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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THREEFOLD

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Education, 54:three races) the arduous task of vitalizing the threefold manifested world (physical, astral,Education, 61:levels. These seek to control the forces of the threefold man when a certain definite point inEducation, 66:as he redeems, salvages and purifies his threefold body of manifestation and the work of theExternalisation, 35:what manner these groups can measure up to the threefold demand or opportunity mentioned above.Externalisation, 41:points of more general interest, and to their threefold opportunity. It is [42] of interest to noteExternalisation, 46:the initiate members of the Great White Lodge is threefold - psychological, bringing in the soul;Externalisation, 49:in the new age. Here again we touch the threefold purpose which each group has to hold beforeExternalisation, 150:objective of these processes of invocation is threefold: 1. To invoke the soul of humanity and soExternalisation, 170:and the fire and the light of the personal threefold life (one aspect of which is often called theExternalisation, 247:no further. Your work will, therefore, be of a threefold nature. On the levels of mentalExternalisation, 355:and are not so pre-eminently conscious of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition ofExternalisation, 549:rather among men, was the primary stage in the threefold promise made by the angels at His Birth:Externalisation, 553:main duty is to bring the initial inflow of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes andExternalisation, 562:His body of manifestation. This purpose was threefold in nature: It involved the ability of ThoseExternalisation, 563:throughout the ages, has been fundamentally threefold in nature: A constant effort to set up aExternalisation, 581:growing up) will shortly inaugurate. Upon this threefold condition of the basic control of theFire, 7:apex, connect and circulate the Fire, when the threefold apex likewise burns, then the twoFire, 13:forms. They stood in fourfold order. Upon the threefold levels in empty silence stood the forms.Fire, 18:the hour propitious, sounded the triple note in threefold reverberation. The echo reached the goal.Fire, 19:the spheres. Radiant two balls became. The threefold thirty-five, finding the distance just,Fire, 20:him and above, naught but the same is seen. The threefold Watchers know and see. The fourfold isFire, 32:of Dzyan Stanza XII The Blessed Ones hide Their threefold nature but reveal Their triple essence byFire, 32:great groups of atoms. Three are the atoms and threefold the radiation. The inner core of FireFire, 33:in the Macrocosm In its essential nature Fire is threefold, but when in manifestation it can beFire, 38:the sign of His place in cosmic evolution. This threefold fire may be expressed in ray terms asFire, 45:to divide it. Fire in the Microcosm is likewise threefold in essence and fivefold in manifestation.Fire, 51:(partially now and later entirely) the lower threefold man or the personality; this control lastsFire, 52:of the system, of the planet, and of man are threefold: 1. Interior fire at the center of theFire, 58:of influence, its ring-pass-not by means of a threefold channel. 17 17 "The divine essence that,Fire, 62:Who in Their totality form the Body of the threefold Logos. We have, therefore: TheFire, 62:Logos - a cosmic Entity. The Logos, threefold in manifestation: The cosmic Lord of Will Power. TheFire, 63:essence, Fire; each manifests as fire in a threefold manner. In point of time the cosmic Lord ofFire, 65:Ray to this internal fire of the system in its threefold manifestation. Certain facts are known inFire, 70:one or other of the permanent atoms in the lower threefold man, and has a direct action upon theFire, 70:Occult Meditation" that the atoms of the lower threefold man underwent a twofold process: They wereFire, 71:the mental unit. The effect which they have is threefold, but is not simultaneous; they work ever,Fire, 71:is highly evolved and is nearing the Path. This threefold force is felt in the following way:Fire, 71:Similarly, the Ego expresses itself through the threefold lower man, mental, emotional, and ethericFire, 72:open up before the earnest student. This threefold action varies in point of time and sequenceFire, 73:in matter. Having studied it somewhat in its threefold manifestation in the various parts of theFire, 83:of cosmic radiation. This is one of the threefold divisions of the Primordial Ray of activeFire, 83:Each of the cosmic Rays is in essence threefold, a fact which is oft overlooked, though logicallyFire, 85:worlds of the Thinker as the Absolute is in the threefold solar system of the Logos. ThisFire, 97:and all within that wheel is subjected to the threefold flame, and eventually stands perfected. 42Fire, 99:as whirling vortices with a closely woven threefold channel passing from each center to the other,Fire, 104:of the etheric body will appertain to its threefold purpose and be either: Functional, and therebyFire, 111:call the Lipika Lords; He applies the law to his threefold lower nature. The fourth group ofFire, 111:subsidiary to the three cosmic Logoi Who are the threefold sumtotal of the logoic nature, can passFire, 112:the four Maharajahs, making the totality of the threefold karmic rulers who stand between the solarFire, 121:standpoint and the coordination of the dense threefold physical form in which all life is found,Fire, 122:be then counted as a principle any more than the threefold lower physical body of present day manFire, 123:steady rising of the blending fires through the threefold channel in the spinal column. In theFire, 124:of this triangle originates there. When the threefold basic fire and the threefold pranic fire meetFire, 124:there. When the threefold basic fire and the threefold pranic fire meet and merge, then evolutionFire, 124:between the first and fourth Initiation, the threefold channel in the spine, and the entire ethericFire, 126:Spirit by conscious directed effort from out its threefold lower sheath. Man has consciously toFire, 128:of the development and correspondence of the threefold whole that makes the solar system what it isFire, 130:through the shattering of the web. This has a threefold effect: First. The life that had animatedFire, 134:on the three spinal channels that compose the threefold spinal cord. These channels are importantFire, 139:the fire up more than one channel of the threefold column; hence two-thirds of its effect in theFire, 139:particles. When this is accomplished the threefold channel becomes one channel. Hence the danger.Fire, 142:for the truth embodied is fundamental. The threefold goal, The threefold function, The threefoldFire, 142:embodied is fundamental. The threefold goal, The threefold function, The threefold mode ofFire, 142:The threefold goal, The threefold function, The threefold mode of activity. The Third Logos. TheFire, 147:objectivity through His solar system in its threefold form of which the present is the second, soFire, 147:finite mind to grasp the significance of this threefold manifestation, but by thoughtful broodingFire, 149:the inner spiritual man from out of his threefold body; he draws them to himself the center of hisFire, 160:penetration of the fire in four directions, its threefold radiation being symbolized by theFire, 162:to do: Purify, discipline and transmute his threefold lower nature. Develop knowledge of himself,Fire, 167:centers, as they embody the three aspects of the threefold Monad - Will, Love and Intelligence: TheFire, 174:the centuries wherein the activity aspect of the threefold self is being developed. Life after lifeFire, 177:times the manasic aspect. Though the triad is threefold, yet its egoic outposts (if one may soFire, 183:have for specific purpose the blending of these threefold fires. We need to bear in mind that theFire, 184:every center is fully functioning, and a threefold path of fire can be seen extending the entireFire, 192:inner ear is not duly prepared. Only when the threefold hearing is consummated will completedFire, 193:through the exercise of manas or mind in a threefold manner: As recognition. As memory. AsFire, 198:another fire is attracted and touched, and the threefold merging is completed. Forget not in thisFire, 201:and eventually dissociates himself. He sees the threefold evolutionary process and by means of theFire, 203:as the centers are awakened the process will be threefold: First. The awakening on the physicalFire, 207:Fire of the manifested cosmos is Septenary. The Threefold God manifests through the seven Fires:Fire, 244:to demonstrate the relationship between the threefold Logos, during manifestation. Emphasis must beFire, 244:In the microcosmic system, the reflection of the threefold Logos, the man is endeavoring throughFire, 245:The Son is liberated. Extend the idea of this threefold development of consciousness to the LogosFire, 249:demonstrates self-consciousness, or controls his threefold lower nature. His sevenfold innerFire, 255:the increase of influence as compared to man's threefold radius. His eventual ultimate synthesisFire, 260:itself. Perhaps if we paraphrased the threefold query, and brought it down to microcosmicFire, 260:egoic or causal body, and utilizing the lower threefold personality [261] as a means to contact theFire, 261:as the undifferentiated Logos stands to the threefold Trinity, to the three Persons of logoicFire, 261:The parallel is exact. The Monad. The threefold Triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or spiritual will,Fire, 261:mind. It is the manifestation of the three. The threefold lower nature, the points of densestFire, 261:nature, the points of densest objectivity. This threefold lower nature is in essence a quaternary -Fire, 269:and prana. Spiritually This is hid in a threefold mystery: The mystery of electricity. The mysteryFire, 289:of a particular planetary Logos. This is of a threefold nature: To attain the consciousness of theFire, 290:in the body of the Logos. This work is again threefold: To attain to full self-consciousness, or toFire, 294:in all the above cases is necessarily threefold: First. The development of individualFire, 297:with the human units in incarnation will be threefold: Sex stimulation, as now understood, will beFire, 302:and he is - like all manifesting beings - threefold in his nature, but involutionary. Therefore,Fire, 302:In connection with Man the cycles are equally threefold: The Monadic cycle, which corresponds inFire, 317:Always must the analogy be held between the threefold Logos and threefold man, and definiteness ofFire, 317:analogy be held between the threefold Logos and threefold man, and definiteness of thought and of
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