillGlamour, 31:of their pet concepts, and into tens [31] of thousands of participants in group mental activity.Glamour, 165:of illumination, the world glamor and bring many thousands on to the Path of Discipleship. TheGlamour, 165:of maya or substance. This will release untold thousands on to the Path of Probation. Releasing newHealing, 252:that though the Atlantean racial period lies thousands of years away, a great majority of peopleHealing, 277:predictional astrology, out of the hands of the thousands who at this time spend much timeHealing, 375:will be eventually, let us hope, hundreds and thousands of groups all over the world who willHealing, 377:veil will disappear through the testimony of the thousands of those who can see phenomena and hearHealing, 398:appearance of a discarnate person there are thousands of cases which can be explained upon theHealing, 411:hallucination, and the brains and minds of thousands of people are untrue and deceiving, areHealing, 601:be seen in the interim (an interim of many, many thousands of years) between the type of healingHealing, 647:catastrophes such as the world war, in which thousands and thousands of bodies were involved. AnHealing, 647:such as the world war, in which thousands and thousands of bodies were involved. An individual notHealing, 668:periphery or magnetic field is drawing countless thousands of aspirants towards it. The war struckHercules, 9:rushed are those which are possible to many thousands now. It will become apparent also howHercules, 109:significance of their meaning unfathomed for thousands of years, and it is only in this day andHercules, 109:generation in all nations will produce its thousands of disciples and already tens of thousands areHercules, 109:its thousands of disciples and already tens of thousands are seeking the Way. People are now veryHercules, 145:continues to challenge the powers of mankind thousands of years after Hercules accomplished hisHercules, 192:write and think along these lines, and there are thousands everywhere in the world, is to begin toHercules, 199:figure to remain in the minds of men for thousands of years. Most of us are forgotten in twenty. Hercules, 221:world's symbols, antedating the Christian era by thousands of years. The cross is originally formedInitiation, 33:founding, the work was slow and discouraging. Thousands of years came and went, and races of menInitiation, 42:for ages ahead, centers of energy are formed thousands of years before they will be required, andIntellect, 4:of thinkers in the East [4] and in the West for thousands of years, and this uniformity of interestIntellect, 16:characteristics and qualities. For thousands of years all over the planet, the mystics and knowersIntellect, 23:mass education. For the first time, men in their thousands are being taught to use their minds;Intellect, 35:have set their mark upon the minds of men for thousands of years. What has made them what they are?Intellect, 35:humanity, as a whole, to a condition where many thousands are ready for this specialized culture,Intellect, 36:mystics and intuitional thinkers number tens of thousands of the best minds of the race. They sayIntellect, 43:schools. These set their mark upon tens of thousands of men, standardizing them and training themIntellect, 74:is a method which has been followed by countless thousands and a scientific process which has beenIntellect, 124:are recorded as truth and proven fact by many thousands down the ages. Intellect, 129:prepared us. They have had their day. For many thousands, therefore, a new endeavor is in order. IsIntellect, 149:of the language, the testimony of the many thousands of reputable witnesses and the similarity ofIntellect, 202:of the emotional nature, we have seen many thousands of human beings arrive at the point where theyIntellect, 215:It is perhaps more justifiable, for so many thousands have proceeded upon these assumptions, haveIntellect, 245:belief in his capacity, his ability to influence thousands, even if he is relatively impotent toMagic, 46:plexi, the lesser nerve ganglia, and the many thousands of nerves, the entire objective man can beMagic, 78:There knowledge of occultism dates back tens of thousands of years and time has set its mark evenMagic, 153:as to a technique which has proved effective for thousands of years and with many disciples. SomeMagic, 164:who stand on the verge of acceptance, and thousands are upon the probationary path. [165] In allMagic, 303:tragedies, pains and sufferings of his brother thousands of miles away. The economic catastrophe ofMagic, 304:painfully the case now where there are so many thousands of sensitive aspiring souls, inexperiencedMagic, 409:men - the Huguenot and Moravian martyrs, and the thousands of modern sects in every group. TheseMagic, 417:by the group members are as yet only a few thousands among the millions of men, and out of the fourMagic, 437:by the astrologers. Energy follows thought. For thousands of years certain types of energy andMagic, 566:or mesh of energy nadis, which, in their tens of thousands, are woven together and form in certainMagic, 568:the entire body. Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it hasMagic, 634:synthetic relation. It is again when the many thousands of separative groups can be grouped intoMeditation, 82:to the new. What the Personality spends many thousands of lives in establishing is not going to bePatanjali, 330:the entire body. Its instruments are the thousands of nadis or nerves found in the body, and it hasProblems, 10:This is not rare but is descriptive of many thousands in every nation. This spirit and attitudeProblems, 14:of its possibility lies in the fact that thousands today are thinking along these idealistic lines;Problems, 14:today are thinking along these idealistic lines; thousands are occupied with planning a betterProblems, 14:are occupied with planning a better world and thousands are talking about the possibility. AllProblems, 48:right time. Educators will need to remember that thousands of children have looked on constantly atProblems, 55:person will pass and through which, today, many thousands do pass. In the modern schools (grammarProblems, 60:an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and among them manyProblems, 72:income taxes; they provide work for countless thousands but see to it that these thousands receiveProblems, 72:for countless thousands but see to it that these thousands receive so small a wage that realProblems, 74:functioning; it is on the side of humanity. For thousands of years, if history is to believed, theProblems, 101:drifting hither and thither (along with many thousands of other nationalities, however), helplessProblems, 105:sense of spiritual understanding and so aid the thousands of Gentiles who earnestly want to help.Problems, 105:you have an exceedingly ancient people who for thousands of years have played their part in theProblems, 114:part of the problem. There will be hundreds of thousands of these children of mixed parentage,Problems, 121:in all parts of the world in their innumerable thousands. Let these be found, reached and put inProblems, 121:is being ushered in by the hundreds of thousands of the men of goodwill now active in the world andProblems, 126:on poor translations and no part of them - after thousands of years of translation - is as itProblems, 129:as serious, because of its effect upon untold thousands of the more ignorant public, are theProblems, 145:Christ, is consciously recognized by hundreds of thousands today, though still denied by theProblems, 146:where He has always been, known and reached by thousands but held at a distance by the theologiesProblems, 164:and is already meeting with Western recognition; thousands of Christians today keep the festival ofProblems, 181:five years' time) much good can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into the ranks of thePsychology1, 98:hallucination, and the brains and minds of thousands [99] of people are untrue and deceiving, arePsychology1, 101:our planet. Animals, plentiful and familiar many thousands of years ago, are now extinct, and byPsychology1, 119:Trinity. Bewildered men and women go in their thousands to the clinics of the psychologists,Psychology1, 119:their dual natures; and psychologists in their thousands recognize [120] this duality and seek toPsychology1, 176:a universal faith than to any other idea. Many thousands of them are frankly agnostic or believe inPsychology1, 176:or believe in nothing, whilst many other thousands are restive under the control of theologicalPsychology1, 177:so clearly defined in the minds of many thousands that its outer structure will inevitably make itsPsychology1, 198:Great War, for instance. In the war the blood of thousands was poured out upon the soil, and fromPsychology1, 269:the health and the serenity of hundreds and thousands of men. There is, secondly, the threateningPsychology1, 304:than the woman, nor woman than the man. Yet many thousands regard women as embodying that which isPsychology1, 370:to our planet and thus be revealed. It is many thousands of years since what are now studied as thePsychology1, 381:there are many hundreds (and in America, many thousands) coming under the influence of this Law ofPsychology1, 387:be called, for the time of this expression lies thousands of years ahead) will represent a linkingPsychology2, 204:These too are relatively rare, though several thousands of them can be found upon our planet. TheyPsychology2, 270:present stimulation upon the unevolved masses. Thousands and thousands of men and women are in
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