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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THREEFOLD

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Fire, 921:of Brahma. An interesting tabulation of the threefold centers and the three divine aspects mightFire, 923:nature as a spiritual triad, an egoic body and a threefold lower man. He can likewise approach theFire, 924:a triple secondary [924] force or Ego, and a threefold lower energy, or personality, rememberingFire, 937:process definitely begins in a sequential threefold manner. The [938] mental body begins toFire, 951:are swept into a willing response, and the whole threefold lower nature is immediately engaged inFire, 957:unit. This infers the ability, therefore, of the threefold lower man to be subordinated to the Ego,Fire, 962:development) forms the center which receives the threefold vitalization pouring through theFire, 982:by man is analogous to that pursued by the threefold Logos in the creation of the solar system. WeFire, 1033:may here be given to the earnest student; in the threefold Ego (the lives who form the central bud,Fire, 1110:stream (the reflection in the lower self of the threefold Path to God) around the atomic triangleFire, 1118:the unified activity of each tier of the threefold lotus. At a specific stage in evolution, priorFire, 1121:be said that these effects show themselves in a threefold manner: First, they cause the group ofFire, 1127:and untrammeled through every part of the lower threefold manifestation. As it circulates, itFire, 1129:The three sheaths. The three major centers. The threefold Kundalini fire. The threefold spinalFire, 1129:major centers. The threefold Kundalini fire. The threefold spinal channel. The three head centers,Fire, 1157:centers. These centers receive the force in a threefold manner: Force from the Heavenly Man and,Fire, 1159:Some hints may here be given. This channel of threefold energy has itself three points of supremeFire, 1186:Nucleus. Permanent Atom. Lunar Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANES: 1.Fire, 1191:of a man's Ray, and this in the above indicated threefold manner. Man is the Monad, therefore, heFire, 1198:body is a limitation of the expression of His threefold nature. The first (sixth) Hierarchy mightFire, 1208:with accuracy, he must study each hierarchy in a threefold manner, and view it also in itsFire, 1231:apex, connect and circulate the Fire, when the threefold apex likewise burns, then the twoFire, 1271:Offering Himself the One that is, the new-made threefold Word, the sacred OM, the fire of God, HeGlamour, 91:it can be looked upon as the potency of the threefold material form, prior to its consecration andGlamour, 92:you - each of you - the rays which govern your threefold personality. You will then be in aGlamour, 117:have the emerging of what has been called "the threefold glamorous condition," into one majorGlamour, 159:by humanity but providing in this manner that threefold synthesis which is divine manifestation inGlamour, 161:and are not so pre-eminently conscious of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition ofGlamour, 194:informs its vehicles of expression in the vast threefold [195] environment in which it chooses toGlamour, 195:spiral, the intuition is the expression of the threefold Spiritual Triad, placing it in relation toGlamour, 240:a consecutive theme steadily and have traced the threefold aspect of the world illusion as itGlamour, 242:macrocosm may help somewhat. The soul creates a threefold expression in the three worlds of humanGlamour, 268:facing of the two antagonistic forces. It is a threefold process, covering each of the threeHealing, 110:thousand million that perfection requires of the threefold Logos. Healing, 137:forces. [137] The second energy is that of the threefold personality - the personality ray as it isHealing, 145:the energies of the Spiritual Triad, of the threefold egoic lotus and of the triple personality,Healing, 150:vehicles (as H.P.B. calls the personality, the threefold soul and the Spiritual Triad), toHealing, 165:[165] The vascular or blood system. The threefold nervous system. Each of these triplicitiesHealing, 183:the angle of the esoteric sciences) houses a threefold thread. This is the externalization of theHealing, 183:or life thread, and the creative thread. This threefold thread within the spinal column isHealing, 183:the substance of the interior of the column a "threefold way of approach and of withdrawal." TheseHealing, 193:of the flesh and the inharmony of his entire threefold system, plus the conveying stream,Healing, 197:to the seven centers and from there to the threefold system of nadis, nerves and glands. TheseHealing, 200:man on his own plane. The personality, the threefold integrated man in the three worlds. The headHealing, 210:is related to the entire life of the integrated threefold organism. Through this organism theHealing, 383:their ray type, and the rays which govern their threefold personality. [384] Healing, 391:concern the integration of the soul into the threefold body, if karma so decides, or into theHealing, 395:man; i.e., the elimination of all control by the threefold lower man, and the process of refocusingHealing, 416:of the development and correspondence of the threefold whole that makes the solar system what it isHealing, 418:through the shattering of the web. This has a threefold effect: First. The life that had animatedHealing, 423:then look into the world of living men - a threefold world in which all men - incarnate andHealing, 500:by the soul. That which occurs within the threefold soul-sheath is necessarily the result of theHealing, 508:is, first of all, to integrate the lower threefold man, so that they may become functioningHealing, 513:This has a reflex action on the rays of the threefold lower man, stimulating them, awakening them,Healing, 539:law indicates that, owing to the fact that the threefold lower man is not under control of hisHealing, 546:bodies," and not so much from that of the lower threefold man, will be emphasized, particularly inHealing, 566:the divine will-to-good, endeavors to impel its threefold expression, the personality, to expressHealing, 572:ball is one of the most beautiful symbols of the threefold deity and the threefold man. Healing, 572:beautiful symbols of the threefold deity and the threefold man. Healing, 609:of that basic relation which makes the threefold form of the man an integral part of theHealing, 640:that the will of the elemental lives of the threefold personality is completely negated. But (toHealing, 655:an augmenting and an energizing of the threefold personality of the healer, and therefore of hisHealing, 661:as relatively of no importance. Release from the threefold form is ever regarded by the spiritualHealing, 681:withdrawal of the soul from its instrument, the threefold personality. This might consequentlyHealing, 682:from the body (meaning the form aspect of the threefold lower man) of the average intelligentHealing, 690:related to the seven sounds which compose the threefold AUM. Hercules, 29:therefore, that the constellations symbolize the threefold spirit aspect; that the sign gives usInitiation, viii:considered in the following pages, is basically threefold, as follows: I. The Monad, or pureInitiation, viii:self, physical plane man. This aspect is also threefold A mental body lower - manas An emotionalInitiation, 14:feet of his Father in Heaven, to the feet of the threefold Logos. Initiation leads to the caveInitiation, 71:of the higher self and not the dictates of his threefold lower manifestation. A disciple is one whoInitiation, 134:body are stimulated, and the total energy of the threefold lower man is coordinated, so that thereInitiation, 136:emotional, and mental bodies which comprise the threefold lower man - makes his contacts with theInitiation, 136:personality, when the life egoic withdraws, the threefold lower self dissipates; the little livesInitiation, 142:the Triangle of force, has been occupied with a threefold work, their aim being to produce certainInitiation, 143:the initiate has done the necessary work. The threefold work of the Lodge during the ceremony mayInitiation, 156:for initiation: To control every activity of his threefold lower nature. This involves theInitiation, 157:shown how to blend these seven so as to make a threefold sound and thus produce more united and farInitiation, 167:and to him is then committed the key to the threefold mystery of energy. This energy in itsInitiation, 167:threefold mystery of energy. This energy in its threefold aspect he became aware of, in the otherInitiation, 170:is given to him, and then the mystery of the threefold body of the triple Logos is his, and the whyInitiation, 221:his body, the physical body. Monad The One. The threefold spirit on its own plane. In occultism itIntellect, 94:of God. These three friends are symbols of the threefold lower man. The name Meschach meansIntellect, 141:simultaneously performed we are told that "this threefold power of attention, meditation andIntellect, 185:develop themselves, as he knew, into the threefold [186] manifestation of the Universal DivineIntellect, 214:that the soul has an analogous function. The threefold personality is thus brought into a directIntellect, 223:of the imagination; we picture to ourselves the threefold lower man, aligned or in directIntellect, 228:as rhythmic and regular. Visualization of the threefold lower self (physical, emotional and mental)Magic, 40:touch with the intelligence of all cells in the threefold body mechanism. By a close study of theMagic, 43:structure. The vascular or blood system. The threefold nervous system. Each of these triplicitiesMagic, 71:itself illuminating the manifestation of the threefold personality. Herein lies the correspondenceMagic, 75:in silence, listens. The roles are changed. A threefold word issues from out the triple form. AMagic, 75:love and mind submit themselves, sounding the threefold word, there comes response. "The OneMagic, 82:material side of things. This has resulted in a threefold condition of affairs. First, the world ofMagic, 322:soul may be poured upon and through the lower threefold nature. This pouring through will bringMagic, 331:relationship to its mechanism of expression, the threefold lower man, he automatically passes intoMagic, 399:which worked out in the human family in this threefold coordination. But it was primarilyMagic, 481:created. Salvation from the power of the threefold body which the soul has built, through theMagic, 541:difficult to explain, the reason for this being threefold: One: The number of people in physicalMagic, 555:consists in this, that He must manifest a threefold recognition: Recognition of the past, which
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